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  • I'm Still Writing and Enjoying It to the Fullest!!    Category: Writing

    The joys of writing ...sometimes I am at a loss for words to describe it...even if I am now an experienced writer. It is an experience worth to share with those who have the same passion about it... I write because I enjoy it, it is intellectually fulfilling and I look at it as my advocacy to share what I know and help others be inspired in their lives.
  • How I got My Writing Job - A Lot of Persistence and Hard Work for starters..    Category: Writing

    I may give tips on how to get a writing job, though I am not really a professional writer, just as yet, but it may be really a lot of patience, persistence, hard work and add a bit of good luck..
  • Writing is My Job    Category: Writing

    I have been writing for the past several weeks about general topics ranging from pets, school, health, self-improvement and life in general. I enjoy doing this because I get to learn, practice and improve my writing skills and I get paid to do this.
  • Saying Goodbye to Michael Jackson    Category: Entertainment

    My thoughts and personal sentiments about Michael Jackson - how his music became a part of my life
  • Some Health Tips to Keep the Body in Good Shape    Category: Health and Fitness

    These are some health tips useful for everyday use. Ingredients are available in the house and supermarkets. These health tips keep the body in good shape.
  • The Computer - Man's New Best Friend ?    Category: Technology and Computers

    Has computer become man's new best friend? There are some interesting insights why the computer is valuable to us. It is a dependable source for man to use in his daily activities and a good companion at all times. Just like a friend, it is there when you need it..

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