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  • Outside the White Lines    Category: Self Improvement

    What does a person do when he can no longer do the only thing he knows?
  • The Decision | A woman finally makes the decision to leave her husband    Category: Relationships

    They sat with their feet dangling off the side of the white cinder-block wall that separated the picnic and park area from the beach. The January night was comfortable enough with a jacket and good company. Jason silently glanced at her once in a while, rubbing the small of her back, but giving her the space she needed to sort things out.
  • The Sticky Note | Old high school sweethearts meet again after many years.    Category: Relationships

    An incident when two high school sweethearts met again - Jenifer McAdams looked at herself in the bathroom mirror. She had always had the curse of seeing what was really there, rather than what she wanted to see. 40 years old and divorced, she had raised two kids, and, this morning, she looked it. Bags swelled under her eyes, the lines around her mouth looked like interstates. The gray in her dark hair outpaced her efforts to hide it. She was just generally pissed off. Good morning...
  • Wallpaper Wars | Struggle with the job of removing wallpaper.    Category: Home Improvement

    I like learning new things, doing things Iíve never done before. That is, I did before I met Wallpaper. Everyone has heard of Wallpaper, but not everyone knows him like I do. 'Just take this wallpaper off and then paint the room with this paint' were my instructions.

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