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  • Are men made of steel, but do they have feelings too?    Category: Men

    Think of a an ideal man - Strong, smart, intelligent, hardworking, full of energy, powerful, humorous, self respect and a bit of attitude, these all are the qualities we all women would like to have in an ideal guy.
  • Do we need anyone in life, someone special to share our feelings.    Category: Relationships

    Everyone needs someone in their life with whom they can share their moments of happiness, sorrow, their secrets and any of her secrets of their life that they want to share with someone special.
  • Joys of becoming a parent. Beautiful bond between parents and child    Category: Relationships

    A relation of a child and parent is totally different. A newly born child is a part of a body of their parents. When a mother gives birth to a new life not only she but a father is also at the seven sky. We, the kids can't even imagine how its feel when you see true "astitav" of your life in you own hands. It is said that a mother loves her baby more than a father, but its not the truth. Each of them love their child equally. When a baby gets hurt it equally hurts the mother as well as father
  • Marriage, A beautiful relationship. Are marriages made in heaven?    Category: Relationships

    It is said that "marriages are made in heaven". Someone somewhere is definitely made for you and you share a beautiful relationship with him/her. Who is waiting for you or its you who is waiting for him or her. God has sent us on this earth with our life partners.
  • Women in Pain - A woman's sacrifice for her family and children    Category: Relationships

    Its a real story of a woman who sacrificed everything for her family and children and in return her own children made her mad. How they treated her and what forced her to accept that she is mad.
  • The women and her roles - Family and Relationships    Category: Women

    This article is all about the woman and the roles she plays in her entire life. The distance she covers with her loved ones with unconditional love. Always ready to do anything for her family,friend,lover etc. But, what she wants in return is only and only LOVE and RESPECT but, how many of us really do this ?

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