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  • Job Change: When is a good time to change your employer    Category: Others

    Most private sector employees change their job every few years. Deciding whether its a good time for a job change or to even quit your job is a debate which everyone goes through.
  • Can women earn more money than men?    Category: Women

    Earning money is quite important and women are quickly catching up with men. Gone are the days when patriarchal societies dominated the social structures and women used to be subdued for want of financial security. Today women can earn more money then men. Today's ladies are supplementing their hubby's' purse, sometimes even leading the earnings!
  • Nurturing family by food, chats, love and fun!    Category: Family

    Nurturing a family: We simply cannot count heads in a family. Each one is an active member of a coherent group integrated by fraternal ties and affectionate bonds. There may be big mysteries behind the successful families, we can share some small secrets of the common man!
  • Anger management: What causes anger and ways to control it.    Category: Self Improvement

    What causes anger, controlling and managing anger: Flying tempers and frayed attitudes spoil even a perfect setting of sorts. Is it merely a hormonal hyperactivity or does it require personal amends?
  • Best remedy for Chapped Lips. Natural ways to treat dry chapped lips.    Category: Health and Fitness

    Ways to heal chapped lips naturally and prevent dry, cracked or swollen lips. Natural remedies to treat dry chapped lips and various causes of dry lip skin.
  • Get a Fair Skin .. NOT SO FAST!. Craze of fairness creams in India.    Category: Women

    Majority of Indians are obsessed to get a fair skin complexion. This has led to a boom in fairness creams business and people craving for a white or fairer skin colour. How do skin fairness creams work?
  • How To Remove Unwanted Body Hair.    Category: Women

    Best ways to remove body hair. Easily remove unwanted hair by Shaving, Bleaching, Waxing, Threading or Hair removing Cream.
  • Do Children Need Toys More Than Parents?    Category: Others

    Can we really substitute ourselves with toys, do children need toys more that the parents? These are some questions that each parent should ask him or herself. As parents we want our child to have the best of every thing and so we load the childs room with loads of toys.
  • Daycare Disadvantages: Issues of leaving children in a daycare.    Category: Family

    Daycare for children comes with lot of issues and problems. A list of bad effects and disadvantages of day care. Safety issues for a child, daycare expense and many more problems.
  • Resale value of diamonds: A good selling price for diamond jewellery    Category: Shopping

    Factors that decide the value of your diamond jewellery when you decide to sell it. The resale price of diamond keeps changing with time. The value of a diamond is determined by 4C's: Clarity, Color, Cut and Carat Weight.
  • Are Call Center jobs safe for girls. Safety of Female employees in BPO    Category: India

    Information about safety of girls/female call center employees in India. BPO jobs have odd working hours. Girls should take proper precautions in call center jobs.
  • Criteria for Job Cuts. Positions that have highest layoff risk    Category: Self Improvement

    Which job positions are most vulnerable or have the highest risk of layoff. Criteria that most companies consider during job cuts. Am I at the risk of losing my job?
  • Tips to create a good Online Matrimony Profile or Shaadi biodata    Category: Relationships

    Tips to create a killer matrimonial profile. Simple ways to create a good online matrimony profile on Shaadi, BharatMartimony, JeevanSaathi and SimplyMarry.
  • How to handle a Husband    Category: Relationships

    Million dollar question - How to handle a husband. In this male dominated society where men have always been considered to be more powerful both physically as well as monetarily, it is very important for a wife to know how to handle a husband in the right way. Today, women are no less than men in any field yet, when they come back home from all day of hard work, they have to put up with the moods and attitude of their husbands.
  • How to quit addiction. Quit Smoking habit or Alcohol addiction.    Category: Health and Fitness

    Simple ways quit addiction. How to stop smoking, consuming alcohol, overcome food addiction, iPhone Addiction and getting rid of other bad habits.
  • What is H1B visa? United States H1B work permit visa information    Category: Others

    Most frequently asked questions about USA's H1B visa. Basic information and common questions about United States of America work visa or H1B visa.
  • Health benefits of treadmill: Should I buy a treadmill for home?    Category: Health and Fitness

    Why should I buy a personal treadmill for home. Treadmills are affordable exercise machines, health benefits of treadmill can be enormous. Healthrider, Landice, Life Fitness, Nordictrack, Precor, Proform, Reebok, Smooth, Sole, Spirit, SteelFlex, Tunturi and Weslo are some of the top brands.
  • How to save your job: Tips to avoid getting Laid Off.    Category: Self Improvement

    Practical tips to save job and avoid getting laid off in your company. Recession times are tough and saving job at work place is very important.
  • Public speaking & presentation tips. How to become a good speaker.    Category: Self Improvement

    How to become a good public speaker. Tips for better public speaking and improving your presentation skills. Learn how to deliver a killing speech.
  • China's one child policy and birth rate: China Baby Boomer problem.    Category: Education

    China faces a large Baby Boomer generation in future because of it's one child policy that was implemented to reduce the birth rate to control it's population growth.
  • Is IT a desirable career? Frustration among Software Engineers    Category: Technology and Computers

    IT industry was once the most desirable career choice in India but things have changed. A high level of frustration among Software Engineers has been due to job stress and work place politics.
  • Who qualifies for reverse mortgage | Frequently asked questions of Reverse mortgages    Category: Home Improvement

    Frequently asked questions and useful information about Reverse mortgages. Who qualifies for reverse mortgage and if are they safe? A reverse mortgage is a home equity loan that does not require payments.
  • Stress in IT Industry. Depression & Stress among Software Engineers    Category: Technology and Computers

    Stress, depression and hypertension have now become extremely common among all Indian outsourcing / IT industries. PO). Stress can lead to many health problems like sleeping disorder, anger, headaches, diabetes, fatigue and obesity.
  • Problem of stray cattle on the roads. Stray cows of Indian cities.    Category: Animals and Pets

    Stray cows cause numerous traffic jams and accidents in India. Freely roaming stray cattle are a severe health hazard. Their dung causes dirty roads, cluttered parks and clogged sewers. Polluted and tainted milk from these cows causes thousands of deaths each year and diseases like tuberculosis.
  • Common Sense rules of Money Management: Investments and money    Category: Business and Finance

    Money management can be achieved by applying basic common sense most of the time. Being financial savvy, making small sacrifices and avoiding spontaneous purchases can leave lot of money back into your pocket.
  • Breast Implant Surgery Information. Silicone Breast Implants, India    Category: Women

    How to have big breasts? Common questions, cost & information about breast implants, enlargement surgery or big silicone boobs. Breast implant surgery video. How long does the surgery take, recovery time and disadvantages or side effects of Breast Implants.
  • Teaching after Retirement    Category: Education

    Tips on taking a teaching career after retirement. As a baby boomer, have you ever considered taking a job in teaching profession after your retirement? Why not use your decades of experience and pass it along to students in colleges and schools in your next part time job. Take your retirement as a second career and participate in community service, write a book, help poor or disabled, consultancy, teach or become an active member of other social events.
  • Do people really make money online by writing articles.    Category: Writing

    Making good money online by writing good articles on the internet is totally possible. Tips on writing good articles and biggest mistakes made by online authors.
  • How to keep brain healthy and active    Category: Health and Fitness

    Things to do for keeping our brain healthy with age. Brain exercises, healthy diet and being active are best ways to maintain our brain power as we become old. If you think you have been too forgetful lately, then consult your doctor.
  • How To Do Facial At Home.    Category: Women

    Skin care and how to do a basic facial at home without going to a beauty parlour (beauty parlor) using products like Shehnaz Hussain facial cream. Facial is essential for all women in to order maintain and improve the texture of the skin. Facial not only helps to clean and remove the dead skin but also gives the right vitamins to the skin that are needed for a healthy glowing skin.
  • Free and Compulsory Education for Children in India    Category: Education

    The 'Right to Education Bill' passed in year 2008 mandates free and compulsory education to all children in the 6-14 age group. States may be obliged to provide a school in every neighbourhood within three years, otherwise provide free transportation to a nearby neighbourhood where the free school exists.
  • What are dust mites - House dust mite facts.    Category: Animals and Pets

    Dust mites are tiny microorganisms which are often present in the house dust and consume minute particles of organic matter. House dust mites thrive on mattresses, pillows, carpets, kitchen, bedding and can be found almost everywhere inside your house. The fecal particles and partially digested dust particles produced by them can trigger allergies among humans. Interesting facts about a house dust mite.
  • Weight loss - 5 easy exercises to lose weight fast    Category: Health and Fitness

    The best way to lose weight is combination of watchful eating, doing regular exercises and determination. Weight loss is not a simple, fast and easy procedure, but frankly little changes in your lifestyle and some easy exercises mentioned below will help you get rid of excessive fat, cut your fat bit by bit.
  • How to wax your body - Waxing tips to remove hair - Types of waxes    Category: Women

    Tips for girls to wax legs, arms, underarms and other body parts to remove body hair. Waxing helps to remove the unwanted body hair and help skin to glow. Girls can apply wax to look sexy, smart and beautiful.
  • Does Insurance Industry runs on Scare Tactics    Category: Others

    I think that insurance is he biggest fraud that we are almost forced to participate. The scare tactics of the insurance industry force us to use their services. There should be just one emergency fund run by a non-profit institution.
  • Monopoly of Google applications - List of popular Google products    Category: Technology and Computers

    Even though Search is the most popular product of Google, it has many other FREE useful applications. Google's products have a monopoly in many areas, some of the popular Google products include Youtube, Adsense, Orkut, Blogger, Knol, Gmail, toolbar and many more.
  • Dry skin prevention and causes. Preventing dry and itchy skin.    Category: Women

    A healthy moisturized skin is very important for beauty and overall health. Preventing dry skin, causes of dry and itchy skin. Good moisturizers help to maintain the skin hydrated and retaining moisture will help us to have a healthy radiant skin.
  • Number one rule of Weight Loss for ordinary people: GO SLOW !    Category: Health and Fitness

    Have you ever tried to lose weight fast. Did it work, probably not. Next time try to go slowly, don't rush to loose weight quickly. Regular/ ordinary / common people should not be influenced by what we see on TV and magazines but make a more gradual plan to reach their target weight and body figure.
  • Taking a bath in hot water shower    Category: Entertainment

    Health benefits and disadvantages of taking a hot water shower. Hot water relaxes muscles, reduces stress and allergies but its addictive, leaves skin dry/scaly and is definitely a more expensive option.
  • How to live long - Checklist for a healthy long life    Category: Health and Fitness

    How to live longer and have a long healthy life. We can boost our lifespan by having an active and stress free life. Tips to live long (not forever). Aging is an unavoidable phenomena but is is all about how to delay it. Everyone eventually faces problems like memory loss, hearing problems, poor eyesight, wrinkled skin and weak bones.
  • Layoffs in Airline Industry - Aviation sector job losses and future    Category: Travel

    Future of airlines industry jobs in India and current salary. The recent layoffs has raised fear among pilots, flight attendants (air hostess) and Aircraft ground staff operations. Airlines industry may see some slowness in near term but the long term prospects looks good.
  • How to keep Eyes Healthy - Avoiding old age eyesight problems    Category: Health and Fitness

    Keeping eyes healthy is extremely important, tips to maintain a good eyesight. Following are a few tips to keep eyes healthy with old age, avoid strain and delay problems especially which come naturally as we get old.
  • Why people have Extramarital affairs. Cheating your husband or wife    Category: Relationships

    What is an extramarital affair? Reasons why do people engage in adultery/cheating their existing partner. Extra marital love affair is an ongoing physical (sex) relationship of a married person with an outsider.
  • Tips on buying a safe and good Baby Stroller    Category: Family

    How to buy a good and safe baby stroller (baby cart)? Buying a Baby stroller can be tricky to select, it should not only be safe and comfortable there are may thinks to look for you new born's cart.
  • Seasonal allergies - How to reduce the pollen level at home    Category: Health and Fitness

    Seasonal allergies are the biggest problem when the pollen level is high, like the spring and fall seasons. To reduce the level of allergies at home you can take some precautions and make some smart changes in your regular lifestyle.
  • Excessive misuse of Antibiotics. Bad side-effects on immune system    Category: Health and Fitness

    Can antibiotics be bad for health? Over prescription of antibiotics causes immunity (natural body resistance) to drop. Advantages, disadvantages, harmful side effects and facts about over use of antibiotics. Antibiotics do not treat viral infections they only treat bacterial infections.
  • Garlic treatments, Health benefits of Garlic and Herbal medicine.    Category: Food and Drinks

    Advantages and disadvantages of eating garlic. Nutritional value of garlic or lassan. Claims of health benefits include asthma cure, acne, diabetes, lower cholesterol, reduce blood pressure, cold cure and even a natural mosquito repellent.
  • Health benefits of blueberries - Good for heart, eyes, cholesterol    Category: Food and Drinks

    Blueberries are rich in antioxidants and vitamins. They are good for heart, eyes, cholesterol, urinary tract, aging and weight Loss. Blueberry is the the best fruit and even reduce chances of many cancers.
  • Health benefits of chocolates. Cocoa is good for heart and brain    Category: Food and Drinks

    Dark chocolate and Cocoa are good for heart, brain, skin, blood pressure and even sex. Eating chocolates have many health benefits as they are rich in Antioxidants and helps the body from aging.
  • Why is sea blue in colour- What causes water in oceans to look blue    Category: Education

    Why is earth called the "Blue Planet" and what causes oceans to look blue. A detailed explanation on how it really works. Blue light is more easily bent than other lights; thus, light refracted back from the surface of the sea appears blue.

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