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  • Deceptive business practices: The *CONDITIONS APPLY tag    Category: Business and Finance

    CONDITIONS APPLY is a small word with big meaning. Modern day pattern of business is such that everything is fair as long as it brings profit, and it is not literally against the law. The concept of ads, websites etc. became an institution of competition. Products are made to be more and more eye candy, prices are made to be the cheapest and many more.....'*conditions apply' has also got a very great meaning in today's business.
  • Indian Education System - Going Abroad For Higher Studies    Category: Education

    It would not be wrong to say that more than 70% of Indians who study earn to get themselves admitted to a prestigious foreign universities. The hot lists may include those universities in Great Britain or North America. This made me question what happen to Indian universities? Are they not good enough for the future career? What is so special at foreign universities that Indian universities lack?
  • PILLOW TALK - A pre-trainng for spy work.    Category: Others

    Pillow talk was always associated with intimacy. Be it is between intimate friends or lovers. It is an instant where one mostly share the most intimate details of any stuff with his/her partner. It would not be wrong if we argue that if any partner do not share certain secrets in those intimate pillow talk, maybe he/she never planned to share in this lifetime. Isn't this all what spying is all about? About getting the target to trust you so that he/she will tell you everything?
  • A fantasy world like Harry Potter, can it be achieve in our world?    Category: Entertainment

    Children are swept off whenever they read Harry Potter series, The Lord of the Rings series and much more alike those of fantasy or fairy tale stories. It is indeed worth dreaming for them because it is a stage where their lives are full of wishes, powers and an endless hope. Who could strongly say or proof or disproof a world like that exist in reality in the present or in the past or will exist in the near future?
  • The Devil's joke - Do you believe in Ghosts    Category: Others

    Do you believe that a ghost exist or those stories you heard about scary ghost stories? I assure you, its real. Seems I've seen it for myself but don't bother that though, my believe in the existence of ghost is through my instinct, should i say...All ghost may not have the same faces or even some of them are faceless, or never appeared but, you just know its there that you can feel it trying to make your hair stand on its end. Don't read this if you are scared of Ghosts.
  • Indian film industry trends - Bollywood and Movies in India    Category: Entertainment

    It can be said that it is obvious to all lookers that Indian entertainers seem to run out of ideas for films. We are not complaining that this trend loss the spices of Indian cinema but just a thought that, would not it be better if a completely new ideas is introduced more often.. This is not to deny the existence of some original Indian ideas. Now the big question is - Is it a kind of globalisation or just a crave far more profit through the already popular films?

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