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  • The Satyam Saga: The unanswered questions    Category: Business and Finance

    The very definition of corporate governance in India points towards fairness, transparency and accountability. The Satyam saga pertains to blatant abuse of all these terms. Having done that, India’s fourth largest software company Satyam Computers can lay claim to be involved in one of the biggest frauds in the recent history of Indian corporate world.
  • Asian Development Bank's success with poverty reduction    Category: Business and Finance

    The article endeavors to gauge the effectiveness of Asian Development Bank in achieving its objective of "region free of poverty".
  • Good Loans and Bad Loans - Money management in today's economy    Category: Business and Finance

    Loans - Everybody has a lot of money these days, including money to spend, flaunt or to buy whatever one wants, but not necessarily the money to save. If this increased spending power was to be attributed to increased incomes, it would bode well for the economy. However a lot of these growing aspirations and swanky lifestyles can be attributed to a rapid credit off take.

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