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BIO:I began writing articles since when I was in Grade 1. As the years have gone by, I've learned a lot of things which helps me improve my mind as it develops the articles I write. I may only be 13 years old, but I assure you I can give much informations like the people older than me . . .. All of my articles are based from my experiences and observations from people around me. And I consider my bad pasts as my inspirations to do better.

  • Effects of separation of parents to children    Category: Family

    Children are the first ones to be affected from the parent's separation . The hideous sagacity will be left in their minds and can cause different effect on the child's character.
  • Captured Values from a Torture Subject    Category: Others

    Determine the different values captured behind a Math, that was considered to be the worst subject. The art of Mathematics is considered to be the 'Shadow of our Life'. Myriad people believe that Mathematics is the one factor that we shall carry for the rest of our being. But then, some doesn't accede its steadfast importance, especially teenagers who call the said subject as the one and only hell.
  • Three Simple but useful tips about courting girls on the internet    Category: Men

    There are different ways how guys court girls. They have different styles of courtship and different purposes meet. But then,it is not about how a guy looks but about how he challenges the girl.
  • Effects of introducing foreign products to your country    Category: Social Issues

    Look at your country. You probably know McDonald's and KFC for hey are very popular in most countries nowadays. It may be okay for most citizens in your countries on adoring these kinds of companies because they surely have such great products. But then, we still have the right to discern the effects of these foreign companies on our country.
  • What dreams like to allege | Different types of dreams    Category: Others

    There's no person in the world who haven't had a dream before. All of us experienced to dream and wondered the mysteries of our dream. Of course, all of us wants to know the labyrinth behind it and what it wants to tell us.
  • What men desire from women (Wants-Needs)    Category: Men

    Women are not the only ones who has lots of expectations from their men. Men and women may have differences but then are similar in some great way.
  • Teachers: We owe you a lot    Category: Education

    There are a lot of teachers in our world which helps the children know the world. Teaching is really a great job but it is also considered as the simplest job for most of us. Now, it is our time to recognize our dear teachers.
  • Which is better: Earlier generation or the present generation? You choose.    Category: Relationships

    Earlier generation and the present one really got a lot and big difference in all things. Now, it's time for you to choose which one's better.
  • Top Three Traits of a Good Writer    Category: Writing

    There are a lot of excellent writers around the world from the youngest to the oldest. But being a good writer is not just about the facts that you are expressing and the kind of words you are using. It is out your presence.
  • Typhoon Ondoy that ruined most cities and provinces in Luzon, Philippines: A Blessing in Disguise    Category: Nature

    Typhoon Ondoy was marked as one of the greatest typhoons that hit Philippines. Typhoon Ondoy ruined some cities and provinces in Central Luzon that caused death of thousands of families, loss of houses, floods and landslides that almost buried most cities.
  • Too Much Sadness Causes Death    Category: Others

    Are you alone, lonely or a loner? Are you too depressed as if the whole galaxy is at your back? Are you too lonely for such a long time? Then don't get too easy about this because loneliness can end your life!
  • Simple, short, few, but very USEFUL Dieting Tips    Category: Health and Fitness

    Diet may be a very hard practice in every person especially women nowadays. But in the end, it gives you so heart-cooling results that you are so thankful that you had your diet. But then, is it possible that we can have diet in a much easier and healthy way? IT IS POSSIBLE!
  • Is secondary Science appropriate in School Education? (Debate)    Category: Education

    Lots of students complain about Secondary Science that is usually added in High School wherein Physics and Biology are added. Most of their questions that are rarely answered is, 'Can we even use that kind of thing in our future? What if we don't even want to be chemists and the professions we want are very different from Science?'
  • Working late affects family concerns | Effects of long working hours on children    Category: Family

    Parents working late is already very normal in most families especially in the cities. But longer working hours can have a huge effect on family including children.
  • Do we need to FAMILIARIZE or MEMORIZE things?    Category: Education

    To familiarize and to memorize is the same in some little ways. But they are different from big things. To familiarize and to memorize is commonly heard on schools. But then, to make things easier and much more correct, do we just need to familiarize or memorize instead?
  • True Love Proofs: Signs that tell if you are in love with a person.    Category: Relationships

    Have you been thinking 'Am I in love'. What are the signs of love or how to tell if you are really in love with someone special? True love is hard to find nowadays, especially if you are the blind one and that person is deaf. You know how I mean? But your heart beating fast whenever you see that special someone is not only the proof that you truly love that person. Let's prove it some more.
  • Discovering Philippines    Category: Travel

    Philippines have already been responsible for a lot of controversies around the world. Especially the controversy with China about the ZTE Broadband Deal which many Filipinos disagreed. But inspite of all the controversies and negative critics about the Philippines, what are the other traits of the said country that other countries may be admired for?
  • The Summary of My Life | Hardships and Achievements in my life.    Category: Family

    Here is a summary of my life. Here, you can witness my obstacles, hardships, achievements and my goals to live life to the fullest. If you want, picture me crying while typing these . . .
  • Theater Acting Tips (Based on my personal and workshop experiences)    Category: Entertainment

    Theater is a wider range of acting than the ones in movies. It needs a much professional work and a lot of focus. But how do we really make our theater acting better?

    We are hitting two birds with one stone this time. Have a knowledge about the recipe on having a better relationship and how to practice them. This really works. Believe me. This is based on my observations around the people around me.
  • The Human Race Must Reflect. Humans are damaging earth; Is it too late?    Category: Nature

    Our conscience is now bothering our minds every day, every hour and every minute. We are the cause that made our environment and nature outrageously like this. Is it too late?
  • Top Reasons Why Relationships End Up in a short time    Category: Relationships

    Relationships (Especially young ones) are very common nowadays. Even teenagers from age 13 until fifteen are no doubt involved in relationships. But not all relationships last really long. They sometimes just last for months or a single year. And the next thing is break up. What are the top reasons why relationships don't last long?
  • The Real Reason behind rebellious teenagers    Category: Social Issues

    One of the most common problems in terms of family issues is teenagers being very rebellious. But they are not being like this just because they wanted to or they just like ruining their lives. What's the reason behind this?
  • Women's Flag: Standing Up High (Are we still respected?)    Category: Women

    Women are important in our society. We're not just men's past time but we give a lot of contributions especially on the current status of our society. But the question is, are we still respected?
  • The Real Reason why Children lie to their parents...    Category: Family

    Children lying to their parents is one of the major things/topics that most parents scold their children about. Reasons why children lie. In some children, lying is already very common but in some, it really isn't. But what really makes children lie to their parents?
  • Parents are always right: True or False? (Debate)    Category: Family

    Parents are needed in our society to look after children that's going to lead the nation in the future. But this doesn't mean that they are always right and their ways must always be followed. As they said, 'Nobody's perfect'. It means, parents are not excepted in this saying. They have some ways that may lead their children to danger and wrong doings.
  • Reasons why teenagers get pregnant in an early age | Teenage Pregnancy    Category: Relationships

    Look around you, you can notice that many young adults, particularly teenagers are getting pregnant in such an early age such 13 to 17. But what's the reason behind teenage pregnancy?
  • The Real reason why your husband has an affair with other women    Category: Relationships

    Is your husband cheating on you or has an affair with other women? One of the major problems in our society nowadays when it comes to husband and wife relationship is the thing that, most of the husbands worldwide have an affair with different women. What truly causes this?
  • Parents too strict: Leading their children more prone to accidents and danger    Category: Family

    Almost 80% of families worldwide are very strict when it comes to their children especially to teenagers. But the more strict parents are towards your children, the more they'll be prone to accidents. I can prove this to you.
  • TEACHER-STUDENT RELATIONSHIP, a total no-no? | Student-teacher sex    Category: Social Issues

    One of the major laws in schools is the fact that they're not allowing teachers to have relationship with students they teach. Why is it necessary anyway? What's the point?

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