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BIO:hi!!!!! This is anusha... . do u know da meaning of anushaa? ITZ.."Following desires." and "star" wichz absolutely me.i just tend to be a natural leader, self-sufficient, and ambitious. i generally want to make my own decisions in life and i am not afraid to take any charge or manage a situation! i was doing my 2nd b.tech cse in sacet,chirala. i was very moved by the incidents took place around me and dat's the reason why i started writing these articles.. all of my articles are in general way...i mean..are about the things which happen in our day 2 day life. im sorry if fortunately or unfortunately any of my views opposed u. ....thanking u anu..4evr..

  • Mondex smart card.    Category: Technology and Computers

    Have you heard about the upcoming technology 'Mondex smart card'. It's a latest technology and its gonna get inserted in our body and there is a verse in revelation regarding this chip.and the code of the chip and beast is 666.
  • Is there any safety left for women? (In the name of love)    Category: Social Issues

    Hope you already guessed what I was going to reveal. I would like to talk about the most commonest issues which are taking place these days - VIOLENCE AGAINST WOMEN.
  • How SMILE has changed my life and motivated me so much: A live example    Category: Relationships

    Importance of smile and a positive attitude in life. Can you tell the one of the most common word what we hear among teenagers? You have guessed it - DEPRESSION and COMMITTING SUICIDE. In this article I would like to tell you my own feelings what I have experienced so far in my life.
  • Connecting professional life with personal life.    Category: Relationships

    The most common thing we come across now-a-days is 'I AM BUSY'. We even loose our loved ones in the mask BEING BUSY. So, a small awareness - Professional life is different from personal life.
  • Hidden relationships and their problems    Category: Relationships

    Now-a-days we are coming across many hidden relations and the problems later occurred after them, especially we the teenagers and youth are getting addicted to all such relations. So, lets take a charge against these relations!

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