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  • Orissa: Unexplored | Best places to see in the State of Orissa    Category: Travel

    Orissa, the eastern most state of India, is situated along Bay of Bengal. With its rich culture and natural scenic beauty, it has captivated many national and international tourists. It has been rightly called as the "Land of Temples". The various place one must visit while in Orissa to have flavour of the tradition,art and culture and also the beautiful nature.
  • Chocolate- The modern marvel. Benefits, Variety & History of Chocolates    Category: Food and Drinks

    Chocolate is made from cocoa and is liked by everyone.It originated in one place and the way it spread its sweetness all over the world, has been mentioned in this article. There are different varieties of the sweetbar available in the market which tickles our taste bud.While purchasing a candy or a bar ,certain things are to be kept in mind.i.e from its crispiness to the aroma.Finally.the article provides sweet benefits of munching a Browne bar.

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