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  • Good parenting is an art. Practical tips to raise children.    Category: Family

    Becoming parents is not an event or a process, but good parenting is an ART which is very demanding and very complex. Importance of breastfeeding a child. Parents are the 1st school a child attends. Here are a few ideas about being a good parent. After all, the tree depends on the soil it grows in.
  • High blood pressure. Hypertension, the silent killer.    Category: Health and Fitness

    Causes, effects, Symptoms and treatment of Hypertension or high blood pressure. With the stressful life each one of us is exposed to in todays world, we must all go for an occasional check up of blood pressure to avoid its deadly aftermaths. A mild headache or occasional giddiness, palpitations or awareness of one's own heart beat, easy fatigability etc. may be the only initial presentations of this dreadful syndrome which in itself is a mother of many deadly consequences.
  • Improving Interior Decoration: Handy tips for bachelor boys.    Category: Home Improvement

    Useful tips to improve interiors the enhance the look and feel of your apartment. Tip on making a small room look big, an empty room more occupied and neater. How to manage the mess and use it for decoration ?

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