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  • Exercise is a must    Category: Health and Fitness

    The use of exercises or running laps to penalize a participant is totally ridiculous. Allowing an incompetent performer to be heckled in a physical education class is intolerable. It is no wonder lots of people will not participate in sports or exercise. Who wants to do something that is related with pain, punishment, or embarrassment? Apparently, not all people can do extremely well in athletics or even make the team. Possibly you have a negative attitude with respect to exercise.
  • Importance of Physical Fitness    Category: Health and Fitness

    Research polls shows that people today are turn out to be more health centered. As a result, people are becoming more concerned in making fitness exercise an integral part of their life-style. This article will introduce you to the importance of physical fitness. You will discover all about exercise and its benefits and will also learn how to make a personal exercise program that is safe, reasonable, effective, and, most important, rewarding and enjoyable.
  • Physical Fitness    Category: Self Improvement

    Our present life-style promotes unfitness. Lots of technological advances are intended to abolish physical exertion from everyday activities. The automobile and television are main contributors to our inactive lifestyle, and we have become adapted to other computerized energy savers: elevators, riding lawn mowers, motorized golf carts, snow blowers and various remote control devices. The eighties brought us the home computer. Such advances allow us to carry out our everyday errands effortlessly.

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