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BIO:Send me your comments/suggestions on sachin.chandran1985@gmail.com.

  • Bullying - A life long fear in the minds of timid.    Category: Writing

    Bullying - 'Being an eight year old kid was an easy task. No job pressure, no financial crises. Family always there to bail out, playing with other kids was the only job. Those days were for Cricket and summer vacations the best part of a student life' - said my colleague looking at a small kid playing gully cricket with his friends
  • Pain - Heart Break    Category: Relationships

    Why every morning when I see my face in mirror i witness eyes full of pain and unfulfilled dreams? Heart break is the only wound a person gets which refuse to die out with time or medicine. Its like a broken mirror which can never mend back no matter how hard you try. You still feel the excruciating pain from the sharp edges of the secluded box full of old memories and times hidden in the dark chambers of your heart.
  • Valentine Day - to be enjoyed for lifetime    Category: Relationships

    Valentine Day - love, care, and respect loved ones selflessly till eternity. Valentine is not for a day but for lifetime

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