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  • Are men really strong, or emotionally weak - Are men emotional too?    Category: Men

    Man is supposed to be physically stronger than the fairer sex, woman. Physical strength is definitely vital, but what controls a person is the mind. So, is man strong mentally or is he an emotional animal ? Man does nor show his emotions. He cries, he feels depressed and probably he is more weak than woman. Very few men admit that they are emotionally weak. Perception of the society has made man to believe and project himself as a strong person who has to protect his family and be a support.
  • A Protective Parent - Do not over protect your child    Category: Family

    Disadvantages of over protecting a child. A man goes through different phases in life. First, he is a child, then a teenager, an husband/wife and then a parent. From his values and experiences in life, he sets his own principles and leads his life. He expects that his near and dear ones, i.e; his life partner and children follow the same principles in life. All parents feel protective and possessive about their child. What happens when too much of protection and less independence is given?
  • Putting yourself in other people's shoes    Category: Relationships

    One often hears about idioms like 'Put yourself in other people's shoes'. Think first and then speak. Do we really do that in our day-to-day life? Nobody has time and patience to do so. Relationships are more costlier than money. Words uttered cannot be recalled back. One needs to think before speaking harshly to an employee, younger siblings, parents and/or life partner. Keep yourself in that position and analyze how you would feel if you are at the receiving end of these words.
  • Married life - Is the love for parents creating marriage problems for you?    Category: Relationships

    Married women who have a strong bonding with her parents after marriage can often create problems. Wife should balance the two relationships. There is no difference between a girl and boy. Illiterate people still believe and practice this, so says the modern society. Is this really true? How many times, a modern household has taunted her daughter-in-law for matters like, your father did not give this, your parents have not treated us well, why are your always going to your parents house etc.

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