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  • Life as a woman    Category: Women

    A woman is the most versatile species on the earth. Being a woman is not an easy task. From the day a girl child is born and we as a society start expecting a certain code of conduct from her. By POOJA SINGH
  • The Difference Between Dating, Courting, and Committing    Category: Relationships

    These days couples may be involved in one of three stages - Dating, courting, or committing. But, if you have an arranged marriage, you don't have to worry about any of this.
  • How to Know if He is Mr. Right, or Mr. Right Now    Category: Relationships

    Before you invest all of your time, emotion, and energy, spend a moment to consider whether this is Mr. Right or Mr. Right Now. And decide whether he is what you are looking for.
  • Is Internet Explorer on life support?    Category: Technology and Computers

    Microsoft has continually shoved Internet Explorer down our throats for over a decade now and every year their newer, safer version of IE is still loaded with security threats.
  • Pressure on children of studies    Category: Education

    The child enjoys his life and starts to understand the environment around him and human feelings for each other.He makes new friends,new relationships.And then then while he grows his base of knowledge he simply grows older and the date of the race coming nearer. BY: ARMIN SINGH.
  • The power of the symbol    Category: Others

    Ever since humans began using symbols they have been endowed with power beyond their immediate use. Symbols arose out of a need to communicate; however, their usage down the history has shown that they soon overpowered the mind that created them, for the better in some areas and for the worse in others. By: Anand Betanabhotla.
  • Cleveland Cavaliers: THE CAVS REPORT    Category: Sports

    Author: Geoff Schoonmaker - The Cleveland Cavaliers may have started out slow but they have really turned things around, as their record stands at 12-5, which is good for three games ahead of Milwaukee. If the playoffs were today the Cavs would be in fourth place.
  • Blind screen trick - System boots correctly but without any display.    Category: Technology and Computers

    During my experience in computer maintenance, I have often come across cases where I had to use some tricks and techniques rather than tools apprehended at the university. Among these tips, let me share one of them which saved me in more than a dozen cases.
  • OBESITY- TODAY'S MAJOR PROBLEM    Category: Health and Fitness

    There are very different causes of obesity. Obesity is today's major problem and lots of people are suffering from this disease. There are lots of reason how obesity is caused but few reasons are important. Author: Poonam Mishra
  • 10 Ways to Avoid Medical Debt: By Maya Jinwright    Category: Health and Fitness

    Medical bills and health insurance are often tedious and difficult to understand. Healthcare reform is making its way through the Senate but healthcare costs are still rising. As a patient it is time to become your own patient advocate. 8ZGH7Z3E64D2
  • IIM Indore's Upcoming Management Development Programme    Category: Education

    Email from IIM Indore's Executive Education department to interested parties received on Thursday, November 12, 2009.Managerial Communication, Leading & Managing Change in Turbulent Times AND Corporate Governance.
  • Search Engine Optimisation (SEO). The best way of getting your website found and increasing website    Category: Writing

    Imagine you have organised a party, you have hired the hall, bought the alcohol and food and spent a fortune decorating the place. When the night of the party comes around, no one turns up because you have forgotten to send out the invites! Having a website built is the same as this – Search Engine Optimisation is the invite. If you want potential customers to come to your website, you have to incorporate an SEO strategy – otherwise how are your target market going to find you?
  • Weird Words for a Weird new World    Category: Social Issues

    I was on Craigslist the other day when I came across a very unusual classified ad. The subject header read "Soliptwist/ Soliptweme" the content of the classified contained what appeared to be a nonsensical kind of poetry or impenetrable jargon.
  • Do's and Dont's in marriage life    Category: Family

    There are some very important things that a married couple should follow to keep their married life healthy and successful.
  • Quality Assurance: Does it leads to excellence or decadence?    Category: Business and Finance

    This article centers on the issue whether application of quality assurance in the academe will turn to nowhere or will it lead towards excellence. Conflicting evidences on the impact of assessment in the education arena becomes a focal issue worldwide because of the aim of being accredited internationally. As quality assurance in higher education is gaining a wider acceptance across meridian and latitudes, it is the desire of every institution to indulge into the concept of quality.
  • Five excellent mind habits for keeping the brain healthy    Category: Health and Fitness

    Want a more useful mind and a healthy brain? Your mind is like a muscle, it can be trained to be healthy and more efficient. Here are some good mind habits to help you develop your brain into a better tool. I'm not saying they're easy, but they're definitely worthwhile.
  • Preventing concrete failures by proper curing method :Construction materials    Category: Others

    Concrete failures are associated to several reasons from design mixtures, mixing process, component properties and so many more. Improper curing is considered one of those eminent reasons why we face such concrete failures in slabs and more evident to pavements which we can easily notice because of cracks visible to the naked eye. As the cement and water mixes, a chemical reaction called hydration occurs and normally the concrete changes from plastic to solid state in about two hours.
  • Exam Phobia - The mental fear of exams    Category: Education

    This article describes the mental state of a child when he is put to exams. Even Jesus said " Don't put me to Exam" Then why children are put to exams. Read and find out what he thinks before, during and after exams.
  • Caged Creatures for Kids. Animals that you can keep at home in a cage.    Category: Animals and Pets

    If you live in an apartment that does not allow free roaming pets, there are many caged domestic animals you can keep for kids, ex: Hamsters, guinea pigs, gerbils, parakeet and gecko. WRITTEN BY: Megan Duncan.
  • Need for Medical Insurance. Types of Health Insurance in India.    Category: Health and Fitness

    Medical insurance is a monetary shield. Health Insurance is very well-versed and refers to a contract between insurance company and policy holders. BY: Vidya Sankanna.
  • Media tries to create unnecessary sensation and exaggerate incidents.    Category: Social Issues

    Media coverage these days is biased, creating panic, reporting sensational incidents and exaggerated stories. All due to the misconduct and unprofessional attitude of a few reporters. Media has become an entity which is diluted with lot of misinformation. Media has become more entertaining than informational.
  • What causes anal itching, itchy anus, anal fissures, itchy asshole    Category: Health and Fitness

    How to get relief from an anal has been itching for days. If your asshole is itchy, painful or discharges blood it may be because of anus/anal fissures. Itchy bottom / ass is quite common but if your problem lasts for more than a few days then it's time to take it seriously.
  • Technology in the classroom: Out with the old : By S.Pen    Category: Education

    Administrative uses of technology allow teachers to spend less time on cumbersome paperwork and more time on educational content and working with students (National School Boards Association, 2004).
  • Paradigm shifts in education : By S.Pen    Category: Education

    Educational paradigms impact success of students; therefore educators must be aware of them and make changes to traditional outdated beliefs and frameworks of education. Merriam-Webster defines paradigms as “philosophical or theoretical frameworks… within which theories, laws, and generalizations… are formulated” (2008). These paradigms influence educators’ perspectives, strategies, beliefs, and behaviors about students, schools, districts, and even parents.
  • Human relations at work in schools | Education : By S.Pen    Category: Education

    Education in Schools and Human Relations: The theory of Human Relations encompasses many factors. Educational leaders must consider the implications and possibilities of these factors in order to maximize productivity of the organization, because these factors will impact the effectiveness of the administrator.
  • Recording Medical Records Electronically With Animation. By: Karl    Category: Technology and Computers

    How using animation with electronic medical recording can improve any Chiropractors office effectiveness and efficiency.
  • Religion and Spirituality: Where the world has not been broken up..    Category: Religion

    Where the world has not been broken up into fragments by narrow domestic walls. Religion and Spirituality: People often mingle the two words religion and spirituality but in reality they are two different paths to reach the same destination. Written By: Shereen Rizvi.
  • What is Bacteria | Bacteria and its functions. - By Harsha vardhan    Category: Education

    What is Bacteria - Well, bacteria is helpful in many ways and can also be also harmful. So in order to get rid of harmful bacteria, you need to understand what is bacteria and the functions of bacteria.
  • Enjoy Motherhood - By Nishu    Category: Family

    All women should enjoy motherhood. Every one has certain aim in life, someone wishes to be a doctor,someone desires to be a teacher and others in other services,but definitely every woman wants to be a mother in her life atleast for once.
  • Our Journey To Oblivion, India. Author: Rhea C Dhanbhoora    Category: Others

    An article about the constant regression that my country faces rather than the progress that has been so welcomed by the rest of the world. It's about protests to change and disinterest in basic human rights.
  • Tips for self improvement. Author Kiran chandra    Category: Self Improvement

    Really this are experienced because people would convulse at first but now they i look smart.
  • Women Power - Women from Uttaranchal (Uttarakhand). Author: Nalini Pant    Category: Women

    The women from Himalayas i.e. Uttaranchal (Uttarakhand) fight for their development not only this they fight for children and for family.That's why the real fighter are from here.
  • CHARACTERSTICS OF AN ORDINARY WOMAN. By Kiran Chandra    Category: Women

    Women have internal and external softer hearts one man can describe a women and the same way one ordinary women can describe the men. This is the life of opposite sexes.
  • Even In The Midst Of Crisis - Keys To Thriving In Crisis. Author Mac Miky    Category: Women

    Women at some point in time make mistakes or are faced with crisis ranging from personal setbacks such as illnesses, divorce, the death of loved ones, disappointments or financial or economic crisis such as which our world is facing today. With all these in mine, it is easy to deter the way we think and do things because most of the time is spent focusing on the issues. In any kind of crisis, action needs to be taken to avoid a complete disaster or breakdown.
  • Amazing Mind and Phothographic memory. Author Naveen Sanghvi    Category: Self Improvement

    Article about amazing phothographic memory of Virendra Mehta. A man who was below average in his schooldays can now tell you the meaning of any word from oxford dictionary along with page numbers .. it's Amazing !!
  • Three Simple Strategies to Curtail Recession - By Rakesh Neelakandan    Category: Business and Finance

    What ever be the steps taken to check recession, they should start from the top.
  • Why the English Premier League is Like No Other. By Fahman Rabbani    Category: Sports

    There is no doubt in the fact that the English Premier League is the most watched football league in the world. This article, is informing it's readers about how special and unique the English Premier League really is.
  • Continents do not drift, they raise the land. Author Ponmudiganapathy    Category: Education

    On September 30th 1993, the earthquake that hit the village, killari, situated in central part of India.The quake occurred only in killari, situated in central India and left two kilometers of land area raised. This proves that the earthquake occurred only due to the rise of the land.
  • Criminality Society and Identity - Author: Rakesh Neelakandan    Category: Self Improvement

    Article elaborates on the societal intervention required to wipe out criminality. Also, how an identity make over can really change a deemed criminal.
  • My Personal Trekking Experience, India. By Namita Vyavaharkar    Category: Travel

    I had been to trekking on 26th to 28th Dec 08 near Pune. This was 10th trip in a row for this year. I have thoroughly enjoyed outstation trips this year to my heart's content.
  • What Can the Church Do in this Economic Crisis? - By Wrigley    Category: Religion

    Prayer is one's helpline to God. In prayer, one is humbled, submits himself to God, and relies on Him to make the changes needed in his life and in the lives of others. It can change hearts, leaderships, and the state of society. For this reason, a prayer ministry is one of the most important missions one can engage in to help change the world.
  • Why did I Quit Software Industry. Leaving stress and my IT career    Category: Self Improvement

    Quitting a high paying software job was not an easy change. After working in Bangalore's IT industry, I have finally decided to quit the stressful software industry for a good life. I am now pursuing my PhD and will become a professor after a few years.
  • Lebanon is sitting on a gold mine - By Abdallah Hayek    Category: Shopping

    The real estate market in Beirut in the current global crisis. Lebanon is sitting on a gold mine - Why dig for oil when Lebanon is sitting on $20 billion worth of unexploited properties
  • Have the Indian stock markets bottomed out? By I.P.Singh    Category: Business and Finance

    Trying to answer a million dollar question about Indian stock markets that experts have different view on whether or not the stock markets bottomed out.
  • Worm in the brain (Neurocysticercosis), Cysticercosis and epilepsy    Category: Health and Fitness

    Does eating cabbage cause worms or parasite in the body and epilepsy attacks or seizure. Cysticercosis in brain can be caused by eating uncooked or under-cooked food and due to improper washing of vegetables and fruits.
  • Standing Ovation to Indian Politicians. Terrorist attacks in India    Category: Politics

    Bomb blasts and more attacks, jihadi and islamic terrorists laugh at us because we have typical Indian Politicians, their sole motive is to remain in power. They just want to earn more money when they come in power.

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