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  • Do not worry, Life is changing    Category: Others

    This article is all about asserting the life as dynamic, changing every moment. Past and future are out of our control but all we have into our hands is the present. Make the worth of the present. see the life as changing and do not worry about any situation, sorrow or disadvantage. be hopeful and determined.
  • How to keep your Relationship Alive | Let your Relationships Breathe    Category: Relationships

    Significance of the relationships into our lives and ways to keep it alive and new: Relationships are like plants which require proper nourishment. Few general steps are also being discussed into the article that can be followed into relationships to make them new and refreshing.
  • Two dimensions of Nature. Extremity is bad for every aspect of nature.    Category: Nature

    This article discusses about the two dimensions of the word; nature. It talks about the exploitations done to these dimensions and when they reach to the extreme stage of tolerance, they start rebelling those exploitations and make the human race realize of their all wrong actions.
  • Always remain a student in life. Learn from everyday life situations.    Category: Self Improvement

    This article talks about motivating a person to become a student in life. That follows to learn some moral or lesson from every person, situation and everything around us. This habit of learning would make us an experienced person who can face any situation of life with courage and knowledge.
  • Discover the talent inside you. Let the talent or specialty stay alive    Category: Self Improvement

    This article is about the search and the efforts one should make to discover the specialty in one's self. That specialty is known as talent. Talent should be motivated and used for the benefits of one's self and for the society.
  • What makes a Great Family: Parents (+) Children (-) Expectations    Category: Relationships

    Things that make a great family: This article about the relationship that the parents and the children should share. Parents should not bring up their children with any false expectations from their children. Their relationship should be free from fears, doubts and expectations.
  • Impact of Modernization and Westernization on Indian society    Category: Social Issues

    Indian society is very old and surviving even after many ups and down and social issues. This article involves a brief about the Indian society and impact of the social process of modernization and westernization on it. How the Indian society has implemented these both processes and to what extent.
  • Mother-Child Relationship: Prepare your child under the womb to become virtuous    Category: Women

    The relationship of a mother and the child is so pure and the innocent that cannot be expressed into the worldly sayings. Having a good mother child relationship. Both the physical and mental growth are indispensable for the child. As the physical growth can be taken care of at the time of pregnancy similarly the mental growth can be taken care of by the mother at the time of expecting. Every thought, action and interest of the mother constructs the behavioral pattern of the child in the future.
  • Who is an Elder? Responsibilities and qualities of an elder person    Category: Family

    Importance of elders in family: The indispensable features, responsibilities, a role model attitude and qualities that truly make an older person into an elder person. What does it actually mean to be an elder into a family and apart from the old age factor what features should be there into a true elder.
  • If parents are true so will be the child. Teaching a child to speak truth    Category: Family

    Teaching a child to speak truth: Parents always aspire to teach their children good values like speaking truth in life. But they themselves be the first to implement that very value in their lives then only the child would learn that value and would follow it truly in his life.
  • Women are versatile. Status of women in Indian society.    Category: Women

    India is a male-dominated country and here women have always been a part of harassment and domination. But still after all the hurdles in their way they have come up with a lighting and bright powers in today's scenario. women are the powerful entities and they are always being a brave fighter in the battle of life. women have proved that they are no longer at loss in any of the fields and they are versatile.
  • SILENCE,ME AND THE SUPREME BEING    Category: Religion

    Silence is the true and ultimate nature of every soul. Silence may lead you towards the highest attainments of life. true peace does not lie into the temporary means. It is the stability of the mind that can be attained anywhere. Further it is about the significance of the silence and kinds of the silence. we must stay into the silence that is being shared with the Supreme Being because there; we are not present to be punished but to be TRANSFORMED.

    The significance of the two broad frameworks (religion and spirituality) for the attainment of the knowledge and the experience of the Supreme Being. Both religion and spirituality play a magnificent role in our lives without over shadowing each other's role.

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