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  • The modern Ayatollah of Turkey    Category: Politics

    Turkey's democratic institutions are increasingly undermined by Erdogan's Islamist government. His government has been encroaching on the independence of the Judiciary and removing secularist rectors from universities to fill their places with Islamists. The Measures against the alleged Ergenekon plot has undermined all rights of speech of Turkish citizens and threatens to silence more.
  • Al Qaeda philosophy is not dormant    Category: Politics

    The US with its ill-advised policies has encircled itself in a non-ending struggle with local communities to fight terror in the hope of establishing democracy in Afghanistan and the Middle East. Localism, tribalism and statist ideology are taking up the cause of Islamist extremism as a rallying banner against Western presence and western backed regimes
  • The Chinese Dragon rebuilds its empire | Uighur Muslims    Category: Politics

    China seeks through the persecution of Uyghur Muslims and by wiping out their culture and language to assimilate them by force to accept Chinese dominance of their land. To turn Xinjiang into an industrial Chinese center, China hopes to end the question of the peoples of Eastern Turkistan as a forgotten race.
  • India's unifying and disunifying elements    Category: Politics

    Ethnicity and religious factors still govern India’s geographic region while economic disparity is diving the nation further among the super rich and the poverty stricken populace. For India to reach a power status it must solve its relations with its neighbors the solve the economic problems in its own society.
  • Turkey: An assessment of modernity and progress under Kemalism    Category: Politics

    The founder of modern Turkey, Mustafa Kemal Ataturk's has strived to bring Turkey out of its backwardness in education and economy by modernizing the nation to reach western standards in technological and economic development. His progressive thoughts for the benefit of Turkey has been called Kemalism and its benefits are still felt today
  • India's Untouchables    Category: Politics

    Despite India's progress in technology and industrialization, the aggressive pursuit of profit making has led to the emergence of modern day India's new generation of untouchables who are left out from making a descent living or to assimilate in this culture of money making

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