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  • Advice for daughters - Relationship between mother and daughter    Category: Relationships

    Once a daughter becomes an adult and establishes her own independence, a mother-daughter relationship tends to evolve into more of a friendship.
  • Carbonated drinks should be banned - Ban on soda drinks    Category: Food and Drinks

    Soda cold drinks or carbonated drinks contain many harmful preservatives and must be banned, for health reasons The carbon dioxide hurts our digestion system, spoils our teeth, weakens our bones and it is sold at Rs.33.00 per litre, equivalent of Rs.33.00 you get best seasonal fruits. So it is my personal opinion that that cold drinks should be banned.
  • Importance Of Education In Indian Women    Category: Women

    Some parents in India think that girls are burden they want to get rid of it as soon as possible. Indian girls should be well educated so that she can understand herself and her family needs more intelligently and independently. But the girl, herself do not want to become burden for her parents so she do all the things that is best for the happiness of her parents and get married in early stage.

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