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BIO:Professor in B.Ed College in Mumbai with 20 years of Experience. Counsellor with MAVA - Men Against Violence & Abuse. Published book on Poem 'Shashwat', English grammar book for school. Performed Concert with Songs, Dance and Drama. www.be-human.org

  • Dyslexia - A problem of parents    Category: Family

    Dyslexia is a type of Learning Disability, not a disease unknown to many parents. All learning disabilities should be known to the teachers. In service training of teachers is essential for betterment of students.
  • He is the Best Planner | God is omnipresent, omniscient and omnipotent    Category: Others

    Never to worry for anything. God has already planned everything. Try to feel His presence. God is omnipresent, omniscient and omnipotent.
  • WINNING IS NOT ALWAYS A SUCCESS    Category: Self Improvement

    Time repairs the consequences and makes the life more fruitful To get the material in any cost should not be the motto of life.
  • Why do we use Grammar    Category: Education

    Language is the Art of Expressing thoughts. Grammar conveys this thought in reality. Grammar teaches the arrangement of words by following certain rules.
  • Cigarette is injurious to health    Category: Social Issues

    Cigarette smoking is an extremely unhealthy habit. If you can help someone indirectly, there will be no fight at all and the earth will be a positive place to live in.
  • Importance of Economics in school curriculum and life    Category: Education

    Economics in personal life and school: Human beings are Intelligent, Rational and Social animal. Protects the growth of wealth learning from worldly affair. Child develops from Bud to Flower by imbibing the quality everlastingly. Child learns economics as the Value of money and wealth.
  • Essence Of Life - Interesting things about Hindu mythology    Category: India

    Our MOTHER is in the Form of Nature, Country, Earth and Home. According to Hindu mythology, a handful of mud from the courtyard of prostitute is used in making the idol. Prostitutes attract bad persons to save the societies goodness.
  • I am Bhuttu Speaking. (Personal story of a dog)    Category: Animals and Pets

    Though she was a bitch only, but I feel everyone in this world is important. Everyone is born for a purpose here. Though LOVE is only four letter word, but this word is hidden inside every aspect of life.
  • Make a sketch of the Day | A healthy time management    Category: Self Improvement

    We plan our day according to our need, as we are intellectual human. This is part of Time Management (Time & Tide wait for none). We plan according to our need. When we plan, we prioritize the schedule. According to our priority, how to plan our day.
  • Importance of Attitude and Aptitude in Teaching. The Maker of One's Life.    Category: Education

    Aptitude to be a teacher requires proper ATTITUDE for teaching. If the guiding sources are incompetent, then the system erupts into a volcano of bribe in later life. This is an Article on the hidden Base of our Society: Proper Education to cultivate the Best Character into the National System to avoid the Rot. A very short point of view for the unfathomable Depth. A great but challenging step in Life.
  • TEACHING THROUGH PELT    Category: Education

    What is PELT: Whatever cannot be done by punishment, can be possible only by PRAISE, ENCOURAGEMENT, LOVE and TRUST (or PELT). Praise and encouragement are the flowers and leaves of a plant. A plant grows to a big juicy tree when love and trust are showered on it. Human beings are born with some qualities in them but the environment sometimes is not favourable to excel their qualities. The teachersí and educatorsí first duty is to see and try to bring out the talent of the person.

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