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  • Stay Fit - How to keep yourself in good shape without going to the Gym    Category: Health and Fitness

    This article shows simple ways to stay physically and mentally fit by doing your daily routine apart from going to the GYM. Diseases and obesity are becoming a common phenomena.
  • Does social bookmarking articles increase web traffic?    Category: Writing

    By bookmarking articles like Digg, Delicious, StumbleUpon, Reddit, Facebook, Yahoo Buzz, etc will surely increase traffic, but social bookmarks come with a word of caution. Search engines are not idiots.
  • Interesting myths about playing Lottery? Chances of winning a lottery.    Category: Entertainment

    Chances and odds of winning a lottery. There are several interesting myths about lottery. Playing Mega Million Lottery, Powerball and Super Lotto Plus lottery and jackpot winning odds.
  • Find salary of other people. How much money is your co-worker making?    Category: Work From Home

    Guessing how much money do people make at work in United States. Salary of Software Engineers, Computer programmers, Lawyers and Doctors in USA. Simple way to find salary of other people and coworkers.
  • Best places to see in Australia - Tourist attractions of Australia    Category: Travel

    Australia is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world, it has it all ranging from natural wonders to man made wonders. It is surrounded by water on all sides and has some of the best tourist attractions. Some of the best places to see in Australia are:-
  • Home remedies for Backache: Tips to get rid of Lower Back Pain problem    Category: Health and Fitness

    Backache is one of the most common health problems faced by people all over the world. There are several home remedies for backache that can cure or make you feel much better.
  • Importance of taxes: Why should we pay tax to the government    Category: Business and Finance

    We are morally and legally bound to pay our fair share of tax to the government. We will discuss the importance of paying taxes and why we should not do the mistake of hiding money or avoiding taxes.
  • When will this recession end?    Category: Business and Finance

    The million dollar question is - When will this recession end? Wish I precisely knew this answer, but all I can say is that there is no clear end in sight. There should be significant recovery in year 2010 and beyond.
  • Retirement work ideas | Earn money after retirement    Category: Work From Home

    Some wonderful retirement work ideas and how to earn money easily after retirement. Practical things to do to make money. Though you may not need the money, it is a personal satisfaction. Regardless of your situation, most medical experts believe that keeping your body and mind active after retirement is the best thing you can do for yourself.
  • Does God really exist in this world?    Category: Religion

    Where is God? Well, he is not a thing that can be proven scientifically but God surely exists. God exists in our beliefs and our minds. No one can force you to believe that God really exists in this world and beyond. Read this article and hear my side of the story.
  • Does God really care about us?    Category: Religion

    Yes, God really exists and cares about us. When a bad thing happens to us, we blame that why did God did not help us, where was he, what did he let this happen to me? Well God does not necessarily make each and every thing happen, he is a promoter of good faith and deeds but does not enforce it on anybody.
  • Want to retire happily? Then keep working after your retirement.    Category: Entertainment

    In order to retire happily it is very important keep working after your official retirement. It has been proven that after we retire, keeping our brain and body active helps us to live longer and also keeps our brain sharper.
  • What An Idiot ( A real crazy and funny story)    Category: Entertainment

    Get some laugh - Story of a crazy encounter with an old lady who I thought was a complete idiot. I had just opened my beer bottle when my wife told me to get tomatoes from the store. The funny incidents which took place after that.
  • Abuse of the free trade policy    Category: Politics

    Free trade policy should be allowed only to a certain level so that it is not abused by corporations. At all times the government should oversee that those open policies are not aiding pure corporate greed and loss to it's citizens in the form of jobs and indirect financial loss.
  • Lost Money in stocks (Me too) - See my baby boomer portfolio    Category: Men

    My investment distributions in Gold, Stocks, bonds and CD's has worked out pretty well so far. I have lost some money in stocks but loss is not too big.
  • Outsourcing risks: Loss of personal data, Stolen identity, ID theft    Category: Others

    Loss of personal data, bank accounts and identity theft risk are one of the biggest concerns of outsourcing. After the privacy is breached (customers or employees), it can cause a significant loss to the victim. We should ensure that corporations follow excellent security practices to eradicate this issue.
  • My kids hate fruits and vegetables. Veggies are boring but healthy    Category: Food and Drinks

    Doctors recommend eating at least five servings of fruits and vegetables a day. Veggies are very important for health and my children hate them. We often joked about vegetarians as grass eating cows.. (not anymore).
  • Bottled water harms environment: Tap water is equally clean & good    Category: Food and Drinks

    Some believe that drinking bottled water means less intake of chemicals and pollutants. Some believe we will live longer & healthy by not drinking drinking tap water. A comparison of tap and bottled water.
  • Money management tips for baby boomers. Retirement finance & money matters    Category: Business and Finance

    Finance and proper money allocation are most important for baby boomers for their retirement. Invest in gold, CD's retirement accounts , social security and mortgage.

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