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  • Google Android - the new mobile Operating system (OS)    Category: Technology and Computers

    Google's new mobile Operating system (OS) Android makes its debut in the T-mobile G1. It comes with a good feature set but little polish. To know more about Android, read on.
  • Virtual Reality - Computer Simulation Games    Category: Entertainment

    Opening the whole new virtual world to internet users all over the world. Virtual reality games have started becoming popular among people who like role-playing scenarios. So much like the real world, people relate to it very quickly and that is the reason it is even more fun. Meet new friends, play, move around, party, ENJOY!!
  • Learning a new language. Best way to learn a foreign language fast    Category: Education

    Want to learn a new language fast for your business, resume or maybe for fun. Online resources like Rosetta stone are popular for languages like French, Spanish, German, English etc. Learning new languages explores various new dimensions of grammar, etymology and pronunciation. To learn a language correctly, you must adapt to the new set of rules and different voices that are associated with it. The article lists a few tools that can help you to learn any new language.
  • Astronomy for Dummies III: Observational astronomy and clock system    Category: Education

    An introduction to zodiacs in the astronomical sense and a few conventional tips and tricks in observational astronomy which has developed through ages and civilizations. Ancient Greece, Egypt, India, China etc. have done significant work of tabulating and managing data about stars and constellations, planets and their motion in the sky, the sun, moon and a lot of other things related to astronomy.
  • Astronomy for dummies - II    Category: Education

    This article goes ahead with what I had mentioned in "Astronomy for dummies", my first article on this topic. It will go into more detail and touch some other areas of astronomy.
  • Before You Travelling Abroad - Important Travel Tips    Category: Travel

    Some important things you should know before you travel abroad. Most of these tips are from personal experiences. Useful travel tips to consider when travelling overseas.
  • Online riddles - Enjoy solving puzzles and riddles    Category: Entertainment

    A fun way to rack your brains on puzzles and riddles. You do not need to have any specific knowledge of computer or any field whatsoever. Popular riddles to try out..
  • Online Degrees : Information and personal views    Category: Education

    Get to know how to get an online degree and how it differs from an on campus full time degree program. Are online courses useful and have recognition.
  • Mumbai Dabbawalas : A managerial success    Category: Business and Finance

    How does the dabbawala service work in Mumbai - An introduction to one of the best managerial and organisational feats by illiterate and semi literate people providing an efficient and fast service.
  • Astronomy For Dummies - Astronomy For Beginners    Category: Education

    This article describes the basics of astronomy as hobby. The introduction to constellations, stars, planets and other fantastic things going around in the sky. This article is NOT about astrology. It is about the adventures of a young astronomer. Enjoy!
  • Preparing for IIT JEE: Practical tips from a successful IIT student    Category: Education

    General information and personal opinions about IIT JEE preparations. Best coaching options, guidance, problems faced and how to prepare. Personal success story of a IIT Computer Science student.
  • IIT Bombay Powai: A personal experience. IIT facts and campus life    Category: Education

    Facts and figures about IIT Bombay Powai, Mumbai. Information from a student about admissions, ragging, girls hostels, departments,placements and history. A journey from outside to inside.
  • Windows 7 - Microsoft's Next Operating System    Category: Technology and Computers

    This articles gives the preliminary information about the new OS release by Microsoft named Windows 7 with the statement from Bill Gates. Release date speculation and opinion.
  • Reservation in Indian colleges: Effects of caste based reservation    Category: Education

    My views on implementing a faculty reservation of a nominal 49.5 percent which includes 15 for SC, 7.5 for ST and 27 for OBC in IIT's. This is really a remarkable feat by our very own (read out loud) HRD minister Arjun Singh who is rejoicing back to back successes of the OBC quota implementation in students and faculty of all the IITs.

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