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  • Coimbatore Institute of Technology (CIT) - A premier educational institute in India    Category: Education

    Coimbatore Institute of Technology (CIT) is one of the prestigious institute in South India. It is a best Engineering institute that has an outstanding academic record. It has been thriving on efficient administration and high end teaching.
  • Life is more precious than money. Never commit suicide.    Category: Others

    Suicide and killing due to financial losses is increasing due to economic meltdown. But, life is much more precious than money. The brutal act of the NRI techies has posed a serious concerns to the people in India.
  • 10,000 steps a day for complete fitness    Category: Health and Fitness

    Everyday we need to try to increase our activity level, so that we stay fit and healthy. Walking 10000 steps a day is the best way to stay fit and away from overweight and obesity. We need to slowly work to reach this target. See if you can invest in pedometer which is around $10, the basic model that counts the step you take. For a normal person, who does not exercise much it might take months to reach the target of 1000 steps. But that is really fine.
  • Waste pickers - Graduates in waste management    Category: Others

    Waste pickers collect several types of waste materials and involve in segregation, recycling, composting and recycling recovery. Waste pickers are active in waste management but their work is rarely recognized. Despite working in inhuman conditions and facing several health hazards with no proper protective clothing, they make a merge money. By collecting filth, they have no respect in the society. They should really be appreciated as they earn for their living and not just beg for their living.
  • Self esteem - Key to happy and successful life    Category: Self Improvement

    Self esteem is the opinion you have about your self. It is how you like and respect yourself. It helps you identify the great qualities inside you. Developing self esteem is crucial to your well-being. Self esteem originates in the environment that you constantly move with; like your family, school, neighbors, work place, community etc.
  • Pink slip? Move ahead and take revenge of the situation    Category: Business and Finance

    Pink slip is the letter of termination from the employer (loss of job). Due to economic crunch, several companies are downsizing, cutting back the work force. When you see signs of pink slip, then you need to be alert and move on with a new plan.
  • Mnemonics - A remembering technique to improve memory    Category: Education

    How to memorize with mnemonics - This is a technique that is designed to aid the memory. Mnemonic strategy helps to improve memory. Mnemonics help students to quickly recall the information of what they have already studied. These are helpful in all categories of studies like medicine, English, science, history etc.
  • Cell phone etiquette    Category: Education

    How to use cell phones wisely - Cell phones has made our lives comfortable and communicable. But this gadget should be used effectively with some etiquette to avoid embarrassing situation.
  • Wii - A hit among gamers - Fun for everyone and also has fitness motive!    Category: Entertainment

    Wii (pronounced as "we") is a gaming system produced by the company Nintendo, Japan. They have produced several home and video game consoles and released their product Wii in the year 2006. It's possible future surgeons will enter op theatres with fine motor skills acquired by playing the Nintendo “Wii” (Marble Mania).“Wiihabilitation”, uses Wii as rehab therapy for patients recovering from strokes, surgery and injuries.
  • Unconference - Where everyone participates, contributes and learns    Category: Education

    Unconference is a contrary to conventional conferences where everyone gets to participate. It is driven by the participants who suggest a topic, which they want to discuss or demonstrate or it is something they would chose to hear about. Unconference is idea sharing, demonstrating and speaking out in any professional gathering. Unconference is similar to tech-sector patterns like the group discussion.
  • Improve your soft skills and step out of the box    Category: Self Improvement

    Soft skills are the combination of all intrapersonal and interpersonal qualitites of a person. You can also incorporate strong soft skills in your resume. Think about the attributes that make you a strong employee, person and friend. Plan to be able to elaborate and describe these skills in an interview.
  • Voting - A compulsory civic duty in Australia    Category: Politics

    Voting is a civic duty, just like paying taxes, education etc. To overcome the problem of poor voter turnout, Australia made compulsory voting. All citizens over the age of 18 must enrol to vote. It is compulsory by law to enrol and cast their vote at election time.
  • Reduce sodium intake for a healthy life - Eat less salt    Category: Health and Fitness

    Sodium is a vital mineral in our body, but eating too much salt is harmful for health. Sodium is beneficial for normal functions of our body. But when consumed at higher level, then it may have adverse effects. For general health and well-being, the low-sodium diet is recommended. Eat less pre-cooked or processed food, and eat more fresh food.
  • Carpooling - A better way to commute    Category: Travel

    Carpooling, also commonly known as ridesharing, is one of the better ways to commute. There are several benefits of carpooling. You will not only save money on gas by sharing a ride, but you are helping for the betterment of environment too.
  • Immunization - To safeguard against deadly diseases    Category: Health and Fitness

    Immunizations is preventive measure to safeguard a child from illnesses and death caused by infectious diseases. Vaccines protect children by helping prepare their bodies to fight often serious, and potentially, deadly diseases.
  • Career choice - Go by your passion and not by peer pressure    Category: Education

    Every year, there is a mad rush in getting into professional courses for a good career. Parents consider sending their off spring to these professional courses as their status symbol. Students should go by their flair and not by peer pressure.
  • GPS - Global Positioning System - Treasured Navigation tool    Category: Technology and Computers

    Worried of getting lost in unknown places? Does GPS works in India? Global Positioning System (GPS) is a navigation system that uses satellite signals to trace the location and position of vehicles on earth. GPS navigation is the most popular these days that all the smart devices are incorporating.
  • Autism - Developmental disability of a physically challenged    Category: Health and Fitness

    Autism is a developmental disability, that affects a persons social interactions and ability to communicate or interact. There is no particualar cause of this, but the genetic and environmental factors are the supects. Early diagnosis and intervention lead to significantly improved outcomes.
  • Indian women in USA - Life of Desi girls in America    Category: Women

    Women travel to USA from India on different purposes like business trip, study or getting married to a guy settled in United States of America. Girls may feel out of place as soon as they land. Though you miss your loved ones, lively day to day experiences, fun filled festivals, family get-together, etc, your life gets going. As time goes on, you get used to the place and people, and get to enjoy life!
  • Dance varieties in India. Classical, cultural, modern and folk dance    Category: Entertainment

    India, with is wide diversified cultures, has wide variety of dance forms that portrays unique styles of each states in the Nation. Take a glimpse at different dance forms of Indian classical and folk styles. Classical dances of India include the Bharathanatiyam, Kathakali, Mohiniattam, Kuchipudi, Kathak, Odissi, Manipuri and Sattriya. The popular folk dances of India are Bhangra, Dhandiya, Garbha, Kolattam, Kummi, Mayilattam and many more.
  • Careers beyond IT. Good career options other than software industry    Category: Education

    IT has been the hot career options for many in India, since a decade. India, gaining tremendous growth in all sectors has wide options opened in all sectors of the economy. The students should analyze various career options beyond IT and take a road less travelled and achieve big!
  • Orlando - Things to do in this great vacation destination    Category: Travel

    Orlando, located in Florida state of USA is the world famous vacation destination. It is swamped by tourist throughout the year as it has spectacular theme parks, water parks, beaches, golf clubs and natural springs.
  • Cyber crimes - Internet bane. Online crime prevention and security    Category: Technology and Computers

    Hacking, Spam, Phishing, Spyware, Virus and credit card fraud are some of the popular cyber crimes today on the internet. Internet being a blessing to the mankind, when not used in a secured way, may be a bane to the society. Internet has got lot to offer. But on the flip side, Internet is not devoid of crime and exploitation. Internet evolution has created trans-national crimes known as 'cyber crimes'. To be simple, cyber crime is the illegal activity committed on the Internet.
  • Filter coffee - Don't skip the sip! Brewing a perfect Madras kaapi    Category: Food and Drinks

    Filter coffee is the traditional drink of India, specially in the south. This 'good morning drink' can help do away with drowsiness and energizes your day. Brewing perfect coffee - The quality of the filter coffee starts right from the process of buying the coffee bean powder. The decotion brewed fresh every morning will give a rich taste. The consistency of decotion really matters for the taste.
  • Oscar awards - Long coveted statuette for Indian film industry    Category: Entertainment

    The prestigious global recognition Oscar awards remains elusive to Indian film industry that produces largest number of films in the country. This year, 'Taare Zameen Par' which is Aamir Khan, directorial debut has been selected as India's entry in the foreign language category for the Oscars. It depicts the fine treatment of dyslexic children. Will we make it this year with this movie under the "Best foreign film" category?
  • Pure Vegetarian? - Check out the ingredients label for Gelatin    Category: Food and Drinks

    There are lot of products, specially the kids snacks which contain "Gelatin" in them. Gelatin is made from boiling the bones and skin of cows and pig.
  • Internet Protocol address of a computer - Types of IP address    Category: Technology and Computers

    Every computer connected to the Internet is assigned a unique number known as an Internet Protocol (IP) address. What is my IP address and how to find it? Read on to know more about it.
  • Mood swings - Fluctuation in mood - Causes, Treatment and Recovery    Category: Health and Fitness

    When a person experiences extreme or abrupt fluctuations in mood for no reason, then it is mood swing. Mood swings generally refer to rapidly changing emotional states from euphoria to depression. Mood swings are normal and depression is appropriate at times, but an out of balance biochemistry can cause mood swings and depression to become so extreme that they interfere with normal activities.
  • Career break - Not a full stop to career    Category: Women

    Though a women is career-oriented and ambitious, there are several factors that hinder her professional journey, i.e. taking a career break. These are like the passing clouds and will eventually pass by. If women aspire to work after break, they sure can and the doors are still opened to them. They need to be confident and motivated.
  • Positive attitude - Benefits and power of positive thinking    Category: Self Improvement

    "Your attitude determines your altitude". This is a famous quote on positive attitude. Practicing this makes a person more self confident, focused and enthusiastic in life. Positive thinking affects the body vibrations in a positive manner and help to lead a harmonious life.
  • Computer Animation - A revolution in computer technology    Category: Technology and Computers

    Animation is a technique in which drawings or models seem to move. The consecutive images which, when displayed at a speed convey a feeling of motion. The rapid display of a sequence of images of 2D or 3D artwork or model positions create an illusion of movement. When the animation is viewed after linking the sequence of frames together, persistence of vision creates this illusion of continuous movement.
  • Manthralayam Sri Guru Raghavendra - Madhva matha. Kurnool, India.    Category: Religion

    Manthralayam, a religious place of worship is the place where Sri Raghavendra Swamy attained jeeva samadhi. He is the holy saint who preached Madhva matha. He is adherent disciple of Sri Moola Rama and Pancha mukha Anjaneya. Manthralayam is a holy place where saint Sri Raghavendra attained jeeva samadhi. It is in Kurnool district of Andhra Pradesh in South India.
  • Blood donation - A noble act. The World Blood Donor Day.    Category: Health and Fitness

    June 14th is celebrated universally as the World Blood Donor Day. There are millions of people who loose life world wide, without getting blood on time. Blood donation is a noble, life saving act. Blood donation can really make a big difference to a person who is in need. Study says that every 2 minutes someone needs blood.
  • Saree - Indian ethnic outfit for women. How to Dress in a Sari?    Category: Women

    Saree (or Sari) is the most ancient attire that has kept its popularity throughout the centuries. With the western and hip styles catching up lately in India, saree continues to dominate the wardrobe of Indian women. It brings out grace and elegancy and adds charm to feminism.
  • Road safety, Unsafe traffic conditions in India, Dangerous driving    Category: Education

    How many people die in road accidents in India? The traffic system and driving conditions in most of the streets in India is quite unsafe and dangerous. Owning a two wheeler is very common in every single house in India. It has made our commute easier. But at the same time, it has put our lives at risk. Every one at home, gets worried if their loved ones do not return home from work on time. When their loved ones are late from work for a couple of hours without prior information.
  • Quality Business Strategy. CMMI certification, Six sigma standard    Category: Technology and Computers

    Understanding what CMMI certification and Sigma Six quality standards really mean. With the growing demand in the software industry, the organizations that outsource their work to other software companies are looking for certain standards in them so that they get quality work. One such standard is CMMI certification. It adds value to its client's businesses through well-established and structured methodologies and techniques. Six sigma is a program to address quality and customer satisfaction.
  • Vegetarianism - Health benefits. Vegetarian diet advantages.    Category: Health and Fitness

    Have you heard that people are changing to vegetarian diet lately? Yes, It is true. Vegetarian diet has wide range of health benefits. The reasons may be, meat getting expensive, concerns about the killing of animals, religious believes and also due to increase in the awareness of vegetarian diet benefits.
  • Preschool activities    Category: Education

    Preschool stage is an important one in every kid filled with lots of activities. These are 3 to 5 year olds. At this stage, the kid open up and learn by experience and doing it. You may notice that kids at this stage play lot of imaginary games, for example, a preschool boy often pretends that, there is a monster in a room and he moves around to destroy it, or pretend to be a doctor, police or so. They play with imaginary friends too.
  • Las Vegas Vacation - Planning your road trip and best places to see    Category: Travel

    Las Vegas billed as "Adult Playground", "Entertainment capital of the world", "Sin City" is one of the must see attractions in USA. It is known for its nightlife, with huge hotels- casinos and resorts. The place seems lifeless during the day and comes alive after dusk. Las Vegas strip is a 4 mile stretch which has huge hotels that are the replica in both exterior and interiors of famous destinations.

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