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BIO:Author: Payal Pancholi, India ( Nic Name: sonu)
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  • IT in Retailing with Indian Perspective. Software investment in Retail Industry.    Category: Technology and Computers

    Growth in retail sector has demanded IT investments and software deployment to broaden its arena and overcome challenges in Business Optimization, increasing SCM efficiency and other manual limitations. Indian Retailing is booming with currently INR 10,000 billion has transformed customers from preferring price factors to quality and comfort ability. To a certain extent 10 years constant GDP, Government FDI norms and rise per capital income have been responsible for explosive Retailing.
  • Impact of Depreciation of Rupee, India.    Category: Business and Finance

    Depreciation of the rupee had a huge impact on the domestic economy as also the manufacturing and other industries. Due to this unprecedented depreciation of rupee, the country has had a very high interest rate regime and also high inflation impacting the common man severely. All this to some extent impacted GDP growth as well. It was not only depreciating rupee that helped the software industry but also the way this sector was given the favourable treatment on all the fiscal policies
  • Marketing Research - Factors, Application Knowledge and Functions    Category: Education

    Why we need to know about Marketing Research - It is the feedback, which any organization sought for the purpose of effective policy making. According to Philip Kotler, research is the systematic problem analysis, model building and fact building for the purpose of important decision making and control in the marketing of goods and services”. Knowledge contains maturity and perfection through applications in the practical field.
  • Waste Management System for Mumbai    Category: Others

    Health related problems due to waste in cities like Mumbai (Bombay) has been a common and a major problem for days. Public participation in a democratic society is invariably essential; at the same time it requires a lot of effort to bring about a sense of inclusion. Public participation on development programs is fundamental in achieving effective and reliable solutions. Modern democratic life requires an active role from the population in the form of participation from members of the community
  • Effects of Global Warming - A threat to our earth's ecosystem.    Category: Education

    Highlights of Global Warming: With the passage of years it has been seen that the range of warming speed has been increasing and the average temperature of the earth has risen above 1 degree Fahrenheit since year 1900 which has lead to the Global warming of the Earth. If we try identifying the causes we come across numerous human actions namely the green house effect, burning of log, deforestation, increasing smoke pollution and many other similar sources.
  • Environmental Concern at Singapore - Pollution issues and more.    Category: Nature

    Alarming Status: Singapore has in recent years developed effective and efficient centralized planning mechanism for the Environmental issues like that of ENV. Inspite of that the now and then rising Environmental problems keeps on arising which urges need for the citizens of Singapore to take initiatives for the well being of the surrounding ecosystem. My this report highlights certain such issues and thus arises concern for Environment issues.
  • The Man Behind the Steel City Tatanagar - J.R.D. Tata    Category: Men

    Jehangir Ratanji Dadabhoy Tata lead an Extraordinary Life. Most of us do have a stimulating aspect in the form of role model that not only inspires us to become indifferent like him but also inculcate a winning attitude in us. Jehangir Ratanji Dadabhoy Tata or more likely J R D Tata has been a role model for many Jamshedpurians who strive to become one like him – A Diversified Leader. The year 2004 marked the 100th Birth Anniversary of J R D Tata and Naval Tata and death centenary ..
  • Jewish philosophy and Judaism theology    Category: Religion

    Jewish philosophy refers to all philosophical activity carried out by Jews or in relation to the religion of Judaism. There are five main positions with regard to the Existence of God that has been considered by the philosophers namely "Theism" ( belief in the existence of one or more deities ) , "Pantheism" ( belief that God is both immanent and transcendent ) , "Deism".( Belief that God exists but does not interfere with Human Life and laws of Universe ) , "Agnosticism" ( belief that existenc
  • Virtual World - Companies, Upcoming opportunities and threats    Category: Technology and Computers

    What is Virtual World - it a part of the current era has given a new outlook to certain aspects of Corporate life, like Disney has bought Kids Virtual world club Penguin. Text form Communication has been replaced by real-time Voice communication using VOIP commonly used in massively multiplayer online games, virtual applications are being deployed in e-marketing, chat rooms, 3 D depictions in workplaces and web conferencing and other business activities.
  • The role of media , information and communication technologies in developing a peaceful world    Category: Others

    Highlighting Peace Building Process - Building of peace urges need to build and preserve democracy which in turn creates need to maintain a proper balance between government and its people. The process of peace building cannot only rely upon the government to make decision . I strongly believe that allowing people to interact, listen, vent and learn helps in creating a lobby and a space for peace and thus a supportive atmosphere of dialogue.
  • Persona to process philosophy    Category: Religion

    Process Philosophy - The debate concerning God’s Existence has been going on for years. Over past years there have been many fruitful attempts by our religious philosophers to prove the existence of God. Every religion Philosopher that contributed to this notion laid different arguments to support their belief. With this there developed many distinct theories to support the different arguments about the existence of God. Process Philosophy identifies metaphysical reality with change and dynamism

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