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  • Move out of comfort zone. Life means more than living and existing    Category: Self Improvement

    Getting out of the comfort zone and living in the middle of all insecurities. Our life means more than just living and existing. To exist is to survive. But to truly live is to be able to die for a great cause. By the word "die" I do not exactly mean "death", but to have that kind of a spirit in us to do something extraordinary at the cost of anything at all, even our life. Living with this kind of a spirit is important.
  • Success versus security    Category: Self Improvement

    Many people in this world are confused with the word "success". They normally interpret "success" as "security". If they can attain a secured job in their life they feel successful. You are a very special person in this world. You have got a great purpose to fulfill, very different from the rest of the people in this world. You just cannot follow the mass. If you do you will simply end up at the exit point. Majority must always not be granted.
  • Science and Spirituality - God does not play dice!    Category: Others

    There are certain things that even science cannot explain. You need to trust and accept them as is, this is the difference between science and spirituality. Science starts with a doubt and spirituality starts with a trust. May be there is a point of contact between the two. Probably falling into that kind of a junction one day, those words that "God does not play dice with the universe" came out of the mouth of Albert Einstein.

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