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  • Economic and regulatory requirement    Category: Others

    The political and economic changes of nation is a big factor that maneuvered and created dynamic emerging economy in and generated needs and perspectives for more trade and transport along the river in Europe and the United States. Such economy analysis and environmental analysis which is being dealt with in this research cold bring assurance to drive the Transport policies that promote modal shift.

    The commodities on which our lives and livelihood depend have to be transported by one mode or another however; the advantage of using Inland water transportation system over other mode of transportation has been described by various comparative studies. Advantage range from issues of concerned in of human modern world. As highlighted above there are inherent risks in shipping by barge, but yet statistics, water transport is the safest and most regulated form of transportation.
  • Development of Inland Water Transportation    Category: Travel

    The world of water support our planet and its vast resources need to be fully utilized to benefit human activities in a sustainable manner. Maritime industry has made use of the ocean in a much responsible manner, but most of inland water has been under utilized and maintained especially for transportation. In an age critical to find alterative and sensitive ways to mitigate challenge of global warning and climate changes and its associated impact, haven proven by various research that inland water transportation represent the cleanest mode of transportation, there is potential for rise in the use of inland water transportation for climate change issue and other technological requirement issue require to sustain the growing size of vessels.
  • Maritime safety and environmental risk by Oladokun    Category: Education

    In the beginning it was all water, everything is made from water, human civilization itself start along all coast of the world , be it river , lake, ocean – and all of the world are linked to the ocean –so is everything we use eventually get in touched with the water- under ecosystem cycle of water - all activities we do on land eventually get washed by the rain and pass through the ground, then to underground water table that merge to the inland water which then run into the ocean- the oce
  • Environmental Risk Top down Model towards Best Practice Recycled Waste Bioenergy( RWB) Generation fo    Category: Nature

    Human status today can best be define as an age of knowledge, efficiency and sustainable developments towards fulfilling significant part of human existence in this beautiful planets we all share. – Previous time in human history has been dominated with various experimentation , knowledge acquisition which has resulted to new discovery and new philosophy of doing things in efficient, facilities, sensitive and cooperative and above all sustainable manner (maintaining quarto bottom balance (e

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