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  • How To Keep a Child Happy    Category: Family

    All parents want a happy child and often wonder how to keep a child happy. Happiness is the key to success, a happy child is definitely a healthier child who eventually will turn out to be more successful than an unhappy child.
  • How to Publish Articles Online for Free?    Category: Writing

    Easiest ways to publish articles on the internet for free. Best place to write articles. My analysis ranges from article directories to personal blogs.
  • How to attract younger women? Tips for older men to date a young girl    Category: Relationships

    Ways to find a young girlfriend or a younger woman for dating. Good ways to attract women who are younger than your own age. Never date a girl just for her age, but look for compatibility and the common values you share.
  • Internet Marketing: How to increase traffic for your blog or website    Category: Writing

    Getting a good number of visitors is the aim of any website owner, which essentially decides the fate of a website in a long term. People often get nuts thinking why they are not getting the web traffic, readers, shoppers or subscribers they deserve.
  • SEO Basics: Importance of KEYWORD DENSITY in Article Writing.    Category: Writing

    What is Keyword Density: It is a very important concept in the field of article writing. It is a way to tell automated softwares like Search Engines what your article is all about.
  • Layoff feelings: How a person feels after he loses his job    Category: Others

    Feelings of person who faces layoff. Unexpected layoffs are common and it can happen to anybody, sometimes by a surprise. Most common feelings of a person who gets laid off is discussed in this article.
  • How to write a Killer Article    Category: Writing

    Online writing is all about writing excellent articles (or Killer Articles) and not just some mediocre ones. Good articles demand three things; Informative content, Presentation and Simplicity.
  • Enhancing The Wedding Reception Decoration    Category: Family

    Although the Wedding flowers play an important role in the Wedding Reception Decoration, there are various other options of decorating the venue. These various other options of decorating all the articles inside the Wedding reception venue are small stones, grass, petals of flowers, etc.
  • Laughter, Is it really the best medicine?    Category: Entertainment

    It's a common saying 'Laughter is the best medicine'. In a world full of anxiety and tensions, the most inherent virtue of human beings is to smile and laugh that has been subdued by stress or etiquette. There should be no inhibition to be happy, and make others laugh too.
  • How to become Irresistibly Attractive and Successful at Workplace?    Category: Self Improvement

    How to become irresistibly attractive at workplace: Some people just seem to attract success at workplace? There's you bashing away at your business, doing everything the manuals tell you to do and yet the person next door, doing seemingly very little, has a constant queue at the door.
  • Things that make a Woman Sexy and Hot    Category: Relationships

    What makes a woman sexy and desirable in the eyes of a man? Things that a man looks in a woman, that make his opinion about that girl as as hot and sexy.
  • Things that make a Man Sexy and Hot.    Category: Men

    What makes a man sexy and desirable in the eyes of a women? Qualities that girls look in a man that make her opinion about that guy as hot and sexy.
  • Life of a woman after divorce    Category: Women

    Life after divorce can be extremely tricky, stressful and very hard especially for a woman. There is certainly a life after divorce if you take things positively, planned and do not try to live in your past.
  • How To Deal With Teething Pain Of Babies    Category: Health and Fitness

    Teething can be a little painful making the baby fussy and irritable. Here are some ways that can help to deal with the teething pain of babies. Different babies react differently towards teething pain but most of the times babies get fussy and irritable during this time, whereas some babies do just fine as if nothing is going on.
  • Various health benefits of Onions: Cold, Osteoporosis and diabetes.    Category: Food and Drinks

    Onions have a wide variety of natural health benefits. It is believed that onions are beneficial for fighting common cold, osteoporosis, diabetes and even some types of cancer.
  • Roth IRA vs 401K retirement saving plans (for USA residents)    Category: Business and Finance

    Every working individual should definitely put money in either of Roth IRA or 401K retirement saving plans for a better future. Comparison between Roth IRA vs 401K retirement plans.
  • Do single women prefer dating men already engaged in a relationship?    Category: Men

    A large percentage of single women like to date men who are already engaged in relationships. Dating men who have already engaged successfully with another women ensures a better compatibility.
  • Breastfeeding Problems. Tips for problem free breastfeeding    Category: Health and Fitness

    Irrespective of all the breastfeeding problems that women face, breastfeeding is the most natural way to bond with your baby. Tips to feed mothers milk to a baby in a problem free way.
  • Things to consider before you Commit Suicide    Category: Social Issues

    Do you want to die, are you planning on committing suicide? Before thinking on how to commit suicide, please read these important things instead of ending your life.
  • Dandruff Problem - Tips To Control Dandruff    Category: Health and Fitness

    The most common hair problem that most people face is dandruff or flaking of the scalp. Here are some tips to control dandruff. Getting rid of dandruff from the hair can be frustrating, almost everybody faces this problem in some form or the other ranging from minor to severe dandruff problem.
  • Ways To Live A Healthy Life. Healthy Living Tips.    Category: Health and Fitness

    Things that can be done to live healthy life, Healthy living tips and how they can change our lives in a big way. It is very important to live a healthy life, it is rightly said that health is wealth. Wealth is of no use if the health is not good.
  • Best places to go on a romantic date: Special Locations for romance.    Category: Relationships

    Having a good location really matters in romance. Interesting and adventurous ideas to have a great romantic date. Best places for dating and romance for married and unmarried couples.
  • Food Addiction: Natural ways to stop and overcome food cravings.    Category: Food and Drinks

    Common symptoms of food addiction and ways to overcome food cravings. Natural ways to stop eating excessive food. The taste, smell and sight of food triggers an uncontrollable craving for food. Sometimes you eat even when you're not hungry or eat endlessly when you are watching TV. You know that more food is bad for you, yet you are not able to control yourself.
  • Hair care tips: Hair problems, remedies for damaged and dry hair.    Category: Health and Fitness

    Having healthy hair requires both internal as well as external nourishment. Natural ways to treat unmanageable, damaged and dry hair. Tips for common problems like Split ends, Hair falling or thinning and dandruff.
  • Want to live 100 years: Live in Bama or Hechi City in Guangxi, China?    Category: Others

    The secret of people living 100 years in China. Bama County Rugao City in Jiangsu Province; Bama County/Hechi City in Guangxi Zhuang and Zhongxiang City in Hubei are known for centurions.
  • How to control Body Odor. Treatment for foot odor and smelly armpits.    Category: Health and Fitness

    Ways to prevent body odor especially from armpits, foot and socks. How to control and treat bad odor. Suppress smelly sweat of the body. What causes body odor.
  • Internet addiction disorder: Overcome internet or computer addiction.    Category: Self Improvement

    How to overcome internet addiction disorder without taking pills. Tips, tricks and ways to treat online computer addiction in a natural way, without seeing a doctor.
  • Your child wants a Cell Phone - Should kids be given a cell phone?    Category: Relationships

    Your son or daughter needs a personal cell phone. Should the kids be given a cell phone for school or for their safety. Benefits and disadvantages of giving it to your child a cell phone.
  • How much money do bloggers make | Is blogging a good idea?    Category: Writing

    Write articles for money has become a revolution. Stories about bloggers making lot of money online are floating around everywhere. But is blogging for money is a good idea at all? How true are all those stories? This article represents my thoughts about the whole blogging culture.
  • iPhone Addiction: Overcome iPhone obsession or Smart phone addiction    Category: Technology and Computers

    People who have smart phones (like Apple iPhone) often get addicted or obsessed with it. Ways to get over iPhone addiction. What is phone addiction and how to overcome your iPhone obsession.
  • Best excuses to take a day off from office| False excuses to skip work    Category: Others

    How to call in sick when you just need a day off from office. Best false excuses and reasons to skip work today. Good excuses for missing work to bunk office.
  • Disadvantages of Online Shopping    Category: Shopping

    Online shopping can be fun but it has several disadvantages too. Most common online shopping disadvantages are: Security, wait for items be delivered and shipping costs.
  • Remarriage Tips: Remarrying after a divorce or spouse death (widow)    Category: Relationships

    Practical tips for remarrying after a divorce or due to the death of a spouse (widow). Is remarriage a right decision, things to consider before you remarry.
  • How to treat a Dog Bite. Stray or street dog bites. Risk of Rabies    Category: Health and Fitness

    What to do after a domestic, stray or a street dog bites you. Dog bite treatment and understanding the danger and risk of getting rabies? Dog bite precautions.
  • How to stop bad breath? Natural ways to reduce bad breath from mouth    Category: Health and Fitness

    What causes bad breath? There can be several reasons that cause bad breath, breathing odor or a smelly mouth. Cures, home remedies and natural ways to stop the smelly mouth odor.
  • Natural ways to control Asthma attacks: Asthma Remedies    Category: Health and Fitness

    Asthma is a lung disease, best natural ways to take control or suppress it. Natural remedies, treatment for Asthma and tips to prevent Asthma attacks without medication.
  • Anxiety attacks: How to treat Anxiety disorder naturally    Category: Health and Fitness

    Ways to treat panic attacks and anxiety disorder naturally (without medication). Symptoms of anxiety attacks and how to overcome them in a natural way.
  • What is Angina? Heart Problems, Angina Symptoms and Natural Remedies    Category: Food and Drinks

    Angina Symptoms: Feeling discomfort in chest area or pain in heart, it could either be a heartburn, angina or heart attack. Natural remedies and natural ways to cure Angina, the most common Coronary Artery Disease.
  • Natural ways to treat Pimples and Acne    Category: Health and Fitness

    Best natural ways to fight acne. Treat pimples naturally without medication. Acne is a common skin disease among girls, causing pimples mostly on the face, back, neck, chest and shoulders.
  • What is Cholesterol | How to Reduce Cholesterol Level Naturally?    Category: Health and Fitness

    Cholesterol is a greasy substance found in certain foods and also produced in lever. Ways to reduce cholesterol level naturally.
  • Does eating less food make us live longer | Calorie restriction    Category: Health and Fitness

    Eat less, live longer: A recent research has scientifically proven that eating less calories in food can help us live longer. Calorie restriction resulted in longer life among monkeys, who ate less food/calories than their peers.
  • Smoking habit: Addiction of smoking    Category: Health and Fitness

    Smoking is not just a bad habit, it's a deadly addiction. The addiction of smoking is extremely hard to quit, may be even harder than quitting other addictions like alcohol and some other drugs.
  • Women Watches in Fashion    Category: Shopping

    The most popular women watches in fashion are by brands such as Elegant Rado, Trendy Movado, Cool Seiko, Hot Croton, Stylish Gucci, Fashionable Guess, Trendy DKNY, Latest Fossil, Ann Klein, Kenneth Cole and the list goes on.
  • RedBox Review: The cheapest Movie-DVD rental service.    Category: Entertainment

    Redbox DVD rents movies for $1 per day using vending machines (or kiosk). Good things, bad things, security and an independent review of the cheapest Movie-DVD rental service called RedBox that I rent from Raleys store.
  • Are you ready to retire without Social Security income    Category: Self Improvement

    Social security income and benefits may not be there or under funded when you retire. Are you ready to live a life without social security income in United States.
  • Will social networking sites kill Newspapers and Traditional Media    Category: Entertainment

    Traditional media agencies like newspapers and radio face a killing blow from social networking sites like Youtube and Twitter. Will they survive or die?
  • Moving to Las Vegas | Real estate market of Vegas    Category: Others

    Things to know before moving to Las Vegas. Advantages, disadvantages, crime rate, practical tips and a look at the real estate market of Vegas. Life in Vegas including the Strip and surrounding areas.
  • Next wave of illegal immigration to U.S.: Chinese tourists via Mexico    Category: Politics

    Chinese tourists in Mexico, will it be a pathway for Illegal immigration to United States from China. United States (U.S.) may see illegal immigrants from China via US-Mexico border.
  • Sensible things to do in a rough economy    Category: Business and Finance

    Here are some important sensible things to do in a rough economy. The world is going through a rough recession and everyone seems to be losing money either in stock markets, real estate, retirement accounts and most important losing jobs. It is important to keep patience and make adjustments to your life so that you can ride yourself in these tough times.
  • How to have a Perfect First Date (Lunch or Dinner)    Category: Relationships

    Make your girlfriend crazy about you by having a perfect first date lunch or dinner. Dating tips that will make a girl remember the first date she had with you.

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