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BIO:Hi, My name is Linda Wilson, and I'm the editor of a small community based magazine, The Gosport Warbler. I also am involved in network marketing, as I realised some time ago, with effort and perseverance, I could build up a substantial residual income for my future. Network Marketing offers a completely different way of making a living. As a small business owner, you are the business. If you're ill, the business suffers. If you want a break, the business suffers, unless you have someone you can trust to take care of things while you're away. But that costs. With Network Marketing, once you've laid the foundations, you can step back, and still receive a steady income. How good is that?

  • Networking and Your Loved Ones    Category: Business and Finance

    Why selling your product or service to your loved ones is not always the best option. Are you new to Network Marketing?
  • Does Network Marketing Really Work    Category: Business and Finance

    Hints for the Network Marketer. Network marketing is a business, just like any other. If you’re a business owner, then your main priority is to sell the products or services that you provide. Whether the business is a major PLC, your local butcher, or the guy who cleans your windows. Somewhere along the line, someone sold these services or products to their customers.
  • Air those dreams - Starting a business    Category: Work From Home

    Starting a business and living the dream. Starting your own business can be terrifying, but, at the same time exhilarating. There may be many times at the beginning of this journey, that you will long for the safety net of a regular job, with regular hours, and with a regular income. In the wee small hours of the morning, when you’re longing for sleep, your brain will be bursting with all manner of scary images, not least the looming threat of failure.

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