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  • Dilemma in your fifties - Sandwich generation responsibilities.    Category: Family

    Are you in your fifties, has your life become a physical balance with your aging parents on one side and your dependent children the other. This is a common problem ringing into most of the people of your age. It is vital to achieve a balance in this. According to William Shakespeare there are seven stages in ones life where in the fifth one is where one goes through the above dilemma. Your parent turns out to be a "lean and slippered pantaloon."
  • How to maintain a healthy dark hair? Prevent hair fall and graying.    Category: Health and Fitness

    With the growth of fashion and metro culture youngsters lack interest in maintaining their health and healthy hair. Natural ways to improve hair quality. Moreover people into the Information Technology sector find less free time. Therefore it becomes really difficult to avoid stress from their life. This in turn leads to a lot of health related problems. One such serious problem is the ill health of their hair.Hair is a personís asset. just like ones dress, shoes, belt, etc..

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