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  • Freelance writing: Advantages of writing from Home    By: David Prakash Kumar

    Freelance writing has a lot of advantages. Writing from home is one of the most important. In fact, writing from home in itself has many advantages. So here a few of the advantages of writing from home are listed.
  • Metamorphosis of writers: The new age writer.    By: David Prakash Kumar

    Writers have changed over the years according to the needs of the readers. But the last few years have seen a drastic change in the 'new age writers'. This article looks at the changes and analyses the positive and negative aspects of these changes.
  • Tips to earn money with your writing skills. Ideas for writing better articles.    By: David Prakash Kumar

    Writing articles is just a hobby for some and a source to earn money for others. These writers often do not really bother about their writing skills, but for people who are out to earn with their writing, certain skills are necessary to improve their writing. This improvement will help them earn more. Here are a few ways of improving your writing skills to earn more with your writing.
  • Writing a professional e-mail    By: Sreeni

    Tips on how to write a good professional e-mail. Writing an e-mail is one of the very important means of business communication in every organization in these days. Employees often write e-mails to their reporting supervisors or fellow team members to discuss daily work updates or business processes. Professional way of writing e-mails definitely essential in terms of career growth in any organization. We should always remember certain rules and key elements while composing an e-mail message.
  • Words from our Heart    By: popcornbrothers

    A poem on relationship between words,thoughts and personalities...
  • Bullying - A life long fear in the minds of timid.    By: Sachin Chandran

    Bullying - 'Being an eight year old kid was an easy task. No job pressure, no financial crises. Family always there to bail out, playing with other kids was the only job. Those days were for Cricket and summer vacations the best part of a student life' - said my colleague looking at a small kid playing gully cricket with his friends
  • Thirsty.. An eternal thirst    By: popcornbrothers

    Its about being thirsty, but of a different kind. Its about an eternal thirst...
  • Colored Thoughts    By: popcornbrothers

    Are our different thoughts and emotions colored???
  • Angel's Hell - A Poem    By: popcornbrothers

    A poetic look at the rustic world....
  • Online article writing for beginners. Benefits of writing articles.    By: Bharat

    As a beginner, you will be amazed to see the benefits of writing online articles. Internet has become the biggest media and mode of inter-communication these days.
  • Do people really make money online by writing articles.    By: Swati

    Making good money online by writing good articles on the internet is totally possible. Tips on writing good articles and biggest mistakes made by online authors.
  • Tips for budding poets. How to start writing poetry online.    By: Deepz

    Poetry is all about expressing your feelings in beautiful words, then why not start writing your poetry and publish it online. For all the budding poets, here are few tips. Some people praise us and we always like them.We praise some people but we always don't like them. Have you ever wondered it goes the same in your case too? Well,we all want good remarks and appreciation and don't like rejection..
  • Writing articles helps to keep mind sharp - A great brain exercise.    By: Jessica

    To keep your mind sharp, start writing articles. It helps to give our brain a daily exercise by absorbing fresh information also boosts vocabulary and writing skills.
  • Earn Online Writing Articles    By: jane82

    Article writing can be pursued as a lucrative profession. It is important that you deliver good quality article at a good speed. Let us see how!
  • How to increase web traffic?    By: chitracs

    The internet users visit lot of websites everyday. The flow of traffic to a website is known as web traffic. Everybody wants to increase traffic to their website, by adopting various methods. When the name of our website appears in the listing by popular search engines like google and yahoo, the web traffic will increase in the natural way. When the domain name is popular then also web traffic will increase. There are methods to analyse, control, measure and increase web traffic.
  • The Joys of Writing. Write articles to express feelings or emotions    By: Oasis

    If there is anything that you are unable to tell the world or yourself, pick up a pen and a paper and discover the Joys of Writing. As kids, expressing ourselves came naturally to all of us. We could howl in a busy market place for a new toy, lie down in the middle of the road for being denied our favorite sweetie, through tantrums if we didnít like the food or just were not in the mood to eat. Ah! The wonder that childhood was.
  • Writing habit - Is Handwriting Becoming An Irrelevant Skill    By: chitracs

    By the introduction of computer, there is a downfall in the writing habit (handwriting or cursive writing). Even the school children spend most of their time before computers. The schools are also not bothered very much to increase the interest in improving the writing habit of children. In the business world and offices, the writing habit is completely gone. Even small grocery shops want to do their work through computers. The computers are being introduced even in remote villages.
  • Write Magazine Articles: Better Choices Than Writing For Magazines    By: Swati

    Authors are often looking for ways to write articles for magazines. Times have changed and writing for magazines and newspapers for money is gradually being overtaken by blogs and online writing.
  • Finding backlinks by analyzing your competition    By: metjuz

    SEO friendly web directory offers lot of well optimized categories for submitting your site to. Submit your link in this web directory and receive a powerful backlink to your site as a part of your search engine optimization project.
  • Why I love writing articles online    By: Swati

    Earlier the concept of writing articles sounded quite boring. Now I love writing partly because it helps me to express myself, relax, reduce everyday stress and take my mind away from the monotonous activities.
  • Tips for new writers to start writing and publishing    By: David Prakash Kumar

    All of us start out to write at one point of time to publish our articles. New writers will need all the tips they can get to publish their articles. Here are a few tips to get the ones on the block to kickstart their writing.
  • Is job online really hard to get - Finding online jobs    By: angel uriel

    This is my first article and my first post. I am new in this business, I have some work online before but it only took for a couple of months and I have to look for another. Unfortunately even jobs online is really hard to get at this time. I think there are many better professionals than I am.
  • Host articles for free, get traffic and even make money    By: Sachin

    A new breed of websites (like SACHING.COM) which already have web traffic coming to them, let you sign up on their website as an author for free and publish articles at no cost. For majority of days in a week, they will display advertisements that will have your Publisher ID and in rest of the days, they will display advertisements with their Publisher ID.

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