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  • Homelessness In America - A Worsening Situation    Category: Politics

    The homeless situation is worsening across the United States of America. What if you had a good job but were living just above your means? And then you were laid off and couldn't pay the rent on your apartment? What would you do? Would you be too proud to go to a homeless shelter?
  • Measuring Success - Happiness and Success    Category: Self Improvement

    Most people want to be successful in life and it is not always about money. In order to be successful, understand how to define success and happiness.
  • Crimes Against The Elderly - Crime And Abuse of Senior Citizens    Category: Others

    The news is extremely disturbing no matter where you live. Shootings, bank robbers, drowning, child abuse, domestic abuse, sexual assaults, theft, hate crimes, homicide, natural disasters famine and war. Just to name a few current events. Are these days the last. Is this the beginning of the end?
  • Forgiveness - The Way To Happiness    Category: Self Improvement

    In writing this article, I would like to state that I am referring to people and occurrences that can be forgiven. There are some atrocities in our world that are simply too horrible to forgive. With that said, even the most painful of experiences can be let go for the purpose of allowing happiness into our lives.
  • Children Of Prisoners - Kids of arrested and incarcerated parents    Category: Family

    Children who's parents have been arrested and incarcerated face unique difficulties. A parent's tie to their child can be a strong incentive to be a good citizen. If someone has nothing or no one to look forward to once they are out of prison, they probably will end up back in prison.
  • The Logo - Branding Your Business    Category: Business and Finance

    Logos should have the power to create the much needed visual impact on the people. If your logo is visually effective, it will surely raise the eyebrows of many and prompt the people to take an interest in your business.
  • Effective Advertising - Maximizing Your Online Sales    Category: Business and Finance

    Tips on effective online advertising. A new entrepreneur is excited because their website just went live after a few weeks, or even months of hard work. But the excitement doesn't last long when they see they have yet to make a sale. Or maybe they've only made one or two.
  • Juvenile Delinquency: Nature vs Nurture -criminal acts by juveniles    Category: Family

    Man's greatest hope has always been to live in universal peace. This hope is often thwarted by the existence of crime, which in itself is a difficult reality to come to terms with. It becomes even more difficult to deal this when crime is perpetrated by the youth. Essential to the discussion of the cures for Juvenile Delinquency is the Nature vs. Nurture debate.
  • The Ugly Secret In America - Domestic violence and women abuse    Category: Social Issues

    Domestic violence can take many forms, including physical battery, emotional abuse, economic abuse, sexual abuse of women and may involve using children, pets, threats, intimidation and isolation. This hideous crime will continue to flourish and grow unless laws and views are drastically changed.
  • From Vandalism To Homicide - Kids Blowing Off Steam    Category: Family

    Vandalism is the willful destruction or defacing of property and it is a crime. The focus must be placed where it belongs. On the values, attitudes, and spiritual condition of the students who could plan and carry out such mass murder and vandalism.
  • Self-respect and esteem - The Art Of Creating Self-Esteem    Category: Relationships

    Self-esteem is a confidence and satisfaction in oneself. Self respect is considered an important component of emotional health. To have a sense of personal worth and the ability that is fundamental to an individual's identity. What does your inner voice say about your self-esteem?
  • The tricky business of punishment for parents, How to punish child    Category: Family

    In summary, because effective punishment requires constant surveillance and consistent responses, it's almost impossible to be a "good punisher". How to punish a child nicely. It's best and easiest to use consistent reinforcement for good behavior and extinction for bad behavior. Praise the child for good behavior in the supermarket. Extinguish the child's temper tantrum by consistently refusing the request and ignoring the tantrum.
  • Immigration In America - Illegal immigration problem in USA    Category: Politics

    The American Dream can be described as a belief in freedom that allows all citizens and residents of the United States of America to achieve their goals in life through hard work. Illegal immigration in USA, for some it is the opportunity to achieve more prosperity than they could in their countries of origin; for others it's opportunity for their children to grow up with an education and career opportunities, and for others, it is the opportunity to be an individual without the constraints
  • Understanding Alcoholism - Substance abuse and alcohol addiction    Category: Health and Fitness

    Alcohol abuse and alcoholism are associated with a broad range of medical, psychiatric, social, legal, occupation, economic and family problems. In summary, it is my goal to inform the reader what it means to have an addiction to alcohol. The word addiction means the compulsive need for and use of a habit-forming substance characterized by tolerance and by well-defined physiological symptoms upon withdrawal. Addiction is the persistent compulsive use of a substance known to be harmful.
  • From Crying To Talking - For Parents - Understanding baby language    Category: Education

    In writing this short piece, it is my desire to educate and inform the parent or caregiver of the various stages of language development among newborn baby, infants and children. If you're a new parent and need some insight to a babies cries, then reading this article may be of assistance.
  • Personality Type A or Type B - Which type of personality are you?    Category: Self Improvement

    Type A people being a hard working, ambitious and aggressive personality and type B as patient, relaxed and easy going. In writing this article, I hope to inform the reader of the differences between two personality types. Being able to recognize which type of personality you possess could mean the difference between a healthy lifestyle and a lifestyle full of burden on one's emotional or mental well-being. I hope that by reading this article will take steps necessary to improve lifestyle
  • Are relationships between gay and straight any different?    Category: Relationships

    Gay men and lesbian women relationships. In summary, the word relationship means the state of being related or interrelated. The relation connecting or binding participants in a relationship. A kind of kinship. A romantic or passionate attachment. This equation is prevailing in both heterosexual and gay relations. There really are no differences.
  • Women In Construction Trades - Construction jobs for women    Category: Women

    In summary, women in construction trades has always been deemed as a novelty. There are female police officers, fire fighters, judges, astronauts, race car drivers, truck drivers, big equipment operators and the list goes on so why can't women also posses a skilled trade? Although women hold the same positions as men, we will always be the underdogs when it comes the pay rate. When is it going to change?
  • Is A Person Born Gay? Lesbian and Gay community experience    Category: Relationships

    Are people born gay by birth? They always ask, at what age does a child know they are gay. That is really the question here. In other words, can a child differentiate between the labels straight & gay? I think not. I would like to inform the reader that there is only one answer to that question. Perhaps by sharing my life experience, one might come to a conclusion for him or herself. So consider this.
  • Free Advertising vs. Paid Advertising    Category: Others

    In summary, I hope to inform the reader of the differences between paid vs. free advertising. As with all things, there are pros and cons to consider. Keep in mind after all you get what you paid for.

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