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  • Mobile phones, Boon or Curse? Is using cell phone harmful for health    Category: Technology and Computers

    We just disregard the ill-effects on health due radiation from mobile phones thinking as nothing had been proved for sure. Can they have disastrous consequences? Do you think that you can do anything with them? Do you think there are advantages? What about disadvantages? In this article you can find advantages and disadvantages of using mobile phones.
  • Something that keeps us alive - Important things in life    Category: Entertainment

    What are important things in life - Wealth, health, friends, or .... ? Read this article to understand the essence of life. In fact there are many things in the world that are considered important. But we should realize what gets the top position among the important things.
  • Learning English - Best ways to learn English    Category: Education

    Is it difficult to learn English? Can we gain the real native accent easily? This article may be an answer to all such type of questions. Don't wave it aside. Just read through this article and you may find ways to improve your English.
  • Winning friends - not that easy, but you can do it.    Category: Self Improvement

    How to make good friends - It is not very easy to win many friends, in fact you should try very hard following certain techniques to make friends.

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