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  • Causes of Global Warming    Category: Nature

    Global warming is a universal problem due to which there is a drastic change in climatic conditions.this is because,as the earthís temperature rises the icebergs, glaciers, snow peaks etc.,starting melting. this melting up of earthís ice brings about the rise in the water table resulting in increase in sea and ocean water.this increases the humidity which in turn results in heavier and more frequent rainfalls.
  • Marching towards a better future    Category: Education

    'A better future' here refers to a much an improvised and a changed future for us, for our country and this world. Besides working towards a better future for ourselves we should also learn to work towards a better tomorrow for the people around us. Education my friend is very important, because as an educated you will lead to an educated country. Donít we all want our nation to be among the developed and the powerful countries?
  • Help to choose a right career    Category: Education

    Which is the right career for me? It is very important to know yourself and to understand your preference and interest before you choose a career. Often we like something and we dislike certain other things say you like physics but you dislike chemistry. However itís important to finish a basic level in chemistry to get a science degree.
  • Wireless security : Features, Threats and Flaws of wireless networks    Category: Technology and Computers

    Data link layer is the second layer in the OSI model. Data link layer-wireless security- features, flaws and threats of wireless networks are summarized in detail.
  • Fun with watercolors - Watercolor painting    Category: Education

    Its not only children who are fond of watercolors but also many artists as well. It's not because of the use of water alone but so many other things that follow the painting.
  • Does Fashion Repeat?    Category: Entertainment

    Do you think old fashion repeats? The clothes considered old fashioned often become the up-coming fashion. Yes, the fashion repeats! Taking India's Bollywood (film industry) as an example.
  • Different Skins need different type of skin care    Category: Health and Fitness

    Different types of skin and taking care of your particular skin type. Check what your skin type is; At times it is not the weather or region which is the reason for skin problems but it is understanding your own skin, so the following article explains about each skin type and their needs. therefore check what your skin type is? Different Skins need Different Care..!
  • Why do Indian students fly abroad for higher studies?    Category: Education

    Have we ever thought what makes Indian students go abroad for higher studies paying thrice the amount for the same degree they get here? What are the hurdles they face? This article outlines the inconveniences of the Indian students who pursue their post graduate degree in India. lets think how we can improve on this.

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