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BIO:My interests range from global diplomacy to developmental issues.

  • Looks who's making India read like never before    Category: Writing

    Arguably the best Indian author and his smart ways are on discussion. Read more and find exciting details
  • 5 things in India that are World Class.    Category: India

    On numerous occasions India, the largest democracy of the world, has proved to be a potential superpower. What is India that can be termed as 'world class'? IIT, Cricket team, Bollywood, GDP, Media are the pick of all. Read on for deeper analysis and in-depth study.
  • A far-flung vision of eradicating politics from higher education    Category: Education

    Politics is a contagious disease that has laid a hand on everything in India and education was never spared of it but what is worrying is the vast proportion that it has gained. Nobody denies that political framework is necessary for a society and its development. Political decision-making should only incorporate educational factors aiming at its betterment. It should not slip in to institutes for votes and power. Read more on politics in higher education
  • Obama: The downside!    Category: Politics

    The Obama presidency could be well considered as the breakthrough event that marked the death of white hegemony and opened up opportunities for the world but what the nation that is subject to his rule feels about it may well be different. Certainly the Americans voted him in but that does not exonerate the chances of anti-Obama-ism. Read more: the story that led to this article
  • India is poor, corrupt, ill-led and ill-organized..    Category: India

    What makes a developing nation? Clearly, a nation which is advancing with time consistently and avoiding or confronting difficulties tactfully. Does India match upto the criteria? NO .. Why? Read on and find out!
  • Indian Television Journalism - NDTV, IBN, Times Now, HT, NewsX    Category: India

    NDTV, CNN IBN, Times Now, Headlines Today and NewsX are the known English news channels of India. Without engaging in argument as to which one is the best and delving into criticism, let’s go about realizing the potentials of the organizations. As of now, the broadcast journalism scenario in India is anything but bleak. Get detailed analysis, Read on...
  • Media Today    Category: Others

    Media today as a whole involves more than one aspect to be dealt with. Media forms an integral part of the lives of all and sundry. The world of media is irrespective of age and outlook as well as regardless of nationality and creed.In the media industry limitations are limited! The media sector is estimated to be one of the most expansive and booming industries. It is by now absolutely clear that, media play the noteworthy job of letting the mass know what is happening now!!

    It is a known fact by now that the change in the outlook of the society is dependent on the transformation of thoughts that prevail in the minds of the young. The tendency to lean towards pursuing engineering, medical or law as a career exists, but then students now are willing to convert subjects of there dreams into a career. This gave rise to introduction of a number of new courses such as journalism, designing, advertising, creative writing, sports, music, etc. But what's the reality today??
  • The fateful 31st October, 1984 - Assassination of Mrs Indira Gandhi    Category: India

    What had seemingly looked like a normal day wasn’t one. Mrs Indira Gandhi, the Prime Minister of India was getting ready with her makeup man trying to give her the best look for an interview which she was supposed to face from a BBC correspondent/actor, Peter Ustinov, who was supposed to film a documentary on her life.
  • Evolutionary appetite    Category: Education

    Life can very well be considered easy as of now, thanks to all the hottest developments in fields innumerable. In all probability life can’t get smarter than this. All this is result of one factor: the Evolutionary appetite
  • Baffling demise ! - Famous Mysterious Deaths    Category: Others

    Death is inevitable, and usually saddening. They aren’t mysteries barring a few. There are some extremely famous episodes of controversy, mystery, skepticism and uncertainty revolving the death of some people. Here are some of the well-known unexplained deaths: Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose, Manchester Team, etc
  • Nobel Prize, Oscar Award - criterion - America??    Category: Politics

    Is it necessary to be related to America somehow to be conferred with awards like Nobel Prize and Academy Awards? What made Obama get the Nobel Peace Prize? Because he is America’s president? Because he has not gone the way his predecessor (George W Bush) went? Because he is the leader of the nation which is dealing with two wars simultaneously? Read more ...
  • Average salary for Media persons (Journalists and TV Reporters)    Category: Business and Finance

    Salary of Journalists and Media / TV Reporters in India and Abroad: It’s a controversial topic whether aiming for the media jobs is lucrative or not, some say it is, some don’t. Few organizations promise a highly lucrative career, and there are groups of people who say journalism could possibly be one of the poorest paid jobs. None of these statements can be deemed false, neither can any of these be considered the truth.
  • A healthy life free of cost!    Category: Health and Fitness

    Well articles on such lines are authentically entitled to be written by a doctor, or some health expert. However this piece, I would like to mention, has been built with inputs from journals, medical articles, excerpts from experts in columns on health issues and questions answered by them along with the knowledge that I gathered in bits and pieces from my mother who is a physician.
  • Communication blues slammed! Speak with grace and confidence    Category: Self Improvement

    It is only owing to the fact that the world has become so competitive that communication stands a must though the contrary remains the belief. Communicating on a person-to-person level, intra-communication combined with inter-communication and mass communication is what Communication on the whole encompasses.
  • The Grand World Overview | Competitive Ranking of various countries.    Category: Others

    The world is competitive, may the competition be between individuals, between groups and communities .. but today I’ve compiled a report on the contest of the largest scale, of that between nations… Well, a descriptive and detailed analysis on the nations based upon the various factors that make a nation worth appreciation followed by a conclusive avowal - that’s going to follow ..
  • Acting as a career - How to realise it...    Category: Self Improvement

    Still today, when someone is asked ‘So, what do have you planned for your future?’ and the one concerned replies ‘I’m going to be an actor’, the most frequent and expected answer is ‘Come on, I asked that on a serious note!’. Life has moved ahead, and so has career options. Today apart from media, which is a hot favorite among the young, acting is one of the most sought after aspect when it comes to future.
  • Studying abroad - The Mental Aspect.    Category: Education

    It is not before one experiences it closely that one realizes the agony that comes free with the pursue of studies abroad. Giving it a thought is one thing, but when the vision turns into realism it brings with itself tough mental challenges. No doubt, studying abroad is a dream-come-true… but little attention is paid to the small but significant psychological aspects of this achievement. Parents, I’ve have seen, crying with excruciating pain of almost losing a child… read more, discover more!
  • Where do Indian institutes stand -World ranking of education in India.    Category: Education

    Education in any form is the backbone of a society and the means by which a nation progresses. India stands 111th in world literacy rankings with a literacy rate of 59.50%, USA and UK share the 8th spot with a rate of 99%. Indian Institute of Technologies (IIT) & Indian Institute of Managements (IIM) have many branches across India & are probably the two prestigious institutes Indians boast of. IIT Delhi features in the world rankings at 154. For detailed rankings and great analysis read on...!
  • Quirk Quota Qualm - Justified!    Category: Education

    What I intend to write here in this piece has got no bearing with the strong alliteration in the title! The faulty quota system in the education system in India justifiably evokes misgivings. What is quota? It is an unfounded, baseless and unacceptable allocation of the seats in the colleges of India for a certain group of people. In fact it is a Supreme Court ruling and quota system is followed by all and sundry, technology institutes, medical colleges, universities like DU, CU, stc. Read more!
  • The bravura piece of cloth – 'SAREE'    Category: Women

    The true Indian lady is incomplete without it, the authentic Indian marriage is imperfect without it – it is the saree. While the foreigners still wonder how Indian women manage to drape themselves completely yet look beautiful with just a length of cloth, the Indian women boast of it. Saree has evolved ever since its birth. Now the saree perhaps epitomizes Indian culture, and takes Indian dresses, fashion and clothing to the world. Saree is now a recognized dress globally. Find more...Read full
  • It's finger licking good... The world of Advertisements!    Category: Business and Finance

    Commercials are an integral part of today’s media scenario. Be it newspapers, television channels, radio, etc, the fact that they are all interspersed with ads is well-known by all and sundry. Advertisements often attempt successfully in fooling the people. Ad makers and the brands know best what appeals to whom. Thus they deliberately put their best foot forward to hypnotize the audience thereby increasing their sales and profit... For more glimpse into the exciting world of ads read on...
  • The Classic MALL SIGHT Today !    Category: Others

    The dictionary meaning of mall is ‘an enclosed shopping area’, but that has got nothing to do with how malls are perceived or used today. The malls today are popular places to hang out more than anything else, and are well-liked among the youth. Love birds with hands held together, gang of potential teenagers ogling or making eyes at people of the opposite sex, loud laughter, tittle-tattle, window shopping and so and so forth…that’s what typical of a mall nowadays... read on for more...
  • THE BENGAL BRIGADE - Yesterday and Today | Famous Bengalis    Category: India

    West Bengal has always had a strong link with the Indian history, whether its just history, or history of culture, journalism, sports, etc. So today, when Bengalis have made their presence felt throughout the globe in some way or the other, I take the opportunity to compile an honorary article on Bengalis who have made us (the Bengalis, the nation and the world) proud time and again.
  • Tata NANO – A REVOLUTION in itself | The cheapest car in the world.    Category: Business and Finance

    The people’s car – that’s the tag it carries with itself, it boasts of one more tagline and that’s: ‘The cheapest car in the world’. It is the Nano. It has been the most awaited entry in the world of automobiles. There were initial doubts over the efficiency and endurance of the car, but all those raised eyebrows were soon dropped. The Nano has recorded an enormous 2.3 lac bookings since its launch and is set to hit the Indian roads extensively soon. For more and important Nano facts read on...
  • UK's, USA's and India – What sets them apart?    Category: India

    India is multicultural, multi-religionist and multi-linguistic, wait a minute… Not reasons for us to rejoice. India is still supposed to be a third world nation. Much of it has got to do with the people, the citizens; the inhabitants of the country … let us look into it: the main reaons are categorised under : CIVIC SENSE, TRAFFIC, CORRUPTION, LAWLESSNESS, POPULATION. Read more for detailed overview and analysis...
  • Audio enchantment - In the times of TV & Internet how does Radio survive?    Category: Entertainment

    How and why does radio survive? The reasons are counted. Blockbuster songs from hit Bollywood movies, the most recent and fresh tracks, celebrity chats, and interactive programs, all free of cost are not in any sense dispensable. The cost of downloading latest songs is eliminated, since the latest always plays in FM (Frequency Modulation) Channels. Read full article to find detailed account...
  • Poverty in India REVISITED..    Category: India

    India is for some reason or the other always in news, more for negative reasons than positive. The biggest stigma India still deals with is poverty. Poverty refers to the impossibility in fulfilling even the basic needs of food, shelter and clothing for a certain group of people whom we call poor. Unequal distribution of wealth, lack of optimism and awareness and population explosion are the most significant causes of poverty, the possibility of elimination of which is the only way out.
  • If doctors are first, journalists are second ! Right?    Category: Others

    Once, pointing fingers at the Press gallery of the House of Commons, the eternal Burke said 'Yonder sits the fourth estate'. Being a journalism student, I'm hereby making a proclamation ... I've 16 points to make, it’s an anecdote with a justification, cause, and reality. Can you imagine life without Newspapers or News channels or the internet news for that matter? Journalists preform the job that is one of the most respectable and responsible... Do they deserve more than what they get? Read on
  • Being Internet-Famous !    Category: Technology and Computers

    Fame, power & money are perhaps the obsessions most dream about. However the order of importance may differ from one person to the other. Mostly fame gets the priority provided the person concerned does not possess a greed for power or doesn’t want a bed of notes at night to sleep on. Being famous is anything but problematic in today’s world of internet. Given the fact that internet is almost at parallel with the other forms of mass communication, being internet-famous is an accomplishment. Read
  • Cricket evolving - Will Test Cricket Survive?    Category: Sports

    There is a diversified viewpoint from experts, ex-players, cricketers of today and the spectators regarding the future of test cricket. The five day game is on the verge of demise, some feel. Also, there is a bunch of optimists who are confident that test cricket is here to survive & efforts should be made to preserve it. They feel that test cricket is the most authentic form of the game and the actual way to test cricketing abilities. Will it survive? Or is it the end of the road? Read on...
  • The lethal weapon - Swine Flu    Category: Health and Fitness

    The pandemic swine flu has been ruling the headlines strip ever since its severe outbreak. UK, USA, France, Germany and India are few of the nations hit by the deadly bug. The name itself suggests that the history of the virus pertains to pigs. While many of the ones affected are pulling through some are succumbing to death. 816 people have been killed by this lethal weapon, H1N1, kids are more likely to be affected, more statistics and quick facts and details about swine flu in this article...
  • Are movies reflection of the society?    Category: Entertainment

    Cinema undoubtedly is reflective of the society itself. What we see or do in reality is more often than not what we see on silver screen. It’s not rare that we encounter incidents in our daily lives that are in most ways very similar to the ones that we witness in movies. We often get to see startling resemblances between events of real and reel life. Few of the problems of the present society are murders, rapes, suicides and to top it all, terrorism. Cinemas deal with all of these effectively.
  • Reality bites - Reality TV Shows and aftermaths    Category: Entertainment

    Reality TV has cast such a spell on the viewers of television round the globe that it has become a craze. Today almost every channel has a reality show being telecast. Reality shows often use weapons like dramatization, fights between contestants, false staging in order to boost the TRP of the show. However volumes of this has already been written and read about. Lets talk something else - What are the consequences of bold reality shows of today, like "Moment of Truth" / "Sach Ka Samna"? Read on

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