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  • RETAIL BRANDS | Growth Of Retailer Brands and Concept Of Branding    Category: Others

    Information about Concept Of Branding, Retail Brands, Growth Of Retailer Brands and Retail Value Chain. Retail branding has developed to such an extent that, today, retailers are perceived as being brands in themselves rather than as distributors of manufacturer brands. Many retailers have developed such a strong consumer franchise that customers are more loyal to the retailer than they are to the manufacturer’s brand.
  • SCREEN BASED TRADING: SBT Features, Benefits, Trends and Issues    Category: Business and Finance

    SBT ( Screen-Based Trading ) gives you the ability to click in instantly execute trades when connected to trade execution infrastructure through partner clearing firms and execution providers. SBT, when used alongside helps empower to analyze options, quote markets, and execute orders – all at the same time. With SBT, you can create defaults for a number of contracts, order durations, and order types, and track the status of orders in the SBT Message Log.
  • SPICES ECONOMY IN INDIA    Category: India

    India is a land of spices. Indian spices are known for their flavour both in the domestic and international market. Export of spices contributes to economy quite significantly. They are not only indispensable for the dietary pattern but are also known for their medicinal and curative effects since time immemorial. Each state of India has been bestowed with some spices.

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