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BIO:Hi..I am MUHAMMED HARIS,Working for Hinduja (Formerly HTMT )Global solutions GARDEN-PCS process, Bangalore,INDIA , ..You may reach me at muhar786@gmail.com or +919739094168. I dedicate my articles to PCS team tandem, my team at work.

  • Different types of rings worn by people    Category: Others

    There is a funny saying "Every marriage has three rings, first one engagement ring, second ring is marriage ring and third ring is suffering". So our culture has made usage of rings as a part of our culture.
  • Fashion Jewelry worn by women    Category: Women

    Fashion jewelry is the name given to ornaments made out of precious and semi precious stones and metals that are available in a variety of modern designs. The word fashion makes us feel more modern and dignified.
  • Tips for beginners to keep a pet at home.    Category: Animals and Pets

    When beginners keep a pet in their home, they quickly get frustrated by some peculiar behaviors of those pet animals is very different from what they had expected. Tips that would be helpful to any beginner who is thinking to keep a pet for home.
  • The increased use of Gold Jewelery and Precious Body Jewels    Category: Others

    Because of the dowry system, the extent of jewelry worn is increasing in all classes of the society. There is a tradition in many rich families that the bride is made to wear as many jewels as possible and they check whether she can walk with those jewels or not.
  • Reasons why students should study Civil Engineering | Vishwesharayya.    Category: Education

    Civil Engineering is an excellent branch of engineering, ignored by many students today. Sir M. Vishwesharayyawa was honored with the knighthood for his excellence in Civil Engineering branch.
  • Making money with Gold: Causes of increase or decrease in gold price.    Category: Business and Finance

    The variation in the prices of gold can be used to earn money by buying and selling it at the right time, but it's a risky game because the increase or decrease in gold price is quite erratic.
  • Retaining the job by putting yourself in your boss shoes.    Category: Self Improvement

    It is important to retain your job till you get a new one. If you think emphatically by putting yourself in your boss shoes, you would realize that his expectations are quite natural.
  • BPO Employees being falsely paid a lower salary in the name of Recession.    Category: Business and Finance

    BPO Companies are taking an undue advantage in the name of recession by paying a lower salary to their employees in India. Most BPO employees are not being offered salary increments and the promotion as they use to.
  • Benefits of playing Computer Video Games.    Category: Sports

    There are many benefits of computer based video games. But, spending too much time on these games can lead to a weak eyesight, aggression and pain in hands. Excessive of everything is bad, including playing video games more than you should.
  • Video Conferencing Technology and its role in BPO companies.    Category: Technology and Computers

    Video Conferencing facility has brought a revolution in field of communication. In Business Process Outsourcing ( or BPO), Video Conferencing plays a very important role. Most Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) operations requires important things to be discussed with the clients and to get their opinion to perform a particular task.
  • Why are Foreign Institutional Investors (FII) investing in India.    Category: Business and Finance

    Huge investments are being done by FII (Foreign Institutional Investors) in Indian companies. The main reason why Foreign Institutional Investors put their money in India is because we have the ability to produce goods and provide services at a lower cost.
  • Case Study: Life of a young Social worker girl who helps orphans.    Category: Women

    Let me quote a real story of a happy social worker girl who finds happiness by visiting the orphanages and help them.
  • Extra-marital affairs among girls and ways to prevent them.    Category: Relationships

    Most common reasons why girls have extra-marital affair. Extramarital affairs have been a long standing problem in our society. Married girls cheating husbands and how to prevent it.
  • Computer basics: Computer education is not just for Software Engineers    Category: Technology and Computers

    Computer Education is an absolute requirement for software engineers, but today the basic knowledge of computers is considered as an unavoidable skill in any sector.
  • Preachings of Islam about Respecting and Honoring Guests.    Category: Religion

    Honoring guests is considered a noble, regardless of religion you follow. Islam quotes many examples about how Prophet Muhammad respected guests, even enemies.
  • Life when world's petroleum reserves will get exhausted .. Then What?    Category: Others

    What will happen when we use up all the world's petroleum. We all know that petroleum reserves of the earth are limited and according to some estimates we might have already hit the peak petroleum production last year.
  • Investment is not a gambling but a saving for future.    Category: Others

    Investment is all about saving money for future and we should avoid gambling with it. The thumb rule of investments is 'High Risk - High Return' and 'Low Risk - Low Return'.
  • Poor waste management in India cities    Category: India

    Waste management has been a serious challenge in the cities of India. Huge amount of wastage pileups have been created in the cities because of high population density and congestion in most Indian cities.
  • The False concept of Freedom in India    Category: India

    India got 'Freedom' from Britishers 62 years, but when we look at the post Independence history of India, the so called 'Freedom' is no where to be found in the real sense, its a false concept.
  • Serial blasts in Bangalore    Category: India

    There have been many terror attacks in India recently. The recent terrorist serial bomb blasts in Bangalore were a very well planned attack. Police officers had a minute proof of a Bus Ticket recovered from the crime scene.
  • Politics in the name of great poets. Sarwajna and Thiruvalluvar statues.    Category: Politics

    The establishment of the statue of 'Thiruvalluvar' in Bangalore has brought twist in Karnataka politics. Both Thiruvalluvar and Sarwajna were great poets. There was an agreement between two governments to establish the statue of Thiruvalluvar in Bangalore and to establish the statue of Sarwajna in Chennai.
  • KPL: Karnataka Premier League. The 20-20 Cricket Teams in Karnataka.    Category: Sports

    Now it is the time for the kick-start of Karnataka Premier League (KPL). These 20-20 cricket matches are expected to be in the same format like IPL, but on a smaller scale. There were huge investments in the Indian Premier League, and the sponsors made a good amount of profit
  • Importance of maintaining a good health and fitness at a young age.    Category: Health and Fitness

    Maintenance of health and fitness should be given a very high importance. When we are young, we do not realize the importance of it because in our young age we possess a lot of natural strength and our body is capable of healing a lot of wear and tear faster. But as we reach our mid-age (40's) we start to realize the importance of good health.
  • Deaths in queue for movie tickets | Exaggerated publicity of movies.    Category: Social Issues

    During the release of a recent Telugu movie 'Magadeera', about twelve people died while in the queue for the ticket when fight and stampede erupted among the movie fans. As many as 10 people died in three separate incidents in theaters.
  • Fake stories about ghosts    Category: Others

    There are many fake stories about ghosts. It has been believed if a person commits many sins in life, his soul never rests in peace. Instead, the soul will wander like a spirit called Ghost which invisible to naked eye.
  • Controversy between Science and Religion    Category: Religion

    Science and religion have been two concepts which are at controversy and disagreement with each other almost all the time. Many things which religion preaches are not agreed by the science. Similarly, many points which science says are not agreed by the religion.
  • Wild animals - A misnomer    Category: Others

    Wild animals have been considered as our enemies but according to me it is a misnomer. The name that we have given them "wildlife" is an evidence of it. For their habit of attacking other animals or human being for their survival has been considered as a nature of being wild.
  • Mining business    Category: Others

    In mining business, people extract gold, silver, copper, steal, petroleum etc from the earth. Mining people earn crores of money in their mining business. People, who have sufficient capital to do mining, take away all the valuables that have been extracted from the earth and earn huge amount of money by selling those.
  • Challenges in hunting for a job after college    Category: Education

    Hunting for a job is a challenge being faced by the youngsters in India. Students complete during their graduation, come out of the college in dream of getting a good job in the corporate world. But their failures in the initial interviews, just because of lack of experience does not take anywhere.
  • Globalization and the revolution in the field of communication    Category: Others

    Globalization has brought a drastic change in the lifestyle of people. Thinking from where we started and where we are not, it looks like a virtual reality. Thanks to globalization.
  • Comfort zone and the creativity    Category: Others

    Comfortable zone is place among us where there is a less scope for the development. Our elders have always lived in non-comfortable zone and therefore they were able to progress in life.
  • Morning of villages and cities    Category: Others

    This article compares the difference in the morning life in cities and villages. It demonstrates how boring and unorganized the city life can be.
  • Social disturbances caused by the Media (TV, Radio and News Papers)    Category: Social Issues

    The responsibility of the Media is to update people about informative things and current affairs. No Doubt that in terms of news, geographical, and scientific updates the Media keeps people updated about the facts, but there are many negative effects of Media on the society.
  • Is it true? Naked dance by girls in villages of Andra Pradhesh.    Category: India

    In some villages of Andhra Pradesh (India), there has been a beginning of a tremendously shameful culture which involves naked dance by the young girls. This act is very rare and extremely secretive.
  • Teenage boys in crimes. Reason for criminal activities in teenagers.    Category: Others

    Young teenage boys have become a center point of almost all the criminal activities happening in our country today. The main reasons for an increase in the criminal activities among teenagers in India are as follows.
  • Microsoft office applications: A Revolution brought by Microsoft    Category: Education

    Microsoft has brought a revolution in the filed of Software. Before Microsoft windows and other Microsoft office applications came into existence, a person who wanted to use a computer was supposed to have a programming knowledge.
  • How to prevent committing suicide    Category: Others

    There is a continuous discussion about a question "Whether a person who commits suicide is a brave person or a coward?" If we blindly call him a coward, then ask yourself a question "do you have the courage of committing suicide".
  • Disobeying the parents    Category: Relationships

    Always obeying the parents has been the trend of olden days, for today's youth, disobeying the parents is the current trend. In the olden days children respected and followed every word of their parents.
  • Improving Employee Retention in a Company    Category: Others

    Best ways for retaining employees in a company. Improving employee retention is an important task which helps to discourage employees from changing jobs. Techniques that a Human Resource department can use to retain employees.
  • Prostitution and sexual workers spread HIV. Red light areas    Category: India

    Sexual workers and the practice of prostitution are the main causes of the spread of HIV in India. Most of the cities in India have the practice of prostitution and so called red light areas that are exclusively meant for sexual workers.
  • Importance of Performance Incentives    Category: Others

    The performance incentives are incentives given to employees based on their performance. There are Key responsibility areas for every designation. The performance of each an every employee is judged on the basis of quality, productivity, time lines, discipline etc that person maintains in meeting his duties in his Key Responsibility areas.
  • Senior citizens being ill treated by the youngsters    Category: Relationships

    We honor our elders as senior citizens and just reserve some traveling seats and some other silly concessions to them. But in the real world the senior citizens are being ill treated by the youngsters, the young generation is not much bothered about the senior citizens. Even the few facilities reserved for the senior citizens are not for the common man they are mostly at the reach of retired high officials.
  • The need to educate the farmers in India    Category: India

    Most of the farmers in India are uneducated and do not know the side effects of various fertilizers. The use of artificial fertilizers on land make the land loose its fertility over time.
  • The marriage of Rakhi Sawant.    Category: Others

    Article about the TV show featuring Rakhi Savant's marriage. The Indian diva Rakhi Savant has always been in the lime light ever since the release of one of her first video songs 'Pardesia' by T-Series. Rakhi Sawants Swayamvar is a historical practice done in a modern way.
  • Health services for poor in India. Corruption in health services    Category: India

    Health maintenance has always been a problem in India. Health services in India have mainly been a problem due to poverty and lack of education amongst the poor. Another reason for poor health services has been corruption, due to which there are not sufficient health maintenance facilities and services offered to the common man.
  • Use of Bamboo in the villages of India    Category: India

    Bamboo is the biggest and tallest grass grown in the world and is used in the villages of India. In the villages of India, biggest grown bamboo is really a blessing of nature. In a very little place bamboo can grow very thick and tall.
  • Is Raksha Bandhan or Rakhi loosing its true meaning?    Category: Relationships

    Raksha Bandhan has been celebrated in India for centuries. It is a festival where a sister ties a band known as Rakhi around her brothers wrist and in return, the brother vows to protect her all through his life.
  • False magic and divine power    Category: Others

    There are many people who fool people by doing false magic and giving it the name of divine power. Magic is an art which is known by very few people, whereas the rest only fool other people in order to extract money from them.
  • Medical facilities in India - Medical insurance in India    Category: India

    It is very well known that medical facilities and medical insurance in India are not given much importance. Health of the citizens of a country plays a major role in the development of a country.
  • Construction of infrastructure in India    Category: India

    In India construction of infrastructure has not proved to be of much success due to the poor quality of construction. The construction of infrastructure is generally done by giving contracts to constructors.

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