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  • Women Power - Women from Uttaranchal (Uttarakhand). Author: Nalini Pant    By: Guest

    The women from Himalayas i.e. Uttaranchal (Uttarakhand) fight for their development not only this they fight for children and for family.That's why the real fighter are from here.

    Women have internal and external softer hearts one man can describe a women and the same way one ordinary women can describe the men. This is the life of opposite sexes.
  • Even In The Midst Of Crisis - Keys To Thriving In Crisis. Author Mac Miky    By: Guest

    Women at some point in time make mistakes or are faced with crisis ranging from personal setbacks such as illnesses, divorce, the death of loved ones, disappointments or financial or economic crisis such as which our world is facing today. With all these in mine, it is easy to deter the way we think and do things because most of the time is spent focusing on the issues. In any kind of crisis, action needs to be taken to avoid a complete disaster or breakdown.
  • Insurance for Pregnancy Costs and Benefits    By: Alston J Balkcom

    Private medical insurance policies that cover maternity expenses including your mid-wife or OB and the hospital charges for new baby ward can be more expensive than similar policies that do not provide coverage for pregnancy-associated expenses. Some of our policy holders pay as much as $400 extra every month to have coverage of pregnancy costs
  • That image in my thoughts…..    By: GalUR0ck

    This article describes about that unknown figure that i always see in my dream / day dream and how he makes me feel happy and complete
  • Rediscovered Life at 26!!    By: GalUR0ck

    The article deals with my personal failed marriage, after which I had the courage to end the relationship with divorce, rediscovered my life and start on fresh, that too with a Bang!!
  • Taking good care of women health. Learn to appretiate women.    By: tannu

    Women health is extremely important for the overall health and well being of a family. Every one should appreciate her work and she must be awarded for all her hard work and sincere effort.
  • Satin lips and the truth about real beauty. Mary Kay's satin lips.    By: Tonya

    Mary Kay Ash created so many wonderful products for women beauty. One of her fabulous creations is by far the satin lips. She spent her life improving and helping women reverse aging.
  • The Miracle set by Mary Kay Ash    By: Tonya

    The ultimate miracle set manufactured by Mary Kay is great. This skin care set has the cleanser, day and night solution, moisturizer, foundation and micro derma abrasion set. The name of this fantastic skin care collection really says it all just by the name of it.
  • Lack of traditional values and patience in modern Indian girls    By: nari

    Modern day Indian girls have seemed to forgotten our traditional values, culture, heritage, patience and self control they were once famous for. Modern Indian girls are being over influenced by western culture. Qualities what we don't like in girls.
  • How to get Thick hair with Thin Hair    By: nikis-misc

    Having thin hair is a curse, I'm sure of it. The hair on our legs seems to grow fast, even thick, the hair on our arms, under our arms and well other places that I don't even want to mention grows like weeds. Why is it then that the hair on our heads just doesn't seem to grow...EVER??? Well, I don't know the answer to this one but what I do know is how you can get better looking, fuller looking and healthier looking hair. Vegetal Silica and Biotin are good for hair, skin and nails.
  • Breast Implant Surgery Information. Silicone Breast Implants, India    By: Swati

    How to have big breasts? Common questions, cost & information about breast implants, enlargement surgery or big silicone boobs. Breast implant surgery video. How long does the surgery take, recovery time and disadvantages or side effects of Breast Implants.
  • Psychology of girls    By: nari

    It is clear that eventhough girls are physically weaker than boys , their psychology and their outlook is more mature than boys. Sometimes girls show better performance in all aspects and with courage than the boy do.
  • How To Do Facial At Home.    By: Swati

    Skin care and how to do a basic facial at home without going to a beauty parlour (beauty parlor) using products like Shehnaz Hussain facial cream. Facial is essential for all women in to order maintain and improve the texture of the skin. Facial not only helps to clean and remove the dead skin but also gives the right vitamins to the skin that are needed for a healthy glowing skin.
  • Ageless beauty tips for women - Prefer natural products    By: chitracs

    How to attain ageless beauty and benefits of using natural products. Everybody wants to look young at any age. At the age of thirty, when somebody asks us whether we are in teens, we feel very proud. At the age of forty, we are accepting the fact that we are getting old but want to stay young still more. After crossing fifty, we could not control aging and the explicit sign of aging is visible. When we cross sixty, we become majestic and get recognition of being a senior citizen.
  • How to wax your body - Waxing tips to remove hair - Types of waxes    By: Swati

    Tips for girls to wax legs, arms, underarms and other body parts to remove body hair. Waxing helps to remove the unwanted body hair and help skin to glow. Girls can apply wax to look sexy, smart and beautiful.
  • Importance Of Education In Indian Women    By: mandeep

    Some parents in India think that girls are burden they want to get rid of it as soon as possible. Indian girls should be well educated so that she can understand herself and her family needs more intelligently and independently. But the girl, herself do not want to become burden for her parents so she do all the things that is best for the happiness of her parents and get married in early stage.
  • Dry skin prevention and causes. Preventing dry and itchy skin.    By: Swati

    A healthy moisturized skin is very important for beauty and overall health. Preventing dry skin, causes of dry and itchy skin. Good moisturizers help to maintain the skin hydrated and retaining moisture will help us to have a healthy radiant skin.
  • How to Dress Smart - Right dressing can boost your confidence!    By: Deepz

    A smart dressing sense can boost your stunning looks and self-confidence. I bumped into my old college friend and was just awed at her smart appearance. Way back in college,she looked so normal that no one would ever stop and stare at her.Now,she was dressed so elegantly and looked prettier than ever! Many of us must have had similar experiences.we come across someone who is definitely not better looking than us but,had stolen the show. Leaving us feel miserable.
  • Make your gal's day special.. Right gift ideas for your girlfriend!    By: Deepz

    Gift ideas - One wrong gift can ruin the special day of your loved ones like your girlfriend. Selecting a gift for a girl we love is the toughest job in the world. The search could go on for weeks and months yet we end up buying something odd.It's always safer to buy two gifts, in case the former upsets your beloved one. They say diamonds are girls best friend.But we can't gift a diamond every time! Here are few ideas that can make your girl cuddle in your arms ..
  • Indian women in USA - Life of Desi girls in America    By: JNLakshmi

    Women travel to USA from India on different purposes like business trip, study or getting married to a guy settled in United States of America. Girls may feel out of place as soon as they land. Though you miss your loved ones, lively day to day experiences, fun filled festivals, family get-together, etc, your life gets going. As time goes on, you get used to the place and people, and get to enjoy life!
  • How to impress your girl friend. What girls expect from a boyfriend    By: Swati

    Yes girls are from Venus and boys from Mars, to impress your girlfriend you have to think about what girls want from friends and not what you like for yourself. Stick to the basics and you will finally do it.
  • Challenges faced by women enterpreneurs - Businesswomen executives    By: chitracs

    The business field was dominated by men only in the past. Now, many women entrepreneurs enter business world and prove themselves. Compared to men, they have to face more challenges in this area. The women entrepreneurs have to balance family and business. First, they should get full support from the family. The women have to face some peculiar problems in the business field. The woman entrepreneur should possess the qualities of devotion, innovation and capabilities of management.
  • Career break - Not a full stop to career    By: JNLakshmi

    Though a women is career-oriented and ambitious, there are several factors that hinder her professional journey, i.e. taking a career break. These are like the passing clouds and will eventually pass by. If women aspire to work after break, they sure can and the doors are still opened to them. They need to be confident and motivated.
  • Is financial independence enough to solve all the problems of women    By: chitracs

    Being a woman, I feel that financial independence and security is essential to solve most problems in women's life. Indian women should get education and freedom to do anything they like. At home also should get due respect from other family members. At work place she should be treated at par with men. At society, she should be treated well. The women should take part in all activities they like, enthusiastically. The role of mother is incomparable.
  • How to produce and market handlooms silk cloth and sarees    By: Krishna

    The popular handloom varieties of silk sarees include Venkatagiri, Gadwal, Manglagiri, Benaras, Kanchi, Narayanpet, Mysore Silks, and Plain Silks. Besides sarees other famous garments made out of silk are Pattu Langa for Girls, Pattu Saris for Ladies and Pattu Dhotis for men.
  • Beautiful People - A woman deserve better respect in India    By: lajja

    This is an ode to a woman who is the most delightful creature of this world. Her every gesture and deed are beautiful and specially the modern woman complements the man in every aspect. Her children respect her and the world needs her. But there is the other side of the coin where we see women being killed for dowry; we see female infanticide. Rise men and women and realise the worth of this beautiful creation!
  • Saree - Indian ethnic outfit for women. How to Dress in a Sari?    By: JNLakshmi

    Saree (or Sari) is the most ancient attire that has kept its popularity throughout the centuries. With the western and hip styles catching up lately in India, saree continues to dominate the wardrobe of Indian women. It brings out grace and elegancy and adds charm to feminism.
  • The women and her roles - Family and Relationships    By: khwaish

    This article is all about the woman and the roles she plays in her entire life. The distance she covers with her loved ones with unconditional love. Always ready to do anything for her family,friend,lover etc. But, what she wants in return is only and only LOVE and RESPECT but, how many of us really do this ?
  • This is the skill of a woman - Her magical intuition    By: Hueman

    Have you ever felt and got involved with a woman's intuition? This article describes my personal hilarious encounter how well the intuition of women can work.
  • Are women only emotional and sensitive human beings?    By: vision

    Yes, women are sensitive and emotional, but they are very strong and intelligent human beings too. Women are the foundation of life and men should treat us with dignity and respect.
  • Women Freedom: Do present day women enjoy full freedom as men?    By: chitracs

    We talk about the freedom of women often. But, actually, are they treated properly in the society. Many women do not know the meaning of freedom. Some women enjoy little freedom. Even though they have entered into all fields as men, the freedom given to them is still a question. in the domestic life also they are deprived of many things. he They are treated as dependent of men, even though they possess education, wealth and a profession. The women has to cross the barrier and come up in life.
  • Ectopic Pregnancy and Blocked Fallopian Tubes    By: Nchayla

    This article covers the ectopic pregnancy and blocked fallopian tubes. It explains what an ectopic pregnancy is, different ways they can be treated, symptoms of ectopic pregnancy, tubal flushing and natural ways to help blocked tubes.
  • It Is Possible To Find Discount Wedding Favors    By: Gnubas

    In this article about discount wedding favors, we will discuss why this matter is so important and how it is possible to benefit from this educating information.
  • Find Cosmetic Products That Fit You- Hair care & skin cosmetics    By: Gnubas

    This article about cosmetic products will take an amateur's view at this challenging subject of Beauty tips, skin and hair care. It will give you the facts that you need to know about the use of cosmetics.
  • Women In Construction Trades - Construction jobs for women    By: Ms Royce

    In summary, women in construction trades has always been deemed as a novelty. There are female police officers, fire fighters, judges, astronauts, race car drivers, truck drivers, big equipment operators and the list goes on so why can't women also posses a skilled trade? Although women hold the same positions as men, we will always be the underdogs when it comes the pay rate. When is it going to change?
  • Women of India    By: den

    Gone are the days in India when the daughter of the house from the very first day of her childhood was taught to cook, to clean the house and to wash utensils, from her father's house to her father in law's house and till her death, taking care of her younger brother at the age of 8 years and after marriage taking care of her own kids. This is the 21st century and the scenario has changed, girl and boy are equal where women work shoulder to shoulder to men.

    Modern Indian Girls and women are misusing the independence given to them by their parents and husbands. They are bringing spoil spot to the women of the country. By the adverse affect of western culture, our Indian city young girls are wearing skirts, micros, and minis, which excite the boys leading to some serious crimes such as rape etc. It is pity. Even though, the girls are not stopping wearing those mini dresses. Where is the security for a girl or a woman then?

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