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BIO:My name is Agnes Wakuru Masesa. I was born in 26th July 1986 in Musoma, a town located on the eastern shores of lake Victoria in Tanzania. I am the third born in a family of five girls and one boy. When i was 11 years old my family moved to the coastal city of Dar es Salaam. My father had just gotten a working contract with a peace keeping organization for a number of years in the city which necessitated him to have his family closer to him. The movement did not affect my social life because i was not to live in the city as i was in a boarding school together with two of my other siblings in the neighbouring country of Kenya. But soon after grade seven of my primary education i came back to the city to join the family permanently as i had to be enrolled in a secondary day school. It was not a smooth ride from form one through to form 6. I had to commute to and from school every single day. I made several friends in school some of which we are still in touch to this day although we have drifted apart. Natalie, Olivia, Judith are just a few of them. As soon as secondary school was over i got a job as a correspondent of sports and entertainment news in a media house in Dar es Salaam. This is where i discovered writing as a very interesting and creative thing to do as well as being so fun. I worked in the media house for about 6 months before i joined univeristy in September 2006 where i am currently in my final year.

  • HOW TO FEEL BEAUTIFUL INSIDE OUT    Category: Self Improvement

    With all the models in the magazine covers looking all stunning like they have never breathed any dust from earth, plus all the beautiful women and young girls on TV screens, it is becoming much harder for the low self-esteem beings to find a place to fit in to this world and survive. Here are a few tips on how you can feel beautiful inside out without having to worry about how others see you.
  • LOVE MADE HER LOOK LIKE A CRAZY WOMAN    Category: Relationships

    She was in love with a man who loved her back or so she thought. He was on drugs while she was the sweetest girl he ever met. Despite the fact that the girl forgave his every mistake, he still went back to doing the same mistakes he had confessed just the other day. It was a very unbearable situation but she stuck in there hoping and praying for a change. That never came and finally it was too late when she decided to leave. She had cried everyone's tears.
  • LIFE AS A HOUSE MAID IN MY OWN HOME    Category: Relationships

    Life as a house maid is the hardest ever. As much as we take our house maids for granted just because they get paid for what they do, not even half of the work done by them can be managed by someone who does not understand what it feels like to work when others seat around and wait to see everything done perfectly. I went through an experience of taking care of everything at home for about a months. It broke my heart not to have a normal life like having extra hours of sleep in the morning.

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