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  • Death - The ultimate reality but a kind suggestion to God!!    Category: Self Improvement

    Why should anyone die? This article takes you on a virtual tour through my thoughts about death & what would I talk to God when I die and reach Heaven.
  • Commitment – means big stuff Boss!!!    Category: Self Improvement

    The winner is the one who uses commitment as his tools and emerges as a leader. A fine example of commitment. Today as I sit to write this article at 10:54pm, I have just done with my MBA lecturers, had dinner and just thought of putting down my thoughts. I am thoroughly impressed by my Prof – Mr Iqbal Jiwani.
  • Condolence - How To Behave When Visiting Bereaved Family    Category: Relationships

    The Topic of Condolence Seems Irrational But Believe Me Many of Us Don’t Know How to Behave When We Meet the Relatives of the Expired. Its Said, Wise People Learn From Their Mistake, Genius Learn From Others. I Am Wise But I Sincerely Wish You Should be a Genius, Learn From our Mistake and not Feel Miserable After You Did Your Duty Half Hearted.
  • Innovative Introduction - profile and success story    Category: Business and Finance

    Recently we had this new feature introduced called Taare Zameen Par (Stars on Earth where every monday two member of the All India team write an article comprising of their profile and success story. I thought of doing it in a different way which is what the article is all about. The feedback received is also enclosed.
  • How to increase readership for newsletter    Category: Business and Finance

    Tips from personal experience. How to increase readership for newsletter. So for this year, my KPIs happened to increase the readership of the newsletter.
  • Taj Mahal - Interesting facts and details like never heard before    Category: Travel

    Our Taj Mahal trip to Agra was one of the superb tour ever done with amazing facts and details shared by our Guide. 11th Mar, Wednesday 'Holi' festival of colors 08:00 hours, we hired a Camel rick for Rs 125 for to and fro the main gate (bargained from Rs 100 one way) and a Guide for Rs 75 (bargained from Rs 275). We were treated like VVIP (Very Very Important People) everywhere coz of limited tourists, deserted highways, deserted restaurants.
  • Travel experience of my Delhi, Haridwar, Rishikesh and Agra trip    Category: Travel

    Details of my amazing travel experience of the trip to New Delhi, Haridwar, Rishikesh and Agra. Our itinerary and best places to visit.
  • My Personal Trekking Experience    Category: Travel

    This article entais my wonderful trekking experience
  • Play on Staffing process    Category: Education

    What do we learn: a) Organisation Change, b) Organisation Development, c) Recruitment, d) Selection e) Training, f) Performance Appraisal, g)Getting work done – by hook or by crook, h) Keeping everyone happy so that they work more efficiently – Each one’s Ego is satisfied, i) Glimpse of office environment, different characters
  • That image in my thoughts…..    Category: Women

    This article describes about that unknown figure that i always see in my dream / day dream and how he makes me feel happy and complete
  • My academic journey so far ...    Category: Education

    Just takes you through the journey in brief from my school days to wonderful memorable college years and now my MBA...
  • Smart ways for your money to grow!!!    Category: Business and Finance

    This article deals with how I have made my money grow
  • Quick to make and Nutritious Recipes - Wanna try!!!    Category: Health and Fitness

    I am glad to share some amazing recipes of Protein Uttapams, Coconut Chutney, Protein Dosas, Mint refreshing Drink and Panna (Raw mango refreshing Drink ); which are easy and quick to make and also have high protein content and are extremely nutritious.
  • Rediscovered Life at 26!!    Category: Women

    The article deals with my personal failed marriage, after which I had the courage to end the relationship with divorce, rediscovered my life and start on fresh, that too with a Bang!!

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