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  • Suicide among Software Engineers | Heavy stress in Indian IT Industry    Category: India

    IT industry has seen a rapid increase of suicides among Software Engineers. Experts say most suicide cases are related to stress.
  • What it means to become a parent: Changes in life after having a baby.    Category: Family

    Things to consider while planning to have a BABY: Important points about how our life changes after having a baby and preparing to become a responsible parent.
  • Average Salary of Computer Software Engineers in India    Category: India

    Salary of Software Engineers by city and by number of years of programming experience in the IT industry. Salary of MNC's in Bangalore, Hyderabad, Noida, Gurgaon, Mumbai and Pune. Yahoo, Google, Microsoft, CST(Cognizant), Cisco, DE Shaw, Schlumber, HP, Intel and Sun Microsystems offer best salaries,
  • Things to do when one knows he is about to DIE | Dying from Cancer?    Category: Others

    Do you know that you are about to die from cancer, AIDS or some other deadly disease. There are many important things to do before you face the unfortunate death.
  • GPS device for India. Driving directions for cars by Garmin GPS.    Category: Travel

    Using GPS in India: Global positioning systems have become popular in India to get good driving directions. I used a Garmin GPS receiver in New Delhi, Pune and Bangalore, worked very well for me.
  • Writing articles with Duplicate content: Consequences and Penalty.    Category: Writing

    Duplicate articles or those containing copied content are imposed with many Consequences and Penalties. It is very important to write articles with your own unique content. It is a waste of time and takes you nowhere.
  • How to deal with Office Politics.    Category: Politics

    Ways of handling office politics. Manipulation, influencing boss and confrontations with co-workers is a common problem. Ability to handle office politics can make or break your career.
  • Being Rich does not guarantee happiness, prosperity comes with stress.    Category: Others

    There is a wide misconception among people that being rich guarantee happiness in life. In fact people who are wealthy and rich are usually very stressed and over-complicate their life. It is true that money can buy love, happiness and stuff, but prosperity certainly comes along with it's own set of issues, complexities, ambitions and competition.
  • Boys and Girls living together before marriage: Live-in relationship    Category: Relationships

    Is it OK for a boy and a girl to live together before marriage? Good things, bad things, social issues, benefits and disadvantages of live-in relationships in India.
  • Ruthless Corporate Culture: Employee layoffs and Big CEO Bonuses    Category: Social Issues

    The decision of employee layoffs is directly tied to the big CEO bonuses. I hate this new corporate culture which is ruthless and inhuman. Companies need to set growth standards which are more real, and not necessarily those which only please the shareholders. Companies should always keep a financial reserve that can be used during tough times.
  • Take care of old parents | Should I go back to India ?    Category: Family

    Have you left your old parents alone in India? Should you return back to take care of aging parents? Taking care of parents: NRI's from India who come to United States, Australia, Canada, Britain or elsewhere always feel a sense of responsibility towards their parents.
  • Improve popularity of an article. Increase traffic for your article.    Category: Writing

    If you want to improve popularity of your article it is important to increase web traffic for them. Tips to increase traffic to your articles and get more people to read your work.
  • Longer working hours for Computer Software Engineers, India    Category: Technology and Computers

    Many software companies in India are increasing working hours from 8 to 9 hours. Software Engineers are likely face more depression and stress in their personal and professional life.
  • Relocate to India. Life of Software Engineers moving back to India    Category: Family

    More software engineers now relocate back to India from United States, for good. Advantages and disadvantages of moving to India. Relocate to India for good is a choice for many while many others come back because of expiring visa's.
  • Tired of Stock Market, then switch to these safer investments    Category: Business and Finance

    Are you looking for conservative and safer investments than the stock market. Here are a few choices to invest your money more safely. Stock market is one unpredictable gamble which can never guarantee good returns on investments.
  • Online article writing for beginners. Benefits of writing articles.    Category: Writing

    As a beginner, you will be amazed to see the benefits of writing online articles. Internet has become the biggest media and mode of inter-communication these days.
  • The joys of becoming a dad    Category: Family

    You can do cribbing with your friends about how your child troubles you or simply enjoy becoming a dad and take things positively. I have taken the later approach.
  • Interesting facts about Sleep. What happens when we sleep?    Category: Health and Fitness

    Sleeping is a natural way for body to relax. Sleep deprivation, microsleeps, health risks of less sleep and other facts about Sleeping. A healthy average adult person sleeps between 7 to 9 hours each night. Do we need less sleep as we grow older? Very interesting facts about human sleeping.
  • Bachelors party: Facts, ideas, themes and organising the party    Category: Entertainment

    Creative ideas to organize a bachelors party, popular themes, sex, strippers, girls and frequently asked questions. What are guys bachelors parties or stag night and what actually happens in the party? Is it all about the male-bonding and a guys night out? To find all these answers read this article.
  • In future we all will work from home - Future office space    Category: Technology and Computers

    Employees simply connect to the their company's phone and online system from their home. No office space means no building (lease or ownership) and other maintenance costs. Hiring new employees will be easy. People can take international jobs right from their own home.
  • Safest strategy for long term investment    Category: Business and Finance

    Saving good money in a long term requires patience and careful investments. You should always follow a strategy which diversifies investments in stocks, cash (fixed deposits), real estate and gold. Panic often results in mistakes.
  • Marriage: Is it safe to marry a Software Engineer amid IT Slowdown    Category: Relationships

    Recession and Marriage: Most parents of brides are no longer searching for IT professionals for marriage for girls because of slowdown, job losses and layoffs in software. Software engineers who were one the most wanted bride grooms are losing their elite status.
  • Where has my childhood gone - Best stress busters    Category: Self Improvement

    We often remember our stress free childhood and wish if we had a non-stressful life once again. Thinking like a child is the ultimate stress buster, it helps you to observe things in a simple way. A tension free life is good for your health, mind and body.
  • Live-in relationships may be treated as marriage, India.    Category: Relationships

    In a dangerous proposal Maharashtra government, a couple who is in live-in relationships may be treated as legal husband and wife. If a man and a woman are living together as husband and wife for a "reasonably long period", the man shall be deemed to have married the woman according to customary rights of either party.
  • Rave party in India - Unfortunate facts about popular Rave parties    Category: Entertainment

    Rave parties are all over the news these days. It involved dance, drug and sometimes sex. Rave party groups have been busted in Goa, Pune, Delhi, Mumbai and many other major cities of India. It's better to avoid attending them - even if you want to explore what a rave party is, understand that if you are caught, there will can very serious legal consequences.
  • Sophisticated Beggars of poor India - Facts of Begging Profession    Category: India

    Beggars are everywhere in Delhi, Bangalore etc. Foreign tourists get a shock of poverty and begging problem. Sophisticated techniques & tips on how to handle a beggar and avoid being a victim of emotional blackmail.
  • Will recession and tough economic conditions cause IT hiring freeze    Category: Technology and Computers

    Get ready for a bumpy ride in software industry, including firings, job layoffs and hiring freeze. Indian software engineers will possibly get impacted by the downturn in the U.S. economy. Computer Science students and freshers need to be even more careful.
  • Cricket runs in the blood of Indians and Pakistanis    Category: Sports

    India and Pakistan are famous for their love for the game of cricket. Players are almost worshipped by their fans and there is a huge expectation in public for them to perform well in the game.
  • Credit Crisis Impact on Indian Outsourcing jobs, software layoffs -My thoughts    Category: Technology and Computers

    We will start to see some changes in the India's software outsourcing industry in terms of reduced hiring and possibly some layoff's in many software companies. Most likely the impact will be limited, but media will likely underline every event in red letters enough to scare public.
  • Life in America - Indian Software Engineer Visits USA    Category: Others

    Personal life experience of an Indian software engineer who went to United States of America on H1 visa. Living in USA, What to expect, food and general living.
  • Marry a working wife. Should a wife stay at home or work (do job)    Category: Family

    Advantages and disadvantages of marrying a working girl v/s a housewife (or homemaker). Selecting a working wife (doing job) or a house wife is a big decision all guys should consider carefully.
  • How to keep a wife happy - Living a happy married life    Category: Relationships

    The biggest question among men is how to keep their wife happy. What do women expect from men that will help a couple to lead a happy married life. Simple tips of having a great relationship.

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