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  • Basic footcare tips for todays busy woman.    Category: Health and Fitness

    Tips for women to take care of their feet especially if they have a busy lifestyle: Just like a signature at the bottom of a nice painting,your feet say a lot about you. In this days of affirmative action and equal opportunity, women may not have all day to pamper and preen themselves. But the standards have not changed and you must keep your feet looking great in between pedicures.
  • PROMOTE DOMESTIC TOURISM    Category: Travel

    Domestic Tourism: Flip flops, huge backpacks and foreign languages, that is the picture that most often comes to mind when we hear the word tourism. Very few of us think about enjoying the sights and sounds of their very own countries of residence.
  • Handling men who do not commit: Don't be the OTHER woman, Be THE woman!    Category: Relationships

    When a man offers no guarantees and is reluctant to make any form of commitment to a woman, it just means that he is still searching for other women and you are probably holding a temporary space while he makes his decision.
  • WONDER WORKING SKIN PRODUCTS, THINK AGAIN!    Category: Health and Fitness

    We have seen claims about super good skin products in big flashy adverts promising to make us look as good as the airbrushed pictures of their models. But are these miracle working skin products the answer to our skin problems?

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