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  • Have we lost the charm of Joint Family in India?    Category: Relationships

    What is a family? More than one person living together is a family and there should be blood relation among them. The charm of joint family. In olden days, everybody in the family would respect and obey the words of the eldest person in a family. Whether right or wrong, his decision would be final. Many joint families broke into smaller separate families with a father, mother and children. In India, have we lost the charm of joint family?
  • How to have fun while travelling with kids. Travel with children.    Category: Entertainment

    The children show much interest in travelling. We should plan to make the trip with kids more enjoyable. It is better to commence the journey during vacation for the children. We should take the interests of the children into consideration for planning the places to be visited. When we take kids with us, we have to be very particular in certain things to make fun while travelling.The mood of the children should not be spoiled at any cost. Even if they do some naughty things, we should not mind.
  • Enjoy cooking food - How to get into a good mood to cook food    Category: Food and Drinks

    Cooking done with love and affection makes the food more tastier. We almost cook daily but we may not enjoy cooking or have the right mood to enter the kitchen. How to change the mood and bring involvement in cooking? Cooking is an art. We should feel proud if we know cooking.When are we loosing mood and interest in cooking and how to overcome? Rarely, making changes in the schedule and going out for dinner may change the mood.
  • Benefits of outsourcing bookkeeping services    Category: Business and Finance

    Many people prefer for outsourcing bookkeeping services. Many small and large companies are doing the job of outsourcing bookkeeping successfully. As far as outsourcing bookkeeping is concerned, the outsourcing companies are providing excellent service and their charges are nominal, compared to the expenses of engaging regular in-house employees. So, we have to welcome this change, as many persons are getting employment in this job.
  • How to behave as a guest    Category: Self Improvement

    All of us might have visited our friends and relatives, staying at different places. Are we bothering about our behavior as guests? Our behavior signifies our dignity and self-esteem. There is a saying, ”Guest in house is a God in house”. It is believed that we are blessed with God to have guests at home. The guests should behave properly so that they would be invited again and again, by the family.Behaving as a guest is really a social skill which should be practiced by everybody.
  • How to face criticism    Category: Self Improvement

    Ways to face constructive and destructive criticism. Criticism is the activity of analyzing the facts and express it to the concerned person. Criticism is not actually fault-finding alone. The feelings of the person making the criticism and the person who is being criticized should not be affected.The making of criticism, facing criticism and accepting criticism pave way to success and these are the important leadership qualities a person should possess, for becoming a leader.
  • Simple skin care tips during winter. Prevent skin from getting dry.    Category: Health and Fitness

    Winter makes our skin dry and gives a miserable look. So, proper care should be taken to maintain the skin during winter / cold season. There are simple ways by which we could keep our skin normal. The natural home remedies would help a lot to save our skin and hair from extreme cold.In winter, by drinking plenty of water, the moisture content in the skin would be maintained properly. Eating fresh fruits and vegetables would also serve the purpose. We need not fear about winter.
  • Ageless beauty tips for women - Prefer natural products    Category: Women

    How to attain ageless beauty and benefits of using natural products. Everybody wants to look young at any age. At the age of thirty, when somebody asks us whether we are in teens, we feel very proud. At the age of forty, we are accepting the fact that we are getting old but want to stay young still more. After crossing fifty, we could not control aging and the explicit sign of aging is visible. When we cross sixty, we become majestic and get recognition of being a senior citizen.
  • My funny experience in Calcutta    Category: Others

    When my husband got transferred from Chennai to Calcutta, I also moved with him to Calcutta with my little son aged one. The house owner’s surname was Bisi. He welcomed us saying,” Having come to our house, you will also become Bisi(busy)”. While doing shopping, I used to take sample of ingredients and show it to the shop owners and made purchase of items.After living in Calcutta, I cried a lot when I had to return to Chennai. That was a golden period in my life that I will never forget.
  • Cost of missing an appointment    Category: Self Improvement

    The appointment means fixing a particular date and time for meeting an important person or VIP. It is a mutual agreement and the concerned two persons should be ready to meet at the scheduled date and time at a particular place. It is actually an arrangement for saving time and cost. What is the cost of missing an appointment? Is there any loss due to non-keeping up an appointment? If we are having the habit of missing appointments often, we should correct ourselves as the loss involved is high
  • Face reading    Category: Education

    Is it possible to judge the qualities of a person by face reading? How far is it true? When we are introduced to a new person, we watch and record the face of that person in our mind. We relate his qualities whenever we see him or remember him. When we train ourselves as a face reader, we would be able to read the qualities by seeing the facial features. The face reading is different from fortune telling. We could understand the qualities of a person by face reading. That is all.
  • Real Estate in Coimbatore    Category: Others

    In the year 1998, due to bomb blast threat, many people left Coimbatore, closing their business. At that time, there was a sudden decline in the field of real estate in Coimbatore.Even the residents of Coimbatore had not shown interest in purchasing new properties.Gradually, the situation improved. After the year 2002, small mushroom IT companies started their business in Coimbatore.There was a talk of opening IT park in Coimbatore. Suddenly the real estate started skyrocketing in Coimbatore.
  • Interior Decoration can make a small house or room look grand    Category: Home Improvement

    Good interior decoration tips for small houses - Is it possible to decorate our small house or room and give it a grand, elegant and bigger look? We could make an ordinary house a sweet home by spending a little money, some energy and by doing interior decoration. Everybody feels proud while living in a beautiful house, however small it may be. We should not purchase big and space-consuming furniture while living in a small house.
  • Aerobic Exercises health benefits - Healthy heart, lungs and body    Category: Health and Fitness

    Aerobic exercises is a form of physical exercise to strengthen muscles, control obesity by increasing fat burn, promote healthy body and other health benefits. In the present day life, to do the daily work at home, we use all sorts of machines and the physical work is only minimum. By eating fast foods and junk foods, the carbohydrate content would increase causing weight increase. Everybody wish to live as long as they could and remain healthy until they die.
  • Cost of computer literacy in India    Category: Education

    Computer literacy advantages, disadvantages and benefits. In the earlier days, the children were taught to write using pencil and pen first. Now, before they learn to hold a pencil/pen, they are learning to use a computer. In India, just like having a TV, refrigerator or a grinder, computer has entered every home very casually. Even the poor and middle class people in India are now ready to meet the cost of purchasing a computer and the cost of computer literacy is tactfully managed.
  • Performance Management - Various Steps, Methods and Benefits.    Category: Business and Finance

    In business world, we set goals and plan the methods to achieve goals. The performance management deals about the steps involved in achieving the pre determined goals. The company might have set individual small targets to achieve and there may be long term goals. The performance management concentrates on achieving short term goals and linking them properly to achieve long term goals. The performance management helps for getting good profit and the HR activities are made more simple.
  • The Green Job Boom    Category: Nature

    Any job contributing to the protection of environment is a green job. By green job, we mean that the operations of the company or individual should help to make the world green. It is the duty of everybody to give the next generation a world which is more healthier and greener. The job that is environmentally friendly could be called as green job. The corporate office, small business, organization or entrepreneurship or any professional could take part in green economy.
  • Ego is unnecessary. Disadvantages of being an egoist person in life    Category: Self Improvement

    What is ego? Ego is the state of mind of giving self preference and thinking that we are the right persons to do anything in the right manner than anybody else. Many people succeed in life, by getting money and fame but they could not maintain relationship with others, due to their ego. If the ego comes between husband and wife, there won’t be peace in the family. Many people want that they should be praised by all, in the family and at workplace. Try to shred ego and be happy.
  • Happy life after retirement    Category: Family

    How to retire happily - We all should plan ahead in our life for a healthy and happy retirement. Planning in advance leads to a hassle free retired life and enjoy every moment of it. At the time of retirement there should not be any burden on us. We should make our mind to accept retirement whole-heartedly, with pleasure. After retirement we should not have the thirst to run after money. The mind should be self-content and quiet. We should quit working before our heart quit to function.
  • Physiotherapy (or physical therapy through exercises)    Category: Health and Fitness

    What is physiotherapy and who is a physiotherapist? The study of physiotherapy is a branch of medicine to deal with therapeutic treatment of doing physical exercises and other activities that help to promote health and ensure proper functioning of our organs. The physiotherapy treatment helps for restoration of the body to the normal condition. The physiotherapy treatment is a form of treatment used for curing and prevention of diseases.
  • Awareness about consumer rights. Consumer forum disputes redressal    Category: Others

    All the consumers should know their rights and when to approach consumer forum for complaint or redressal. A customer is the person who actually makes the purchase and a consumer is the person who uses it. By purchasing goods or accept services, we become a consumer. The consumer should be given the product of good quality and right quantity. If there is a deficiency or harassment in getting the proper service, the consumer could approach the consumer forum. March 15 is National Consumer’s day.
  • Presence of mind    Category: Self Improvement

    What is meant by presence of mind? Let us see whether the intelligence alone helps us to succeed in life. Even if we are most efficient in performing our works, the presence of mind is often required. It is the capacity to think quickly, to act wisely and solve the problem, in case of emergency. The self-control is very much necessary, to act with presence of mind.Thinking in the right path and doing the right thing are most important, to act with presence of mind.
  • Mysticism: Moksha or the union with God.    Category: Religion

    Mysticism is the realization of truth that the divine and the self are distinct. It can also be a sense of mystical knowledge. The Jains call it as Moksha, that is getting liberation from karma. By constant practice, one person could achieve this stage. As per Hindu culture, the complete detachment of mind from worldly pleasures is called mysticism. It is also known as union with God. Putting in simple words, getting enlightenment is mysticism.
  • Participation of children in TV reality shows    Category: Entertainment

    The parents are very happy when the children participate in the TV reality shows and win prizes. But, is it possible to win prize by everybody or is it harmful? Due to increase of new TV channels and tough competition in the field, the viewer attention is considered as the main point to select the programs. Suddenly there is a craze for reality shows. The opinion of public, child specialists and psychologists should be taken to fix the minimum age of participation in TV reality shows.
  • Paragliding and Parajumping    Category: Sports

    Let us congratulate and encourage the people who participate in adventurous sports like parajumping and paragliding. The hobby of man is to explore nature. Some people go in search of nature under water, some on land and some others in air. The physical fitness and mental strength is very much required for doing adventures on land, under water and in air. The people interested in adventure sports do paragliding and parajumping. They should also be mentally fit.
  • Developing soft skills to get and retain a good job    Category: Self Improvement

    What are the soft skills and how to develop them to retain your current job. The ability to convey the ideas, to make others to get involved in the work by motivating words and to directly go hand in hand with others to solve the issues are some of the qualities come under soft skills. The team spirit is the most required quality. Next, time management is most important.The positive attitude and desire to learn are some of the soft skills. Possessing interpersonal and motivational skills..
  • Event Management    Category: Others

    People who wish to enter a challenging job could take up the profession of event management. Event manager is such a thrilling job and people involved in this profession will be busy all the time. The event management is a technique of organizing an event to satisfy a particular group of audience. There are many courses and degrees for the study of event management. Some people enter this field and succeed by their practical knowledge, without studying anything.
  • Using cell phone while driving – Is it dangerous ?    Category: Others

    It is said that using cell phones while driving is more dangerous than drunk driving. We notice that many young boys and girls driving vehicles are talking over cell phone, all the time. Many business people like to have business talk over cell phone, while driving also.The using of cell phone while driving curtails the automatic driving skills of the driver and impair his traffic skills.The media should popularize the adverse effects of using cell phone while driving vehicles.
  • Homelessness - The growing problem of homeless people    Category: Family

    The statistics say that about 100 million people in the world are homeless now. What is meant by homelessness / Who is considered homeless? The people those who don’t have a housing accommodation may have to take shelter in a public or private place. This state may not provide the facilities a normal home provides such as place for cooking, sleeping and performing other household works. Sometimes people having mental disorder may come out from the family unknowingly and remain as homeless.
  • Inner beauty is the real beauty    Category: Self Improvement

    The inner beauty represents kindness and good deeds and is truly the real beauty. The inner beauty is more valuable than physical attractiveness. With the passage of time, the outer beauty may go but the inner beauty will last for ever as it is the beauty of the soul.The inner beauty is measured by character but not by appearance.When the mind is beautiful, that is the real inner beauty.The mind should always blossom with contentment and happiness. The ageless beauty is the inner beauty.
  • Mom-daughter relationship    Category: Relationships

    The bonding between mother-daughter is more strong than the bondage between mom-son. When the child learns to speak, the first word comes from his/her mouth is "mom". The mom feeds the child, teaches the child to talk, walk, play and perform activities. The daughter gets the unconditional love from her mother. The mother always wishes her daughter should get everything which is denied to her.The mother should make the daughter feel that she could come to mom for guidance and help.
  • Drunk driving - Risks posed by drunken drivers    Category: Food and Drinks

    Risks of drunk driving and how to curb it. The act of driving a motor vehicle under the influence of alcohol is called drunk driving. The driver should be aware of the risk involved. The consumption of alcohol imposes negative impacts. The dullness due to intake of alcohol, affects proper functioning of sensitive organs, which slows his actions of perception, speed and performance. Much risk is involved in drunk driving.Severe punishment should be given to those involved in Drunk driving.
  • Suicide among youth    Category: Self Improvement

    Why the youth commit suicide and ways to prevent the suicide among youth. Due to confusion and anxiety, the youth can not withstand very small disappointment or failure, which results in suicide. They think that they can do anything and everything, without fearing about consequences. If the result is negative, they may not be able to accept it. They choose suicide as a means to escape from everything. They should develop the habit of facing any challenge.
  • Token Economy    Category: Self Improvement

    What is token economy and what are it's advantages? A token economy sets some targets for an individual to meet positive behavioral goal, which can be exchanged for the things they need.The tokens may be accumulated for a longer period and allowed to spend later on.The pieces of paper, coins, stickers, metal or plastic chips of various shapes may be used as tokens.The token economy should be used for positive and motivational purpose only.
  • The Positive and Negative Effects of Media    Category: Others

    Our life will remain incomplete without the media, and its positive and negative effects. The radio, television, newspaper and internet are some forms of media through which we get information. They have to cover important happenings, in all the fields, around the world. There is no use in creating emotional feelings among public by exaggerating the happenings and giving sensational news. The media persons should be cautious in giving unbiased news to the common persons.
  • Paris Motor Show    Category: Entertainment

    The motor show at Paris is being held since 1898 and every year new design cars will be staged here.To enhance the beauty of Paris, the motor show was held from October 4 to October 19, 2008. The car fans throughout the world visited Paris and made it a grand show.The car manufacturers and car lovers enjoyed the show very much.The Motor show was organized by Internationale des Constructeurs d’Automobiles, Mondial de.About 30 countries took part in this event featuring about 50 brands of car
  • Global Business Management    Category: Education

    Due to globalization, even small countries wish to do business at international level. The businessmen want to do competitive business at global level. There is a demand for the experienced persons in this field and the job opportunities for graduates in the field of “Global Business Management” are available in plenty. It is really a good opening for students to take a challenging job and settle well in life.It is the study of business management in a global context. It is a challening job.
  • Privacy in cyberspace. How to browse the internet safely.    Category: Technology and Computers

    We expect that our private details should remain private on internet too unless we wish to disclose it to others. In the cyberspace also, our privacy is questioned. While navigating through internet, we provide information to others. Each computer connected to internet has a unique IP address. Knowing our IP address by somebody is a form of entering in privacy.We have to use internet safely and enjoy the full benefits of it. The precautions against threat to privacy should be taken.
  • Wildlife week and the elephants day. Wildlife preservation in India    Category: Others

    The wildlife week is celebrated to remember the wildlife conservation in India. In Tamil Nadu, elephant day is celebrated in Mudhumalai forest in Udhagamandalam and Topslip in Pollachi. The elephants day is celebrated as part of wildlife week celebrations in India. The wildlife sanctuaries and national parks are established in various parts of India. Everyone loves elephant. Elephant is an intelligent animal and it amazes us by its strength.
  • Economics of happiness - Is being rich the only way to be happy?    Category: Others

    We believe that having more wealth brings more happiness in life. The happiness economics states that happiness will not increase as and when wealth increases. But, is it true in real life? Is there any way to measure happiness? There is a vast growth in the field of economics and economists are trying to find a way to measure happiness. Happiness comes not only from material goods; non-material goods also contribute to happiness.The economics of happiness defines happiness in a quantifiable.
  • Good education - The duties of parents and teachers towards a child    Category: Education

    When a child is born, the parents start thinking about giving good education to the child. The finest gift the parents give to the child is the best education. The parents should put the child in a best school which suits him. The base should be strong.From the kindergarten level, the mind of the child should be open to worldly things. They should be introduced of latest technology in education.The parents and teachers, should walk along the child to achieve the goal.
  • Financial Inclusion in India    Category: Business and Finance

    Financial inclusion means a group of people should take part in growth activities and help to increase economic growth of the country. The Indian Government wishes that the poor people should be benefited by financial inclusion. They have to be given loans for trading activities or paying back the loan from money lenders. The needs of every citizen should be considered and fulfilled by the Government. A day will come when all the Indians will take part in financial inclusion.
  • Is philosophy just an armchair theory?    Category: Self Improvement

    Is philosophy is just an armchair theory or in anyway useful to our day to day life. We can just relax and reap the benefits of philosophy, by following simple principles in life. How philosophy can be applied in day to day life? Be a self-critique, analyse yourself, correct yourself and walk in the correct path. Philosophy is not a dry subject. It can be practiced easily. Philosophy is not just an armchair theory; but can be practiced in day to day life for attaining success.
  • Tactful survival during a layoff    Category: Self Improvement

    How to survive a layoff? There are many practical ways of survival at the time of layoff in your company or if a job is lost. When the situation of a company reaches a worst situation and the employer feels that he can not control the declining of revenue, he analyses the areas of expenditure cut off. The first thing he gets in mind is to reduce the cost of employees which results in layoff.While joining a company itself, employee should make up his mind to quit off very gracefully at any time.
  • Taking revenge is not so sweet    Category: Self Improvement

    Revenge is an expression of emotional hatred shown by us, when others do something harm.When we have got the mindset to forgive, we can keep away from all diseases. To keep the mind and body healthy, we should not think about taking revenge for the harmful acts of others. We should not hate anybody and make us weak. By taking revenge, we are corrupting ourselves.We can surrender everything to God and ask him to decide. Taking revenge is not so sweet and fogiving others is a divine quality.
  • What is great about being a dad?    Category: Men

    Role of a dad - When a girl becomes pregnant, all the family members take care of her and help her to get ready to become a mother.She gets help and advice from the people around her. But, nobody bothers about the boy who is going to become a father. It is really a great thing to become a dad. The pleasure and proud the dad gets on seeing the innocent smile of the child can not be expressed in words. The wife rewards his husband by giving birth to a child.
  • Simple tips for buying a new car    Category: Shopping

    For every person there is a dream in life to buy a new house, a new car, getting married and settle in life. If you have come to the stage of buying a new car, you should get prepared for it.Proper planning is essential for buying a new car. If you are buying a car for the first time, you have to do a lot of homework regarding features of new cars in the market.You need not be in a hurry in fixing a car and bringing it to home.Surfing through internet may also help to get information about cars.
  • Green tea health benefits - Making green tea at home    Category: Health and Fitness

    Everywhere there is a talk about green tea and many people want to know the health benefits of green tea. Green tea comes from the leaf of camellia sinensis plant. The youngest two leaves and bud plucked from the plant, are used for preparing green tea.To get full benefits of green tea, it should be processed properly. The leaves are to be steamed briefly, to prevent oxidization of epigallo catechin gallate. Green tea fughts against many diseases like cancer, diabetes and heart diseases.
  • Health Economics - Cost analysis of health issues, medical expenses    Category: Education

    Health economics is a branch of economics, dealing with health issues. The health economics concerns with management of available resources for health care and analyse the scarcity. The study of health economics deals with economic evaluation, different health systems and how much money is allocated to take care of the needs. The health care of individual persons and the society is taken care of and research for improving the level of both is done in the field of health economics.
  • Views about Cloning Humans - Genetic reproduction of species.    Category: Others

    Cloning means reproduction of a similar organism genetically. Advantages, disadvantages, pros, cons and controversies of genetic cloning. The normal reproduction process is bypassed and the cells are reproduced in some other way. Is it necessary to try this process on animals and human? The research on animal cloning is being done by some scientists. Some scientists say that cloning is one of the methods to try to save the dying species. What about cloning humans?

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