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  • Show us the Value and not the Price Of Education    Category: Social Issues

    We're living in a world, where Education is still a traded commodity, and teachers mere merchants. This attitude of the academicians would beget ill-effects on our society. This ought to change, if we would like see our children grow in to responsible citizens of our country. However, I don't intend to overlook the philanthropic efforts undertaken by many eminent personalities and reputed institutions. But, all that I want is to throw those few rotten eggs away lest they should spoil the rest.
  • Dare to compete with thyself | How to define and measure Success    Category: Self Improvement

    There is no one less-debatable definition for the term 'Success.' It is very subjective, and is perceived by different people from different planes. When so kaleidoscopic is the definition and perception of 'success' is, we can imagine how diversified would the calibrations of Success be. To me, Success is measured in terms of one's own outperformance-every self-surpassing moment has an element of success attached to it. Read on, agree to disagree with me or try to adjust your scales accordingly
  • OUR PALS UNDER THE PALL (Poem on Child labor)    Category: Education

    Child labor is one of the severest scourges of your society, and we've come to silently bear it without creating any noise about it. A child laborer not just loses his/her childhood, but also has his/her perspective about the world totally misshapen. It's high time we realized that cost of child labor is far more expensive than that of education, and sometimes we'll not be able to bear it. Don't we all agree that 'Education is the cheapest form of defense !
  • CONSTRUCTIVE CRITICISM AT WORK    Category: Self Improvement

    Constructive criticism can prove to be a boon to the employees as well as the company as such. For most of the people who're employed, the one aspect that keeps them occupied and preoccupied throughout their day-to-day lives is their office lives. We wake up every morning and get ready to go to our office, reach office and work for 8+ hours, leave the office with a plan for the next day.

    Role of parents in the upbringing of their children: 'Who are we!' could sound like a very inane question, but mull over this for a moment, and you would concur with me in saying that indeed it's so profound a question that we spend our whole life looking out for an apt answer. From my perspective, every being is but a reflection of her/his own surroundings - our souls are shaped, characters chiseled, and habits imbued upon us.
  • LIVE LIFE FOR TODAY    Category: Self Improvement

    Live your life today: The objective behind this snippet is just a reminder to introspect in to our own selves who’re are on a wild goose chase of success, when we could actually taste the fruits of success by doing any task to our fullest satisfaction, by living in day-tight compartments. Satisfaction begets the sense of success! Success is just a metric for our performance, a calibration, a simple standard, and shouldn’t be construed as a state of being.

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