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  • Benefits of walking and meditation    Category: Health and Fitness

    Walking and meditation are important and easy exercises which everyone must do to keep the body healthy and fit. Letís discuss some important benefits of doing walking and meditation.
  • History and the growth of postal services in India.    Category: India

    This topic is written to briefly discuss the history of postal services in India in the past hundreds of years ago and gradual growth happened till the present. If we look back to the history,
  • Know about Interviews and learn the essential interview skills    Category: Self Improvement

    Essential interview skills: Interview is the first step in the process of getting a desired job. Many people feel a bit nervous to face the interviews, especially fresh graduates and even a few experience employees. Of course it happens with majority of people
  • All about Marketing and basic tips to achieve the targets    Category: Business and Finance

    Marketing is one of the challenging jobs these days due to high competition in every industry. Project design, cost estimation, Financing, Production and Manufacturing etc, all these come under a platform and bring out a new product to the market. But marketing department has to take that product into the public and sell the product.
  • Guidelines and useful information for employees traveling to Canada-USA    Category: Travel

    Employees who travel to Canada or USA need to know some useful information, important tips and guidelines of travel and lifestyle in those countries so that it would be helpful to have a pleasant stay over there. People generally respect each other and they are helpful if you ask any suggestion or question. Letís discuss few important travel guidelines which should remember and follow
  • Writing a professional e-mail    Category: Writing

    Tips on how to write a good professional e-mail. Writing an e-mail is one of the very important means of business communication in every organization in these days. Employees often write e-mails to their reporting supervisors or fellow team members to discuss daily work updates or business processes. Professional way of writing e-mails definitely essential in terms of career growth in any organization. We should always remember certain rules and key elements while composing an e-mail message.
  • Nature is beautiful and God's gift    Category: Others

    Nature is a wonderful and awesome creation of God. The beauty of nature mesmerizes every human being. Thatís why when you see a beautiful scenery or a greenery filed, mind just forgets all other thoughts, eyes never avoid looking at it and you will enjoy that pleasant nature to the maximum extent. Beautiful greenery of trees, extraordinary heights of mountains of ice and rocks, various cute colors & structures of flowers, growing agriculture forms, gardens, banks of rivers
  • Health insurance is important, think and insure your health    Category: Health and Fitness

    Health insurance is a policy which will provide medical coverage and bare the healthcare expenses of insured person. It is a contract between insurance company and individual or employer for a certain opted period of time to provide the insurance coverage based on the type of plan, premium amount and coverage of services. Contract can be renewable at
  • Credit card and its Importance. Credit cards in India.    Category: Business and Finance

    Credit cards have become popular from past few years in Indian market as almost all the nationalized banks came with the concept of credit cards. All the working employees and self-employed who have the regular monthly income are eligible to get a credit card. If we take a little survey on credit cards, we can see mixed response from the people. But
  • Difference between village, town & city lifestyles in India    Category: Others

    A look at different lifestyles in India (village, town and city). Indian culture and lifestyle are very rich and diverse. People give respect to their traditional values and hence its greatness was recognized all over the world. Lifestyle of people living in Village, town and city levels differs a lot.
  • Appreciation & encouragement are wonderful feelings, don't overlook them    Category: Self Improvement

    Appreciation and encouragement towards other individuals, for their goodness, useful innovations, good work and any positive attitude is really a successful way of strengthening to keep up the good work in future as well. It inspires them to continue to succeed in respective way. If you are working in an
  • Employee performance evaluation criteria in Multinational companies    Category: Others

    Performance evaluation for employees in multinational companies is a very important activity which will be initiated to evaluate and appraise the performance of every employee in the organization. This process can be done twice a year and few companies do the same process for every quarter. Majorly, employee performance can be evaluated based on 5 categories; those are Productivity, quality, communication skills, interpersonal skills, professional behavior & initiative.
  • Don't get demotivated in searching job and overcome the financial crisis situation    Category: Others

    Getting job is a challenging task now-a-days. As we now every year number of students who have completed their studies and getting ready for job search are increasing a lot. But if we compare the number of job seekers with number of job vacancies, the ratio of job seekers are high due to which unemployment is increasing. In this situation, financial crisis of recent days made the present condition bit more critical. This crisis affected all over the world and lakhs of experienced people as well
  • Take a perfect decision before buying a home    Category: Home Improvement

    Buying a flat or independent house is a dream and goal for a majority of working employees. Many people after getting settled in a good job or business, plan to buy a home. Making a perfect decision is an important and responsible step for all the people who plan to buy a residential property, because now a days the majority of people buying homes by getting the loans from national and commercial banks.We should concentrate on certain parameters before purchasing a residential property...
  • Every individual should believe and pray the god    Category: Religion

    God is the author of this world. He is the creator, preserver and destroyer of every creature in this world. There are different communities and its boundaries exist on this earth. The people belong to various communities worship god with their own beliefs and in various ways. There were hundred thousands of holly books written by followers of god and saints describes their practical experiences, the power and importance of praying lord in the life of every human being. Though people worship

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