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  • Take a break from your daily boring routine!    Category: Self Improvement

    When you tend to stick to the same daily boring routine for days and weeks, life becomes so mechanical and you want to take a break. It feels as though all the energy has been zapped out of you.An urge to leave everything for a while and go hide somewhere begins. At times, it feels as though,it is the end of the life and nothing seems to exist beyond your work.But,as the earth revolves,when so does your work seem,little changes in the daily routine can bring a huge difference.
  • Tips for budding poets. How to start writing poetry online.    Category: Writing

    Poetry is all about expressing your feelings in beautiful words, then why not start writing your poetry and publish it online. For all the budding poets, here are few tips. Some people praise us and we always like them.We praise some people but we always don't like them. Have you ever wondered it goes the same in your case too? Well,we all want good remarks and appreciation and don't like rejection..
  • Kids need recreation, apart from battling with books!    Category: Education

    Recreation is important for kids - Today morning,while I was driving back from the local market, I noticed my neighbour kid slip into a building around the street. To my anxiety when I peeped in a little more,I was astonished to find,it was a school building! Just a three-storey building with a label!I even wondered if there was enough room to the students. Few years ago, school was huge consisting of a playground, basket-ball courts, morning assembly, a big library, sports day and so much fun.
  • Is marriage in woman's life end of all other relationships?    Category: Relationships

    Life after marriage - Getting married is definitely the biggest make over in an woman's life and her relationships in India. Right from the location to lifestyle, from eating habits to thought process everything undergoes a significant change.When she is busy grabbing and making space for new things, the old relationships that are on hold, gradually can fade and vanish completely!
  • Top 10 romantic movies (English - Hollywood)    Category: Entertainment

    List of my personal best romantic movies in recent times. Movies have been a promising entertainment since half a century. Unlike years ago, where people had to got to theater and watch a movie. Now,we can choose to watch a movie,whenever we like,as almost everyone have a home theater. Being a movie buff to the core, I love to watch all kinds action, animated, fiction, horror ,suspense everything. But, I go nuts over romantic and comedy movies.The following movies are my personal favorite.
  • Are you a Vegetarian or a Non-vegetarian?    Category: Food and Drinks

    Definition of "vegetarian" and its categories. The most common question we come across when we meet new people or attend a party, "Are you a vegetarian or non-vegetarian?" We often hear, people saying, "we are vegetarians, pure vegetarians." If you tend to say that next time, just hold on, there are few facts you need to know! Do you consume dairy produts like milk, butter etc.. then you cannot label yourself as pure vegetarians, you are a semi-vegetarian! World vegetarian day is October 1st
  • Learn to move on - Overcome a broken heart after a break up    Category: Relationships

    Accept the facts and learn to move on in a love relationship / broken heart - Megha woke up in the morning and checked her mobile. She hasn't got any new messages. She drew herself close and cried again like yesterday morning. Everyday Sanket would send a love message to her. Now that they broke up. She can't expect a message from him,but, she still dwells in the old memories making her mornings miserable! We often come across the situations where we do not have anything to cling on but continue
  • How to Dress Smart - Right dressing can boost your confidence!    Category: Women

    A smart dressing sense can boost your stunning looks and self-confidence. I bumped into my old college friend and was just awed at her smart appearance. Way back in college,she looked so normal that no one would ever stop and stare at her.Now,she was dressed so elegantly and looked prettier than ever! Many of us must have had similar experiences.we come across someone who is definitely not better looking than us but,had stolen the show. Leaving us feel miserable.
  • Make your gal's day special.. Right gift ideas for your girlfriend!    Category: Women

    Gift ideas - One wrong gift can ruin the special day of your loved ones like your girlfriend. Selecting a gift for a girl we love is the toughest job in the world. The search could go on for weeks and months yet we end up buying something odd.It's always safer to buy two gifts, in case the former upsets your beloved one. They say diamonds are girls best friend.But we can't gift a diamond every time! Here are few ideas that can make your girl cuddle in your arms ..

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