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BIO:Born in Forli’, one town in the North of Italy, from the early age always trained to be a Sport person, and stat with the Martial Art of Karate, achieved in a very short time at the age of 11 the youngest Black Belt in Kumite in Country. Participated and make a medal place in the Italian Championship, and European Cup; at the age of 14 receive the 2nd Dan for Competition Results. Dispute the call to go in to the Wold Championship due Politician reasons, start to develop a passion for riding horses, and in 20 years of commitment and training and building up achieved one International carrier with representing ITALY in various occasions with a Professional and winner mentality. Emigrate in England and be came a BRITISH Citizen, constricted to terminate the horses carrier, still strong on sport achievements and after consulting the OLYMPIC list of discipline, chose the Clay shooting with always a clear focus goal, win a Gold Medal. With a family member shooting in the pass for the ITALIAN Team, and never shoot in my life, starting in the Down the Line discipline at the Proshooting school in ESSEX under the instruction of Coach Roger Hill. In the first year of shooting career try to adsorb most of the technical staff and various technique from different disciplines. Participate in various Competitions arrived at the crossing point for any competitive professional athletes: “What know? Do want to make a different? Do I want to carry on and be a winner ?”; I had only one answer in my head: “Yes I want to go to the Olympic Games and win a medal”.

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