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  • Rape impact on women. Gang, Custodial and Rape by a headmaster    Category: Women

    Definition of rape, types of rapes and impact on women due to this crime in India. Rape on women can be of different types like Gang, Custodial and Rape by a headmaster.
  • There is pain everywhere, in our expressions, words and deeds.    Category: Relationships

    There is pain and grief surrounded in this world of sorrow. There is pain everywhere. Pain is in our thoughts, expressions, words and deeds. The thing which touches my mind is that how can we enjoy moments of peace, joy calmness and love when we i.e. the majority of the people are succumbing to temptations i.e. each moment thinking of how to hurt the other be it a enemy or friend to pursue are own self interests.
  • Abortion and working women. Abortion of female foetuses in India.    Category: Family

    Abortion is defined as killing of the foetus in the womb of the mother. Women organizations and women associations like "Bailancho Saad, Bailancho Ekvott" try to educate the women and make them realize that be it a boy or a girl child they are equally important in the eyes of God.
  • Modern generation youth: Inappropriate behaviour in kids and youths    Category: Men

    Today's youth wants to live a life full of excitement and not just of tensions and worries. Presently the status and behaviour of the youths and kids is degrading. They have taken to all sorts of temptations such as alcohol, smoking, drugs, and an attempt to commit suicide etc.
  • Gandhi's ideologies, teachings about non-violence and Satyagraha    Category: Religion

    Mahatma Gandhi (or Gandhiji) is the most prominent icon of India's independence. His principles, teachings about non-violence / Ahimsa and Satyagraha. He introduced many movements and struggles like The Civil Disobeidience Movement, The Dandhi March, The Non-Cooperation Movement, The Poona Pact, Ahimsa, Direct Action, Salt Satyagraha etc. He never took upto violence and never accepted failure in his life.
  • How does AIDS-HIV virus spreads. Facts, prevention and safe sex    Category: Health and Fitness

    When to do Elisa antibody test. About 90% of AIDS infections are due to unprotected sex i.e. without the use of condoms. Goa ranks seventh statewise for the prevalence of HIV. Social contacts are like kissing, hugging, talking, sharing clothes, sharing toilets, shaking hands, sharing of food or plates, light coughing or sneezing, traveling together, mosquitoes and other insects and finally working in the same office do not lead to transmission of AIDS virus.
  • Child labour is a crime. Underage working children in India.    Category: Politics

    What exactly is child labour and what are the reasons, circumstances and conditions in which these under age children are forced to work. Child labour law prohibits hiring children below the age of 14 years.

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