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BIO:I am a clinical psychologist from Pakistan. I am working since 1990 as a clinical psychologist. My specialization is in Cognitive Behaviour Therapy. But for the lst 13 years I am taking more interest in natural methods of healing, Reiki, Hypnosis, NLP and yoga. I am heading an NGO named Aghaz-e-Nau, which is working for the treatment, rehabilitation and prevention of substance abuse problem in Pakistan. I am a proud mother of 3 sweet children. My husband is a medical doctor and we are a happy family. I love working with young students and really love to help them overcome their problems. I carry out training workshops for young students on personal development. I am an author of a book on "Personal Development Program for Young Students". I love reading, playing with my children and watching T V. My work is my passion.

  • Overcome Performance Anxiety    Category: Self Improvement

    Anxiety is a normal and natural physiological response to a situation, which is dangerous, threatening, or challenging. This performance anxiety condition is also known as to be “fight or flight response”. Different people might look at different difficult or challenging situations in a different way but the human body will respond to the situation in a similar way.
  • How to Improve your Listening Skills    Category: Self Improvement

    Good listening skills show care and concern. When you show caring attitude towards somebody, you make the other person feel important, happy, motivated and the other person will become more receptive to your ideas.
  • Steps to Build Healthy and Happy Relationships    Category: Relationships

    How to a build healthy and happy relationship - Why do we have relationship problems? We usually blame the other person. The other person will try to clarify his or her position, will give justifications and either we will refuse to listen to him or her or we will keep blaming. This blame game will keep going on and on but no one will accept the responsibility. Eventually, in most cases the relationship will break.
  • Subconscious Mind and empowering Beliefs    Category: Self Improvement

    Belief is any idea, thought or concept about self or others, which becomes strong enough that it seems to be true or looks like based on reality. Moreover, it starts dominating our lives.
  • Success: by Chance or by Choice    Category: Self Improvement

    The definition of success differs from individual to individual. For some people it might be wealth and for others it might be a healthy relationship. For example, a house wife might see success as having a healthy relationship with her family by keeping her house in order. A businessman might like to accumulate wealth to become successful. A student might work hard to achieve success in his academics. A social worker might see success in helping others.
  • Overcome Procrastination to Develop a Positive Attitude    Category: Self Improvement

    One of the most important steps to develop positive attitude is to overcome procrastination. What is procrastination? Procrastination is when we "put off, delay or postpone important tasks, which we have to complete within a time frame. For example a student might procrastinate when he has to prepare for his exams, submit an assignment or a presentation. Another example could be of a business executive who has been given a deadline to achieve certain goals.
  • Put your focus on Positive things. Characteristics of Positive & Negative thinking.    Category: Self Improvement

    Characteristics of people with Positive and Negative thinking. To develop a positive attitude for a positive living we need to shift our focus from the negative to the positive. Some people become habitual of thinking in a negative way about themselves and others. To the extent when they see something positive, they will not appreciate rather they will keep putting their focus on the negatives.
  • Developing a Positive Attitude    Category: Self Improvement

    We are not born with a positive attitude, we develop it with time. There are certain factors, which help us develop a positive or a negative attitude. These factors involve other’s attitude towards us like our parents, siblings, teachers and friends. If we develop a negative attitude, we become negative and attract negativity. On the other hand by developing a positive attitude we not only feel good about ourselves but we attract positivity into our lives.

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