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  • Women of India    Category: Women

    Gone are the days in India when the daughter of the house from the very first day of her childhood was taught to cook, to clean the house and to wash utensils, from her father's house to her father in law's house and till her death, taking care of her younger brother at the age of 8 years and after marriage taking care of her own kids. This is the 21st century and the scenario has changed, girl and boy are equal where women work shoulder to shoulder to men.
  • Raj Thakrey's mission against North Indians - Indian Politics    Category: Politics

    The mission of Raj Thakrey and his supporters against the North Indians is actually his first step to divide a nation of millions of people into different countries which would come out of the states of India. This act should be stopped under any condition or we will have to face the circumstances.

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