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  • Being multilingual: Does learning many languages help us in anyway?    By: chitracs

    People who have a hobby of learning many languages definitely succeed in life. Being multilingual sharpens the mind and accelerates us to achieve higher goals in life. Learning a new language is not at all a problem for a child. Does learning many languages help us in anyway? Yes. It helps us to communicate with people of different parts of the world. We can do the translation work if we know many languages. A businessman gets benefited by knowing more languages.
  • Role of the Best Manager - Skills, Performance & Managerial Duties    By: Sundarji

    Manager is a key player of a team and should have several important skills including market intelligence, measuring performance and other managerial duties. To achieve and exceed the Assigned objective by ensuring that each and every member of the team achieves and / or surpasses his / her respective objective.
  • Winning friends - not that easy, but you can do it.    By: Achari

    How to make good friends - It is not very easy to win many friends, in fact you should try very hard following certain techniques to make friends.
  • Speech Persuasion Through Conversational Hypnosis - Learn Hypnosis    By: Aziza Elbakkush

    Conversational Hypnosis or Learning Hypnosis helps very well in healing the people from depression and stressfulness. The power of conversational hypnosis has widely been used by hundreds and thousands of people. It is in fact, based on a life long research accomplished by a well recognized researchers and their research has positively been appreciated as a healing treatment...
  • Get out of your Comfort Zone: Are we too afraid of Changes in life    By: vision

    Getting out of comfort zone for a better change is very important for our mental, physical and spiritual well being. We at times can get so conditioned to things in our lives being one way that we cant see past that situation that we almost feel thats the natural order of the way it should be. Taking away things in our lives that are negative is a long process recognizing the problem and how it came about.
  • How To Use Employee Satisfaction Surveys    By: Gnubas

    In this article about employee satisfaction surveys, we will discuss why jobs and employment is so important and how it is possible to profit from this educational article.
  • Measuring Success - Happiness and Success    By: Ms Royce

    Most people want to be successful in life and it is not always about money. In order to be successful, understand how to define success and happiness.
  • The art of thinking - Power of positive thinking    By: Praveen E

    What is thinking? In the whole universe the human being has the best power to think. It is also called as the sixth sense. No other creature has the special power to think as deeply as us.
  • Secrets to success - Famous quotes on being successful in life    By: bhanuraj

    You will learn how to be a successful. I Can look back at my own life and see where I was distressed and then how praised which I received changed my entire future.
  • Forgiveness - The Way To Happiness    By: Ms Royce

    In writing this article, I would like to state that I am referring to people and occurrences that can be forgiven. There are some atrocities in our world that are simply too horrible to forgive. With that said, even the most painful of experiences can be let go for the purpose of allowing happiness into our lives.
  • Personality Type A or Type B - Which type of personality are you?    By: Ms Royce

    Type A people being a hard working, ambitious and aggressive personality and type B as patient, relaxed and easy going. In writing this article, I hope to inform the reader of the differences between two personality types. Being able to recognize which type of personality you possess could mean the difference between a healthy lifestyle and a lifestyle full of burden on one's emotional or mental well-being. I hope that by reading this article will take steps necessary to improve lifestyle

    Identity theft prevention - how to avoid being a victim of it. Identity theft is the fastest growing crime in United States and the FTC estimates that as many as 9 million Americans have their identities stolen each year. An identity theft happens when someone steals private information (like SSN, Credit Card or Birth date ) of the victim and misuses it without the knowledge of the victim.

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