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  • Top Level Domain    Category: Others

    Domain name is the label used to reach a website with the help of a DNS (Domain Name Server) instead of using the numerical address of a website. Top level domain is the last portion of the domain name after the dot like .com etc. There are more than 370 top level domains.Top level domains are divided on certain criteria under the following categories: country-code top-level domains, generic top-level domains, sponsored top-level domains, infrastructure top-level domain.
  • Duplicate Content Sites    Category: Others

    Duplicate websites have similar content as another website on the internet.Some ecommerce websites that display similar products, or real estate websites with similar properties listed can be considered as duplicate content websites. Many websites simply hack or scrap the content of a website to host a website in a different name. Websites using the black hat SEO technique of multiple doorway pages that land to the same homepage is also considered for duplicate contents.

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