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  • Life and times in Bangalore. Information about Bangalore city.    Category: Others

    Life in Bangalore (or Bengalooru), the silicon valley of India. I was born and brought up in New Delhi and spent 28 years of my life there. I moved to Bangalore 2 years ago when my husband got a high paying job with a reputed firm here. Although not very keen initially to leave the city that I spent my entire life in, I am now hooked to the Bangalore life.
  • Almond - The natural pain reliever. Health benefits of Almonds.    Category: Health and Fitness

    Two days in a row I got up with a terrible headache. I had an occasional headache and popped a pill to relieve the pain. But recently the headaches were getting more frequent and less relenting. Even my tried and tested pain killer could not alleviate the pain until my father recommended Almonds. Read on if you are also struggling with frequent headaches and are tired of popping pills.
  • Me and my Maid. Bangalore life and local language interpretation.    Category: Relationships

    Born and bread in Delhi, Bangalore was a pleasant change. But when I heard my house maid saying "I will not come for next 5 days”, all too familiar a dread over whelmed my system. Who will mop the floor, clean the utensils, wash the clothes. With a job and a family to tend to I already have my hands full. I bet it is a familiar story for so many working women across the country. But my reasons for being so despondent at the thought of my maid’s impeding absence are all these and more.
  • The Missing Butterflies From Park    Category: Animals and Pets

    Story about the missing butterflies from the neighborhood park - It was a beautiful rainy day in Delhi. It was late evening and was still drizzling a bit. I was taking a stroll with my five year old niece along the thick growth of trees that we had just out side our apartment. I saw something glowing from the corner of my eye. Before I could react, she asked me “Mami, why is that light dancing”?
  • The Joys of Writing. Write articles to express feelings or emotions    Category: Writing

    If there is anything that you are unable to tell the world or yourself, pick up a pen and a paper and discover the Joys of Writing. As kids, expressing ourselves came naturally to all of us. We could howl in a busy market place for a new toy, lie down in the middle of the road for being denied our favorite sweetie, through tantrums if we didn’t like the food or just were not in the mood to eat. Ah! The wonder that childhood was.

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